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Part 8 - Hidden Signs of the Goddess - Mekudeshet Festival, Quantico, Bronze Age Ava, Honey 3 and ABBA Code 1488

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The Mekudeshet Festival is underway.

“Amen-A House of Prayer For All Believers”, part of the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival from September 4-23, is an initiative created by the Jerusalem Season of Culture, an annual festival in Jerusalem, to bring together the world’s three major faiths “who share a belief in one God and a boundless love for Jerusalem to dialogue, study, sing and pray together in one temporary house of worship,” said a press release. 08/14/16 ("A House for All Believers" to Open in Jerusalem)

What they neglect to reveal is that this is the unifying work of the ancient goddess, of the Great Harlot, Mystery Babylon the Great, preparing the world according to the spirit of antichrist.

Think about the name given to this Bronze Age woman. What happened to Ava? Scientists reconstruct face of 18 year old farmer who died in Scottish Highlands 3,700 years (7/29/16)

Ava. It's equivalent to AWA.

Honey 3: Dare to Dance (2016) is a sequel to, Honey 2 (2011) and Honey (2003). This poster is all about the appeal of the dancing honey bee bent elbow goddess of love.

Here's a sequence of goddess panels in a screenshot I captured from Netflix recently.

Check out the Quantico graphic. Bent elbow plus the W hand sign. AWA. The one for X-Files is much more subtle. Trace down from Agent Scully's head and up the beam and down the other beam to Agent Mulder then up to his head. It's the W of the queen of heaven set against the starry heavens. The flanking A forms of the AWA goddess's attendants are presented by Scully and Mulder with some support lent by the way the graphical elements behind them lean inward. There's support for that in how the bold circled X and the OX of FOX (also 666) establishes the celestial throne of the goddess through the union of the X and O.

The influential Occultist, Kenneth Grant, recorded the following insight about the union of the X and O in a book published in 1992, titled, "Aleister Crowley and The Hidden God."

"There is a legend known to Initiates concerning the secret abode of the Goddess: The Spirit of Nodens - God of the Great Deep - flashed forth as lightning from the depths and formed a throne in celestial realms - a seat of stone - whereon the Goddess was established. She ruled from the throne of stone which Nodens had fashioned, and about her the temple of Nu-Isis grew into being…"

"The Heart of the Sigil of Nodens is identical with the Mark of the Beast: (X), the fusion of O and X which produces the lightning flash. Nodens is the God of the Great Deep or Abyss, microcosmically identical with subconsciousness. He reigns over the Abyss and controls and harnesses its lightnings. "Flashed forth as lightning from the depths" describes the act involved in the establishing of the Scat. The Seat of Stone is Isis, and upon this foundation the Goddess is established and rules the heavens, the earth and the deeps beneath the earth. In other words, the Goddess who grants all desires is invoked by the union of the X and the O (the Phallus and the Kteis), the Scat being the vehicle of her power."

"Isis is therefore her vehicle, for Isis bears the fire of Nodens within her womb, and her vehicle in the macrocosm is the transplutonic planet known to occult tradition also as Isis."

The graphic for Marvel Agents of SHIELD simply presents the character on the show who has become a demi-goddess. She opened a dimensional portal that gave the ancient being worshiped by the Nazis entrance into this realm (modeling the entrance of the spirit of antichrist into his new host body, becoming the beast), She was formerly known as Skye, (queen of heaven) and is now known as Daisy, a name that has strong links to Illuminati programming, which is very relevant to her character although not overtly. The flower known as the daisy also presents the radial image of the ancient goddess star, and as a common flower is one bees are often seen around as they fertilize them in the collection of nectar to support their queen's colony.

In this image of the goddess exalting ABBA's Honey Honey cover we can perceive the Neo-Nazi Code 1488. “ABBA Honey Honey” is 14 letters.

As Wikipedia notes, Fourteen Words is a reference to a well-known white supremacist and white nationalist slogan: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." It can be used to refer to a different 14-word slogan: "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth." The religion of the Nazi's was fundamentally a worship of the goddess ABA or AWA.

The form of 88 is suggested by the back to back letters B of ABBA. It's the 88 words of Adolf Hitler's, Mein Kampf, which inspired David Lane of The Order to render it in his 14-word slogans. Because H is the 8th letter, the double H of Honey Honey also signals 88. This observation alerts us that Honey Honey as HH is signaling, Heil Hitler.

By the way, in 2016, after a thirteen year break in the series, The X-Files returned for a tenth season. The first episode was called, My Struggle, and the season finale was, My Struggle II. I don't believe this was called to anyone's attention during the show, but in German, My Struggle, is, Mein Kampf. Adolph Hitler's manifesto of that title from 1924 was controversially republished in Germany on 1/8/16 and the pricey 59 euro edition almost immediately sold out. The broadcast of The X-Files Mein-Kampf-bracketed season was broadcast between 1/24 and 2/22.

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