Monday, September 19, 2016

Pop Quiz - Decode the "Food Swings" Cookbook Cover

Celebrity comedian Jerry Seinfeld's wife is a celebrity in her own right. She's a philanthropist and author of 3 cookbooks. Her 4th is now available for pre-sale and is due for publication in April 2017. I clipped the following description from her Amazon page.

“Food Swings offers a range of simple and satisfying recipes that speak to both sides of your food brain. Here you’ll find the perfect go-to dish for when you want to eat clean or for when you are in the mood for something more indulgent. The first half of the book, “Virtue,” provides recipes for your controlled side, while the other half, “Vice,” allows for when you need to feel the wind in your hair. All of it is meant to be enjoyed equally in this fun something-for-everyone collection. ”

Food Swings - it's an obvious take on, mood swings. The cookbook's cover features two contrasting food items that suggest the virtue and the vice. It's a powerful image for people interested in food.

There's another powerful image presented in the artistic composition that betrays another interest. Can you decode the Occult imagery to reveal what that is?

Update - See analysis here: Decoding: "Food Swings" Cookbook Cover


    Bill Clinton: 'It's Hard' To Think About Leaving Foundation

    "Clinton is kicking off the final gathering of the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, where heads of state, humanitarians, scientists and other accomplished or influential individuals come together to formulate solutions to global problems."

  2. little boy girl with one eye open and the vise hole purple sodimite knowledge , w hand sign


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    With spin-off investments Grail and Helix, and a new software-savvy CEO, Illumina is poised to make DNA an even bigger part of your life.

  4. deconstructTheGoldenWeb shared the following.
    Hi there, I'm new to your material, you've got some really great stuff. I'll put a few perspectives on what I see in the image, but I'm not expecting any of them to be what you are looking for...

    -It seems she is looking through a worm hole. The vortex of the doughnut may represent a worm hole.

    -It is also covering her eye. One eye. An eye. A.i. Artificial Intelligence.

    -It seems she is holding a camera (doughnut) taking a picture of herself. This may represent a mirror. To me, mirrors represent the false light, the reflected light of the moon. Also represents a portal.

    -There is a saying "the moon is made of cheese", so the camera may represent the moon, or the white-light-program after death. People say "cheese" when having photos taken and then there's a flash of white light.

    -The 'virtue & vice represents paradox, same with the broccoli/doughnut (as you already stated).

    -She keeps those vices and virtues close to her.

    -V(ice) + V(irtue) = X. X = common chromosome between men and women. X = 10. 10 fingers, 10 toes. Plugged in to the matrix-reality-construct with an X-TEN-sion cord (extension cord(chord)). x-ten-ZION cord.

    There's a few other possible things, but they're not significant enough to mention.

    In a follow-up comment, deconstructTheGoldenWeb added: To go with the 'x-ten-sion CORD' thing I posted in my other comment - see how she's playing a chord (cord) on the guitar with her left hand. X-ten-sion, is also x-tense-ion.

  5. Hi Bob. I love your work (especially on BTTF) and I just had to compliment you on this astute analysis of Mrs Seinfeld's new book. The androgyny is there for all to see. Do you think that the neutral color gray (rhymes with gay) could be significant? I looked up past photos of her and she used the have long dark hair. My guess is, she has no idea why she is posing like this but the director of the shoot would have told her what to wear, what to hold and how to hold it. I doubt that she knows what it all represents. Thoughts?

  6. Thanks for the encouraging word. The gray might be significant. I suspect that the "50 shades of gray" pop porn title made reference to the range between black and white as in the spectrum of knowledge of good (white) and evil (black), as sampled from the Tree. As to what she knows or doesn't, I have no insight. As you mention, there was probably a full professional crew involved with the cover, arranged through some agreement made with the publisher and author.