Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Decoding - Tipalti

Here's something to chew on while you're still noodling "Food Swings".

Tipalti. Apparently, they know that the mark of the beast and the goddess and the third eye Horus Eye imagery sells stuff.

The XO is an ancient symbol of the M.O.B - mark of the beast. The union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess. This is leveraged by the little t having a round tail (combining the t cross or X and the circle in a single figure) and also encircling the little t-cross with a big arc. Placing the big T on the edge of the circle-sweeping arc magnifies the Occult symbolism even much more.

The logo designer stylized the dot of the letter i to signal the "i" of Horus. They did this not once but twice! AND, they linked the two dots with an arc, suggesting another eye. The Third Eye - the opened Eye of Horus!

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