Wednesday, September 28, 2016

ARQ - The Illumined showing off their mastery of time

Netflix has recently released a movie called, ARQ. The sci-fi film is set in the near future in a dystopian setting. The plot device is a looping of time similar to what was made popular by Groundhog Day. It's more like, 12:01, where a high tech device is involved, or like, Edge of Tomorrow: Live, Die Repeat. ARQ stars two characters with strong casting resonance. Ren is played by Robbie Amell from The CW Network's, The Tomorrow People, and, Flash. Opposite him, Hannah, is played by Rachael Taylor from Marvel's Jessica Jones series, on Netflix.

One thing makes this notable is how they feature a loop diagram. It's a basic one but very much like what I was inspired to draw when the Lord prompted a whiteboarding session on a very memorable day in April, 2015. (Watching Still, We Consider the Model, Masked)

Another notable element in the plot is how they come to see the ability to loop time as the only hope for the good guys to win the war for a free world that is otherwise hopelessly lost. There's the familiar flip and spin routine on a few points but it can selectively but easily be interpreted as an illustration of our present reality, how wisely leveraging the ability to loop back in time is the ultimate weapon and also the only hope for surviving free.

Another element worth noting, or, combination of elements, more correctly, is that they call the device an ARQ (Arcing Recursive Quine) so that it is an ark, a time ark or space time ark. The ARQ was found to have a well marked boundary that was seen as a circle on the ground, so the time looping effect was limited to what was within the sphere - inside the “time ark.” You can do a Blog search for stark tower or space time ark to find what we've written on the subject.

This ARQ alludes to two arks of note. One was used for the salvation of Noah, his family and the animals, through the flood. The other is the ark of the covenant, which I've presented as a mobile center of time that also serves as a weapon and a means of salvation. This is very familiar to me because of my experience decoding the profoundly significant film, The Lake House. (Video series)

One indication that this movie was made according to a high level of Occult expertise has to do with the leveraging of time numbers, including their embedding of time codes in the media.

Each loop begins with Ren and Hannah sleeping in bed, and the holographic clock shows 6:16 when they jolt awake. 6+1+6=13 * Thirteen signals the mastery of time.

The Netflix player makes tracking the time counter difficult because they display a countdown to 0 instead of an elapsed time. With a little effort, you can discover that, as minute 12 begins, Ren says, “Incredible! I think, I think the ARQ is causing time to loop!” The number 12 signals time, cycling time, and in this minute he continues describing the looping of time to Hannah. That kind of synchronization takes planning and the effort it takes to execute it demonstrates how important this ritual is to them. When the 13th minute begins so does the theme of the mastery of time. The first dialog heard is Hannah asking Ren, “Well, How come you remember and I don't.” If you are aware of the ritual, you can read between the lines to see how he has the mastery of time and she doesn't, at least not yet. A few seconds later, Hannah asks, “What about those idiots with the code names, they don't remember either?” Ren replies, “Just me.” And we know why, because at this point, he's the only one with mastery over time.

Here's something about when time is reset in our future, back into the past. Most won't know. It will be for them as if nothing of this present season ever happened. But, a few will remember, as traveling back inside the time ark, taking the long way around. Here's another interesting observation from the movie. A video made in the final loop was able to be viewed before Ren and Hannah remember experiencing it, which they obviously didn't, since they were not then making the video in that final loop.

The fact of the embedding of time codes in the media is the smoking gun, the circumstantial evidence that reveals how ritual magic is in operation. There's some other confirming evidence of the practice of witchcraft. These tie in with the symbols of the goddess of magic.

The name, hANNAh, is alluding to the goddess of magic known as inANNA, who is also a time and stargate goddess. She's a goddess of love and she's got Ren and Grimm under her spell. She is one of the characters who has a code name. She is, mother, and she's in charge of their family coded op. The triple goddess worshiped by many witches is known as the maiden, MOTHER and crone. Hannah is presented as the goddess in this screen capture where it was being illustrated how the time loop always began at 6:11 am. Her face is circled. Inside, it says, ma. We know this is seen from the backside of the panel so it says the time is, am. Yet, it says, ma, which is slang for, mother, so it appears in the scene like an identifying caption. We see an X drawn on the edge of the circle, emphasizing the potent form of cross circle imagery where the X is positioned on the circumference. The union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, as we're openly informed by Kenneth Anger of the influential O.T.O. You may see a 9:11 signal in this, but on the goddess theme, the numbering of both the 11 and the 6 add support. The 6th day of the week is Friday, Freya Day - Mother Goddess day. The numeral 11 is an ideogram of a column, pillars, a stargate and goddess icon.

This number is linked to birth and the mother goddess in the verse for the recent show, Zero Hour. The series (on Hulu) has thirteen episodes and the Occult knowledge about time and its mastery is on exhibit. Here's the verses of prose that were recited at the beginning of the last 3 episodes.

Episode 11 - Eleven is the number of birth. The fruit of the mother's womb, but the child that comes forth shall bring impending doom.
Episode 12 - Twelve is a magic number. Twelve is divine. Twelve is both the beginning and the end of time.
Episode 13 - Zero is the number of mystery. An hour with no friend. Sometimes, it's the beginning. Sometimes, it's the end.

Zero Hour - the 13th. Who decides whether it's the beginning or the end? Its master, of course.

The boundary of the ARQ is marked by a black line on the ground. It's a circle. You can consider it a magic circle, the kind that is regularly cast by witches. While its a circle on the ground that's just the intersection of that plane with a sphere, as the intersection of this dimension with the supernatural. The boundary of a sphere separates the dimensions and facilitates the raising of energy that is then cast out into the universe at the opportune time to do the spell work. The spherical boundary is also a shield for their protection while they perform the ceremonial. This kind of magic evokes the guardians and gods. When Ren and Hannah are exploring and discussing the ARC boundary Ren touches it and we see a couple things being signaled. He hand signs the W, evoking and honoring the goddess. By touching within the edge of the circle, he's crossing it, and crossing a circle signals the union of the X and O.

We keep watching as we await the appointed limit of this season, reporting what we see until the time ark of the sovereign Lord's special op goes into play, returning us to the past for another pass through. As I understand it, there's not going to be a repeating looping like we see in many sci-fi shows. The Lord is getting everything ready in this season in preparation for a final pass, when the biblical schedule will unfold as prophesied.



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