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Series Links: About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

This page has been updated and duplicated and assigned as the essential guide, so the latest version is here: The Pending Reset of Time - The Essential Guide

This page is intended to help you navigate the collection of media we're presenting and come to grips with the pending reset of time.

He who gives an answer before he hears, It is folly and shame to him. ~ Proverbs 18:13

Do you know what time it is, on the Lord's schedule of appointments? In posts to this blog and our YouTube channel, we are presenting our understanding of the pending reset of time. The evidence convinces us that this will happen on Yom Teruah of 2019, which we expect to arrive at the sighting of the new moon at the beginning of October, in 2019. Time will be reset back into the past seven years, to Yom Teruah in 2012, which was September 17.

11 Who considers the power of your anger, and your wrath according to the fear of you? 12 So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom. 13 Return, O Lord! How long? ~ Psalms 90:11-13a

You may find this post and video helpful: FAQ - Top Ten Questions About the Pending Reset of Time

The holy scriptures bear witness to the reset of time with many examples from Genesis through Revelation but, to those who are spiritually blind, the Bible has nothing to say about it. To those with a seeing eye, the esoteric scriptures speak volumes on the subject! The basis of our awareness of the reset derives from the foundation set forth in a collection of studies called, When Cometh That Thief in the Night, found on

The hearing ear and the seeing eye, The Lord has made both of them. ~ Proverbs 20:12

Signs in abundance have been attending this outpouring of insight, including the insight about the schedule of the reset. Some of them are absolutely remarkable! This video series tells some of that important story. Signs Attending the outpouring of insight about the schedule of the Reset of Time

What will you remember or take with you after time has been reset back to 2012? This is a concern but one that many are giving far too much of their attention. You cannot send a list of notes-to-self into the past, and it wouldn't help if you could. Is God unable to alert and inform you about what you need to know? Both now - and then? Do you know that this season has a purpose, that something significant is being accomplished by it? Do you trust that the Lord is good and that He cares? He absolutely will manage with perfection the matter of every person's birth, of every person's death, and every minute detail of what pertains to salvation. If you trust in that you are at ease, at peace, and you can move ahead confidently with a strategy that will work toward the best outcome for you, personally, and for the body of Christ - even toward the ultimate restoration of all things in ages to come.

Bottom Line: Let this blessing of the Lord's gracious provision inspire and motivate you to calmly seek and find the Lord Y'shua and serve Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. What you do now does matter because this season serves an important purpose and you may well have an important part in it.

To help organize the presentations we've produced some graphics. Where you see the #1 through #18 on the left of these we're referencing the posts linked down under the graphics. The videos being referenced by title are those in this playlist: The Pending Reset of Time - making sense of how we know its coming and when

Series post #1 - brief review of recent history about receiving fresh insight and signs concerning the schedule of the pending reset of time, with enhanced time loop diagram and an enhanced graphic of the keystone pattern illustrating the numbered shemitah, devoured and devouring

post #2 - the devoured shemitah 860 and the devouring shemitah 861 in: Exodus 7: God's Staff-Serpent-time Consumes Magic Staff-Serpent-times - and - Genesis 41: Pharaoh's Dreams of the Cows and Ears - 7 Years of Abundance eaten up by 7 years of Famine

post #3 - the devoured shemitah 860 and the devouring shemitah 861 in: Genesis 29: Jacob Labors 7 Years for Rachel Twice Under Contract with Laban - Bride types drawing water-as-time

post #4 - the sign of Henry's Rabbi and gold dust story with Henry's 12 arrows in the quiver and 1 in the bow - Daniel 3 and the furnace of Strong's H861 and she-ass of H860

post #5 - the shemitah referencing of H860 and H861 plus the shemitah referencing of G860 and G861

post #6 - more insights into the key shemitah numbered Strong's words - "a colt, the foal of a donkey" as a picture of the relationship between the shemitah 860 (female donkey) and 861 (the offspring) - connection to the scripture declaring the celestial sign of 1991

post #7 - the remarkable acrostic Psalm 119 as a prophecy of the end of this timeline in 2019 and the branching off a new beginning in an exhibit of the mastery of time - menorah and celestial themes

post #8 - the symmetrical Songs of THE Degrees (of the sundial sign to Hezekiah) follow Psalm 119 and support the esoteric view that 119-as-2019 is a kind of hinge for the reset of time back into the past

post #9 - the miracle sign of the clocks clocks flashing 119 - the sign of the miracle fallen clock battery expiring in 2019 - The Mem and 13th set of the acrostic Psalm 119 exhibits the Keystone pattern - relevant linking to Revelation 10 and Psalm 19

post #10 - Proverbs 30 and the riddles of the Keystone pattern, and of the shemitah, devoured and devouring - the Winter Olympics glitch signs - the presentation of interactive thematic structure

post #11 - the extended Keystone pattern witness of our 5 American flag stamps - the uncanceled "Forever" stamp that completed "the mission," transmitting the Keystone designed tax voucher forms

post #12 - Job models the doubled shemitah - the keystone pattern in the series of tragedies and extended keystone pattern in the series of those who lecture Job - the cryptic referencing of Job in Luke 22 - the profound reference to Job in James 5:7-12 (thematic symmetry)

post #13 - in Genesis 42-46 the extended keystone pattern appears as Jacob's sons travel to Egypt to buy grain during the famine - the time-signaling combo of numbers 12 and 5 - time missions and a significant revisiting of a key passage

post #14 - The book of Esther pivots around the drama of evil Haman's plans for Mordecai and the Jews, and Esther the queen's role in turning around the fortunes of God's people. At the heart of the story, the extended keystone pattern appears in the three days of fasting followed by the two days of banqueting. The book's structure is a familiar time-reset model.

post #15 - beginning to explore the nested keystone patterns (fractal) and the time reset implications in the crossing over of the Jordan into the promised land - updated insight into expanded thematic structure of the text of Joshua 3:1-5:1

post #16 - the sign of the stone moving and plumbing-ceramic tank leaking and stone fountain - attending the outpouring of insight about the keystone stone moving at the crossing of the Jordan - the stone fountain's keystone pattern and water-as-time cycling function - the Groupon promo of TIME TO ERASE TIME!

post #17 - the action of the narrative is modeled in the structure of the text, in the ways of the crossings of the stones ritual and in the crossing over of the Jordan by the nation of Israel, and their nesting in space and time

post #18 - the circles of stones in the Jordan and at Gilgal - and also the wall around Jericho as a related circle of stone - the implication of connecting space-time rituals - and echoes through time into our near future


Secrets of The Crossing (ABC Network) - This is a highly recommended witness to the end of this timeline in 2019!

Israeli scientist, Saul Kullok, discovers significant evidence of the end coming in 2019! - An Israeli scientist discovers time-space formula (akin to David Flynn's) that points to 2019 as marking the final return of exiles into the promised land - fulfilling Hebrews chapters 3-4 on the basis of Joshua's crossing of the Jordan.


  1. our sun has been weakening especially since around 2012. in politics pres trump is always talking about erasing the obama years, as if they never happened.



  4. ALERT: Mark's comment on Jan 1, 2018 of the Open Scroll indicates he wonders if an earthquake/tsunami?/water event is due this week because it is prior to the royal wedding of May 19, 2018 and is seven years from the Great Quake of 3/11/2011 which preceded Prince William's wedding by 7 weeks.

    The volcanic cauldron in Kilauea, HI has drained just like it did 5 days before the Great Quake of 3/11/11 in Japan.

    Matt 24:16, Mark 13:14

    from L.A.

  5. I found this post by a bro very interesting

  6. Today I saw a video from a well respected light worker who said she was given a message to go to Daniel 12:12 to 12:21. Have you guys looked at that scripture? I'd be interested to know your thoughts. There is a phrase there that talks about time. She said the date referred to "At the time shall Michael stand up" is 6/3/19 when Gemini entered Aldebaran as that is the time of Michael. She was given this information directly from channeling Alderbaran. Wondering about the time refernces in that passage...

    1. Thanks. Hoping to look into that soon.