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Part 10 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

On April 3, as insight into the schedule of the pending reset continued to unfold in the midst of time signs, my attention was directed to Proverbs 30.

18 There are three things which are too wonderful for me, Four which I do not understand:
19 The way of an eagle in the sky,
The way of a serpent on a rock,
The way of a ship in the middle of the sea,
And the way of a man with a maid.
~ Proverbs 30:18-19

This passage suggests the keystone pattern. It's one among five similar constructions in the chapter. Before I expound on this a few observations should be made.

I find it curious that these weren't included among the examples collected into the study, The Keystone Pattern - Three Things Then the Fourth. Those from Proverbs 30 were actually featured almost 8 years ago in a post titled, Vancouver Olympics - Part Five - "There are Three Things - Even Four". We think it was awaiting this season of further insight! Now that we're aware of a 5th shemitah in the series that "devours" the 4th, the title of that post seems very fitting. It's the 5th in series! And, since 2008 the ceremonies of the Olympics have been very central to the work of The Open Scroll, with a major focus on London 2012!

In reflecting on that old post, Aaron and I note that the glitch that folks will remember from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics ceremonies is even more revealing than I knew at the time of writing about it! Likewise, the memorable glitch from the 2014 Winter Olympics ceremonies in Sochi!

The glitch in Vancouver involved the pyramid-like framed Cauldron. The climax of the opening ceremony involves lighting the Cauldron with the torch and the flame lit from the sun on Mount Olympus, according to tradition. To add to the drama, they erected the cauldron in the middle of the stage during the ceremony, but only 3 of the 4 legs rose up out of the floor. It was only later during the closing ceremony that the 4th element was officially raised into place to complete it, with comedic drama and much more attention. So, after being delayed, the object with 3 elements was completed with a "fixed" 4th element. Did you get that? We consider how we had expected this present shemitah to complete the Keystone set. But it's like the 4th leg of the Vancouver Olympics Cauldron - a no-show. There's a delay until the games are over, in a sense, when what is broken gets the fix. Right now, here in shemitah 860, we can liken our season with that of the Vancouver Olympic games. The Cauldron had the 4th thing but it was not legitimate in the sense of having been properly constructed and celebrated during the official ceremonies. This awaited the closing ceremony. The 5th instance of the thing completed the 4 part object, you see. I note also that the Cauldron had a central flame that was surrounded by 4, being in 5 parts, and this Menorah-ish structure seems fitting for the symbol. The Cauldron incident was a sign, and a more revealing one than I knew at the first!

This Cauldron begs a little commentary. Because we know the Great Pyramid is an ancient time weapon, when the International Olympic Committee cryptically models it as their central icon, we have to give it our attention. Especially because their famous rings logo is secretly an inverted pyramid, truncated like the Great Pyramid. The Vancouver Cauldron was made to look like it was made of ice crystals. Ice: frozen water-as-time. It's the ancient time weapon that is still today quite relevant - and they model it as being frozen in time. Whether the glitch was accidental or planned makes little difference. A great deal of attention was drawn to its construction. You can see it as beaming energy, the light of the sun, as from its eye atop the pyramid. A Cauldron is what witches and alchemists use, right? Factor that in because it fits! Because this ice structure is the Cauldron that burns with fire, we can hardly ignore the Nazi history, with the theory of eternal ice (or “Welteislehre” or “Glazial-Kosmogonie”) being embraced by Hitler and the Nazi party. (See this post for more insight. I, Pet Goat II - Fire and Ice, The Lotus President, Tear Jar, Psalm 23) This fire and ice Nazi science was played up in Back to the Future, as you may recall. When the Delorean time machine disappears it leaves fire behind. When it reappears in another time it's covered with ice. Fire and ice as a sign of time displacement - so Vancouver's Great Pyramid-styled Cauldron - as a time machine - modeling the Keystone design with the extended shemitah!

In Sochi, 2014, the glitch happened during the opening ceremony with the traditional formation of the Olympic Rings logo. Again, the completing element failed to develop, and, again, it was "fixed" with comedic drama and much more attention during the closing ceremony. The design of the 5-ringed snowflake logo featured several time signaling elements. Snowflakes are ice crystals so they picture frozen time. Each ring is a circle and a circle is a common symbol for time. The number of rings is a number that we have learned to identify with time. The way the rings were formed made it look like 8 and 8 came together. 88. (A familiar number, of Mercury, time travel themes and doubled in Psalm 119.)

Sochi Rings: a Glitch and the Fix. from Opening & Closing Ceremonies. 2014 Winter Olympics

The ceremonial completion of the rings logo involved a ritual where the rings were rotating clockwise, and when the last one failed they were wound counter-clockwise - unwinding the clock or reversing time, as it were! Supporting this view, the ritual was performed on a stage made to look like it was awash with waves of water (as time), a visual effect produced by the now familiar high tech projection system. Whether or not the apparent glitch was intended, it was a time sign, and one with a message that speaks to us about the expanded Keystone pattern.

Now, about Proverbs 30, after having spent a couple days focused on Psalm 119 I was led to focus on this chapter. The peculiar highly ordered structure was being highlighted to me, a characteristic feature that was so foundational to our understanding of Psalm 119. So, on April 3, I entered the chapter into the Chiasmatron 2000 and began to explore the inherent thematic design. I picked up the effort a few weeks later, and again yesterday. I got the project to a place that I felt was pretty close but I wasn't satisfied. This is pretty typical of my efforts. I confessed my complete inability to discover anything before the Lord and called upon his promise to help, something Aaron and I have as something like a blank check. We don't take that for granted but neither do we hesitate to "take it to the bank"! There was some praise involved, and some weeping at a fresh view of His overwhelming goodness. And, some insight came forth that really sealed the deal for me, and when Aaron took a look at the project, he independently confirmed that it was really speaking to him as it had to me.

You can't really look at Proverbs 30 and argue that it's anything but a collection of riddles. The thing about a riddle is that there is a solution. Otherwise, it's just crazy talk, right?

Most of the effort on presenting this has gone into the interactive presentation, which has been populated with lots of context-relevant commentary. I'll offer a brief summary of the most important bit but mostly leave it to you to explore it according to your own interest. Just hover your mouse over the lines of text and bars or tap your tablet. Right-click or double-tap on the bars to bring up the commentary in a drag-able window. Tip - it will make the most sense if you read through the Proverb first, then start exploring the commentary with the leftmost and topmost bar and work your way over and down.

In the 30th chapter of Proverbs there is a peculiar construction that appears several times. Lists of 4 things are presented in a distinctive way, beginning with the mention of 3 things, then saying there are 4. Either it's just prose meant to impress or entertain or it means something, relative to the collection of riddles in the context. The Keystone pattern is evident, as a foundation. There are 5 of these sets, and there are a couple of distinguishing features that make this structure very compelling with regard to the schedule of the pending reset of time. The 5 are divided into 3 and 2 by the use of segue/transitional lines. So, three things, then 2? Not if we take the minimizing of the 4th in series as a clue! Then there's the repeated 7-fold palindromic Hebrew words in the opening line that can be translated as: God has arrived! Remember, this Keystone is the model of the season of the Lord's return in judgment, according to Jacob's death bed prophecy! As for the significance of the palindrome, reflect on the similar construction of the menorah in the structured revelation of Psalm 119 and of the hinged Songs of THE Degrees that reference the sign of the sundial to Hezekiah.

And, with all that, there's still more passages and signs to share - and the pile of evidence continues to grow!

Could it really be that time will be reset in the fall of 2019? You are even now placing your bets, with what you've been doing today, and yesterday, and planning to do tomorrow. May we offer an investment tip? Make every day count toward using each and every one of the gifts the Lord has endowed you with, endearing yourself to Him with passionate expressions of faith, hope and love in the learning humble obedience with patient endurance. May He reveal Himself to you in the process as the One who can be trusted with all your cares.

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