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The Pending Reset of Time - The Essential Guide (updated 10/19/20)

This post is intended as the essential guide and central resource to help you come to grips with the pending reset of time in the context of the unfolding revelation of the end times. 

(Updated 10/19/20)

First, if my expectations about dates throws up a red flag (date setter) for you, I invite you to challenge what you've been taught because what the Bible actually says about the subject stands in stark contrast to the popular theory. See: Will No One Know the Day?

He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him. ~ Proverbs 18:13

If you're not fully aware that some will know the times, even when the Lord comes for His Bride, there's probably nothing much here for you. 

Jesus upbraided the crowds in Luke 12:56, saying,  "You hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of earth and sky, but why do you not know how to interpret the present time?"

How about you and I? Where do we stand? The hour is late. Much has been revealed about the times but precious few are able to interpret the present time.  

The next big thing on the Lord's calendar is probably not what you think it is. Signs of the impending arrival of the beasts and the implementation of the mark of the beast abound. However, there's a twist in the plot, so to speak. While that prophesied scenario is to be watched for, the dangers are more like a dress rehearsal. "Showtime" is coming, but there's something that must come first. It's not "the rapture" but something that involves the fullness of the preparation for the season when the beasts will actually be revealed. 

How do we know? Profound insight into the scriptures providing specifics, like the celestial sign of 1991 and the Keystone Pattern.  Dreams and visions and revelations. Signs including the controversial phenomenon called the Mandela Effect. Testimonies of people involved in the enemy's work. Secrets divulged by the Occult Elite in media productions and entertainments. These are independent witnesses and they set forth a very consistent message. To most, there is no evidence whatsoever. To those of us whose eyes have been opened to see what's being revealed - this an incredibly exciting season!

Time itself is going to be reset back, and we believe we will find ourselves back in 2012. It's not "time travel," technically, but a literal reset of time itself. This return back to a former time has a precedent in the sign that was long ago given to King Hezekiah, when the shadow of the sun was made to go back 10 steps or degrees on the sundial of Ahaz. The reset will effectively terminate this "spurious timeline" that we recognize as our present reality. It will establish the biblical timeline as that which has been prophesied in the biblical text.  Only then will the appointed Harvests of the earth manifest! 

11 Who considers the power of your anger, and your wrath according to the fear of you? 12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 13 Return, O Lord! How long? ~ Psalms 90:11-13a

8 I heard, but I did not understand. Then I said, “O my lord, what shall be the outcome of these things?” 9 He said, “Go your way, Daniel, for the words are shut up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many shall purify themselves and make themselves white and be refined, but the wicked shall act wickedly. And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand. ~ Daniel 12:8-10

Here's a big question. When should we expect this spurious timeline to end, being truncated by the resetting of time back to 2012? We can't say because we don't know, yet. We expect to know in advance, but so far we just don't know. According to the word of the Lord it's "Soon." But we really don't know what that means. If you want our best estimate, it seems more and more unlikely that it will be on some day of the year that is not the 13th day of the 1st month, on the Lord's calendar. That's in the Spring of the year, but, which year? We're hoping sooner rather than later, and the signs of the approach of the revealing of the beasts and the mark seem encouraging. 

If you want to see some of the more recent content we've published that might provide more insight, here's a short list.  

We have published extensively with posts to this blog and videos to our video channels and studies to our site,  Back in 2019 we offered the following collection of resources to help you get a leg up. 

These are not matters of secondary importance. 

Here's that collection.

Got questions? You may find this post and brief video helpful: FAQ - Top Ten Questions About the Pending Reset of Time. However, the most essential questions are already quite adequately addressed in this anointed video embedded here.

Here's a solid recommendation. Get familiar with these three:

When Cometh That Thief in the Night - Preface * The Unfolding Revelation of the Chronology of the End Times

Introduction and Summary Overview of, When Cometh That Thief in the Night

The Keystone Pattern, Extended Keystone, and the Reset of Time

We put together this video series of most of that collection of studies on called, When Cometh That Thief in the Night.

Signs in abundance have attended the outpouring of insight about the schedule of the pending reset. Some of these are absolutely remarkable! This video series tells some of that important story: Signs Attending the outpouring of insight about the schedule of the Reset of Time.

Because so few people are able to get hold of what we say in the video about one subject in particular, we're going to elaborate a little here.

What will you remember or take with you after time has been reset back to 2012? This is a concern but one that many are giving far too much of their attention. You cannot send a list of notes-to-self into the past, and it wouldn't help if you could. Is God unable to alert and inform you about what you need to know? Both now - and then? What is truly important in this season is what may be laid up in store that is of the eternal and not the temporal realm, of "the grain of salvation." The Lord is good and He cares more than you and I possibly could! He absolutely will manage with perfection the matter of every person's birth (and "un-birth"), of every person's death (and "undeath"), and every minute detail of what pertains to salvation. If you trust in that you can move ahead with peace of mind and a strategy that works toward the best outcome for you, personally, and for the body of Christ - even toward the ultimate restoration of all things in ages to come. What you do now does matter because this season serves an important purpose and you may well have an important part in it.

To help organize the presentations we've produced some graphics. Where you see the #1 through #18 on the left of these we're referencing the posts (About the Schedule...) linked down under the graphics. The videos being referenced by title are those in this playlist: The Pending Reset of Time - making sense of how we know its coming and when

Post #1 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time - A brief review of some of the signs received in connection with the outpouring of insight about the schedule of the pending reset of time.

Post #2 - Featuring the devoured shemitah 860 and the devouring shemitah 861 from Exodus 7 (staff/serpent of Moses devours staffs/serpents of Pharaoh's magicians) and Genesis 41 (Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams about the 7 years of plenty followed by 7 years of famine.

Post #3 - Featuring the devoured shemitah 860 and the devouring shemitah 861 in Genesis 29 where Jacob labors 7 Years for Rachel twice under contract with Laban.

Post #4 - Featuring the miraculous sign attending Bob's hearing of Henry Gruver's Rabbi and gold dust story with Henry's 12 arrows in the quiver and 1 in the bow. Also featuring Daniel 3 and the repetition of the specially numbered Hebrew word for, furnace.

Post #5 - Continuing the theme of the shemitah-referencing of Strong's H860 and H861 plus the shemitah-referencing of Strong's G860 and G861.

Post #6 - More insights into key shemitah-numbered Strong's words (relating to a donkey) and the relationship with the scripture that declares the celestial sign of 1991.

Post #7 - Features the remarkable acrostic Psalm 119 as a highly ordered prophecy of the end of this timeline in 2019 and the branching off a new beginning. This presents an exhibit of the mastery of time with 11:11, menorah, and "Code 88" celestial themes.

Post #8 - Presenting the symmetrical special collection of 15 Psalms (1/10 of the book!) that are the "Songs of THE Degrees" (of the sundial sign to Hezekiah). These follow on the tail of Psalm 119 and support the "Hidden Prophecies in the Psalms" theory that Psalm 119-as-2019 functions as a hinge for the reset of time back into the past.

Post #9 - This begins with a report about the miracle sign of the clocks flashing 1:19 and some reflection on the miraculous sign from Yom Teruah 2014 of the fallen apple clock with an ejected battery that expires in 2019. Then, we continue with the acrostic Psalm 119's time-soaked "Mem" and 13th set and how it exhibits the Keystone pattern, discussing also the relevant linking to Revelation 10 and Psalm 19.

Post #10 - Proverbs 30 is featured with its sets of riddles exhibiting the Keystone pattern. This highly esoteric chapter also suggests the "reset" pattern of the shemitah, devoured and devouring. An interactive presentation is embedded here for your exploration and inspiration. Also featured is a signal event that was addressed when we last wrote about Proverbs 30, the Vancouver Winter Olympics pyramid cauldron glitch signs.

Post #11 - This post is all about a remarkable sign, highlighting the extended Keystone pattern. This involved tax voucher forms, American flag stamps and an uncanceled "Forever" stamp that completed "the mission"!

Post #12 - Job models the doubled shemitah with his doubled life. Beyond that the keystone pattern appears in the series of tragedies - and the extended keystone pattern appears in the series of those who lecture Job. There's a cryptic referencing of Job in Luke 22 and a profound reference to Job in James 5:7-12 (includes a presentation of thematic symmetry).

Post #13 - Featuring the extended keystone pattern encrypted into the travels of Joseph's brothers back and forth between Canaan and Egypt in the account spanning Genesis 42-46. This is a hugely significant passage of scripture that puts emphasis on the importance of the grain of salvation, a key metaphor. We also address the time-signaling combo of numbers 12 and 5, a time mission and the doubled shemitah.

Post #14 - The book of Esther pivots around the drama of evil Haman's plans for Mordecai and the Jews, and Esther the queen's role in turning around the fortunes of God's people. At the heart of the story, the extended keystone pattern appears in the three days of fasting followed by the two days of banqueting. A familiar time-reset model is evident in the book's structure.

Post #15 - When Joshua led Israel into the promised land the miraculous crossing of the Jordan River was prophetic. Many very significant things were done that may be recognized as space-time ritual. With nested keystone patterns (fractal) and time reset implications, the account recorded in the Joshua 3-5 has a lot to reveal about the pending reset of time. This study includes an interactive thematic presentation of the text of Joshua 3:1-5:1.

Post #16 - A sign attended the outpouring of insight about the keystone patterned moving of the stones at Israel's miraculous crossing of the Jordan River. This sign involved stone moving and plumbing-ceramic tank leaking or water and a stone fountain. The fountain's design illustrates the keystone pattern as it functions with a circulation of water-as-time. Also, we present the "We can ERASE time!" Groupon email promo of TIME TO ERASE TIME!

Post #17 - Picking up where we left off in Post #15, the action of the narrative is modeled in the structure of the text. Consider the ways of the crossings of the stones ritual and in the crossing over of the Jordan by the nation of Israel, and their nesting in space and time.

Post #18 - Picking up where we left off in Post #17, the circles of stones in the Jordan and at Gilgal are enormously significant. The wall around Jericho is a related circle of stone. The implication of connecting space-time rituals is awesome! Also addressed are the echoes through time into our near future.


Israeli scientist, Saul Kullok, discovers significant evidence of the end coming in 2019! - An Israeli scientist discovers time-space formula (akin to David Flynn's) that points to 2019 as marking the final return of exiles into the promised land - fulfilling Hebrews chapters 3-4 on the basis of Joshua's crossing of the Jordan.

Secrets of The Crossing (ABC Network) - This is a highly recommended witness to the end of this timeline in 2019!

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7 years younger! Turn Back the Clock!
"Reset" trending in the news
The Arrow of Time and its Reversal

12:21 - Some Time Code Signaling and Signs Links (in chronological order) :


  1. Thank you for your ministry! I have been blessed beyond measure by it! I am in awe of what The Lord Yeshua can do. So much appreciate you, Bob and Aaron.Blessings in Yeshua!

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    1. Thank you for your prayers brother,very much needed and appreciated.

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  5. Yom turuah started ~3hrs ago, based upon what I read this would mean that a time reset is not going to happen?

    1. No. It does not mean that. Listen more closely to the message, please.

  6. Looks like no reset happened (today is 10/2/2019)? Any thoughts?

  7. If time is reset what will happen to the internet? Will Facebook and Instagram still be a thing?

    1. It will be as it was before, initially. Then, things will begin to unfold very differently.

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  9. Hi. I've been watching your videos on youtube for awhile. I really like your analysis etc. I was watching a new series on Netflix called "The Midnight Gospel". I noticed occult symbolism such as the third eye etc. You should check it out and do an analysis. Anyway. Thanks

  10. Thanks for the kind words and the tip. Lord willing...


    1. Thanks Rosie. When people say we are in 2012 because of the Mayan Calendar, it has nothing to do with the accounting of the Lord's calendar, which is what we're talking about. It will be reset, and when it has been reset, it will be the year we know as 2012, which was obviously about 8 years ago.

  12. Oh okay, I misunderstood as you pointed out, your talking about Yah's Calendar..Do you think the reset will happen soon?? It can be confusing in ways for me to understand it. Reading your articles you said we wouldn't remember going back to 2012. Thanks to you and Aaron for all the time and info you put out to us.

    1. You're welcome, Rosie. I believe a small number will remember this season when time has been reset back to 2012, but I believe that most will not remember this season, and will probably not believe it when told that time was reset back. Our best guess is that time will be reset in the Spring of 2021, in the midst of the revealing of the "lawless one".

  13. Shalom May I ask do you have this information in print?

    1. Sorry. We have nothing in print. You are however, welcome to print it out. And share it, but intact, if you would. for the sake of context.

  14. Have you heard of 2028 end? Please, if you dont mind- go to website and check it out. I wld live to know your thoughts. God bless Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley. Are they acknowledging the sign of 1991? Are they acknowledging the pending reset? If so, I'm interested. Otherwise, no.