Thursday, September 08, 2016

Osiris-REx - NASA's Occult Ritual Mission to Bennu

On the subject of mass ritual magic, here's one that was just brought to my attention. Later today, NASA is scheduled to launch a mission to gather a sample from an asteroid. Although this may sound absurd to the casual reader, decoding the mission logo reveals what this ritual is about - the Luciferian goal that is part of the legend of the gods of ancient Egypt, the effort to sodomize God and steal his power.

The mission is called Osiris-REx, and the asteroid is named Bennu. The mission's public website has an official explanation for the naming, which is probably satisfying to most. It's an Occult blind, mere cover for what's really going on, which is mass Occult ritual that truly honors the gods who are very real.

NASA has a long history of ritual missions named after the gods, with Mercury, Apollo, Atlas and Saturn being some of the more obvious. other space agencies do the same, so NASA has plenty of company.

This image where Bennu appears at the top of the pyramid is very revealing in a way that exposes their practice of the Occult. What we're led to believe is that this simply illustrates how they selected this asteroid as their target. If you know about the bennu bird, you know the phoenix or bennu bird was venerated at Heliopolis, where it was said to be living on the Benben or on the holy willow. The Benben is the capstone of a pyramid, or obelisk. You can see the Bennu inscribed on the face of this Benben that was on the Pyramid of Amenemhat III, in Egypt. This isn't just some obscure ancient history to Occultists. This is the secret religion of the illumined elite. When a graphic is presented with Bennu appearing as on the capstone of a pyramid, it's not just an illustration of how they selected the asteroid as a target.

Now, compare their mission logo to the Bennu selection graphic. The triangular logo features Bennu. It's a Benben stone. The asteroid is set like an eye within the triangle so it resembles the capstone that hovers above the pyramid on the Great Seal of the US. NASA is a federal agency and the pyramid is on the most common Federal Reserve note. The world's largest obelisk is capped by a huge Benben. It's called the Washington Monument. An obelisk is identified as the phallus of Osiris. The Benben that the Bennu is identified with is an image of the glans penis of Osiris. If you've been paying attention to The Open Scroll for a while, these should all seem pretty familiar.

The mission logo also pictures the entire pyramid, with the flat top of the probe's upper wing suggesting the bottom edge of the capstone.

Let's do some more identification. The mission logo as eye in a triangle is a model of another venerated part of the human anatomy. The anal triangle. The anus is called the Eye of Horus by Occultists. The logo shows their probe in action, probing. It looks like they're taking a stool sample. Asteroid Sample Return Mission. ASSteroid. ASSteroid Sample. This is why they have an Osiris-REx AmbASSador program.

The Osiris-REx mission. REx is like Rx, which is a symbol representing the eye of Horus. It's also called the eye of Ra, or Re. RE is a name of the sun god, which certainly fits with what's going on here. Thus, the peculiar capitalization. REx. In Latin, Rex, means, king. NASA is exalting King Osiris.

Osiris, Horus - where's Isis? Present and accounted for. The celestial throne of the goddess is established in the union of the X and O. The O is the asteroid. The X is suggested by extending the V formed by the winged probe. The red swoosh intersects the asteroid to make that XO redundant with a crossing of circles.

The logo featuring their probe in action is probing the eye of Horus, which is sodomy. The space mission and sodomy pairing is like what we've been producing a series of videos about. One of the films featured in that series is very relevant to this NASA mission because they have a key theme in common. The Lake House (2006)

In, The Lake House, there's a precisely timed scene where Kate so innocently says, “But I can dance.” In the incredibly loaded Occult context, she's making a declaration about the purpose of the Great Pyramid, which is famously missing its Benben. This is explained in the video series, for which I have an abundance of notes for the intended expansion on this very subject of the purpose of the Pyramid. “But I can dance” interprets to “Butt eye can fight” in making cryptic reference to the ancient weapon of mass destruction. The Benben was a key part of the device. I'm convinced that the weapon was operational in multidimensional warfare, being entirely resonant with both the heavens and the earth - and time itself. That's why there are such precise chronological features both internally and with regard to its dimensions, shape and location.

I see in the Osiris-REx mission logo the same expression of intent that I see so skillfully developed in, The Lake House. There are two facets of this act of aggression. There is the expression of the exploitation of time itself to break through the glass ceiling, to breach the security of the Most High God's domain and replace Him. The sex magic aspect is parallel to that. Sodomize God and steal His power. It's an age old secret of the illumined elite, that is the reason why pedophile sodomy is always being discovered and covered up.

This dynamic of sodomite conflict is known from ancient legends recorded on papyri as Set and Horus sodomize each other. (The Contendings of Horus and Set - circa 1160 BC, and another from around 2000 BC. See The Homoerotics of Orientalism - By Joseph A. Boone pp 174-175)

There is a layer of symbolism where the targeted asteroid Bennu represents the most High God.

Wikipedia entry: According to Egyptian mythology, the Bennu was a self-created being said to have played a role in the creation of the world. It was said to be the ba of Ra and enabled the creative actions of Atum. It was said to have flown over the waters of Nun that existed before creation, landing on a rock and issuing a call that determined the nature of creation. It was also a symbol of rebirth and was therefore associated with Osiris. Some of the titles of the Bennu bird were "He Who Came Into Being by Himself", and "Lord of Jubilees"; the latter epithet referred to the belief that the Bennu periodically renewed itself like the sun. Its name is related to the Egyptian verb wbn, meaning "to rise in brilliance" or "to shine".

This ritual symbol of the Osiris-REx mission logo is an Occult magical working where the wizards of NASA are sodomizing God and stealing His power. The “butt eye that can fight” that was the operational Great Pyramid is ritually engaged in the breaching of His secure defenses.

Update: The launch was successful and on schedule.


  1. Do you have an article that talks more about your thoughts on the Great Pyramid? I see many who think it is the altar/pillar of the Lord, etc.; I've not reached any solid conclusion myself on it, so am interested in more. It is definitely very old, and definitely not a tomb. I would be interested if you have any more thoughts about the pyramid as a device, or if you know of some sources I can consider as food for thought.

  2. Most of it hasn't been released yet, but use the search widgets on the open scroll to find what's been written. Also, the videos on the Lake House:

  3. Bob, As per your launch link above, not returning till September 2023 after a 7-year trip.
    I wonder what that means? 7 years.
    On the subject of triangles, the three key locations associated with 'missing' MH370 form a giant triangle in the Indian Ocean with two sides an identical 6,066 km meeting at Reunion Island beach where the flaperon was found.

    1. Thanks for sharing your observations, Phil. With two sides equal, and those sides marked with three sixes, that suggests an interesting association. Reunion Island. Beach. Noted.


  5. I wonder if there is any connection between thus event and Elton John's song "Grey Seal".