Friday, September 02, 2016

Decoding: Four of a Kind - After School Satan ≅ Laguna Seca ≅ Sun Chips ≅ PowerDirector 14 Ad

After School Satan? Yes, really. After School Satan - The Satanic Temple's Extracurricular Program For Public Schools

What is it about their branding that is shared by these other diverse entities in the featured collection? It's the reference to the obsession of the Luciferian illumined. It's concealed in the anatomical acronym. Get it?

The same little three letter word is signaled in the ad for CyberLink's PowerDirector 14. Spell out the number 7 as Seven. The a in Final touches the S in SALE which is over the 7 (Seven). The ad features a cyclist riding outdoors, backlit by the sun that washes out the scene with illumination. There's an anagram in play here. A SUN ~ ANUS. There's a segue into the next two brands.

Sun chips. They added a rayed sun to the word sun by curling the trailing end around. It's a clever formation of the letter a, which appears this way in many fonts where the ascender curls around, like you see here. suna ~ anus.

Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Why do they add orange circles and shove the word SECA over under the end of LAGUNA? Read it from right to left. ANU_S.

That's the secret of this collection, the common thread. Occult sodomite imagery, all of it.

Expanding a little, the Laguna Seca has something else in common with the After School Satan brand. Tubal Cain. Master Mason level Freemasonry. Two-ball cane - the male package. A.S.S. features the "Satan" mascot holding a peppermint stick (Candy Cane ~ Code 33) magic wand in one hand while holding up the two fingered "blessing" sign with the other hand. He wears the mortarboard of academic achievement. MORTAR = Masonic poop - which is complemented by his tie (that binds - bricks-sodomites together) The two orange balls that offset, SECA, appear under the phallic letter A. Combining the male package with the A.S.S. and anu_s is sodomite signaling. Orange is, as purple, a primary sodomite color.

The featured Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca image is their primary logo. It features 2 stacks of letters A. Double A interprets numerically to 11. A pair of double A then forms 11 11, which signals the goddess pillars and the celestial Silver Gate. The imagery of dimensional transiting in combination with sodomite programming, a familiar pairing.

The PowerDirector 14 ad features the combination of time travel/dimensional transit and sodomite programming that we've been making a series of videos about. The dimensional transiting is evident in the combination of the bicycle backlit by the sun. Bicycle, a symbolic vehicle transiting between dimensions. The S of Sale and the Occult S of 7 provides the signature 88 (S is 8 when Z is 1) of Mercury-Hermes. The sun is claimed by Occultists to be transmitting the light of the Blazing Star Sirius from the Sirius B dimension... Blah blah blah. It's all about Lucifer. Satan. Staking his claim.

The A.S.S. mascot is signaling 666 with the 3 spiraled ends of his facial hair. His eyes are signaling the eye of Horus. The back of his hair is signaling a 6 and an F, which is the 6th letter. 66. The Abyss - his underworld domain, for the present.

Four of a kind. Exploiting their assets. There's nothing new under the sun.

If you're new to this blog and are trying to make sense of all this, you'll find answers in this series called, The Sodomite Gateway.

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