Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Part 11 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

Insight into the schedule of the pending reset has been poured out in the midst of time signs, and during the Feast (Pesah/Hag haMatzot) we received some that were quite memorable. And compelling! We already shared one of those that came on April 4, which involved the video of Henry Gruver (Part 4) and my responses to his story about the gold dust and the Rabbi.

The Lord engages Aaron and I in time signs occasionally, individually and often together, in varieties of ways. The sign of the tax forms and postage stamps began on that same day and was completed before the end of the Feast.

I don't have a printer so, on the occasion when I really need a hardcopy, Aaron will print and mail it to me. I needed to have tax vouchers for estimated quarterlies so I include them with payments. I was on a video chat with Aaron and was looking at the official online pdf that had to be printed. There are 4 vouchers for the year and these were included with several pages of instructions and some "blank" pages. Two features struck us as being odd, and it's those features that actually present a form of the Keystone design. Here's how it was presented. The vouchers appeared after the end of the instructions. On the first page of the voucher section was the one for the 4th quarter. Then there was a blank page. Well, it wasn't really blank, because, on it was written a statement identifying it as a blank page - which makes it not really blank, right? The next page had the vouchers for quarters 3, 2, and 1, in that order. The last page was another blank-but-not-blank page. I'll explain more after sharing about the stamp sign.

After the voucher printing and our observations had been made about the timely design, Aaron and I were still in the video chat session. I had some mail to send and I pulled my postage stamps out of the desk drawer. I showed Aaron that I had three American flag stamps left in the book, which would cover all the pieces I had to mail. I was holding my book of 3 stamps up to the web cam and Aaron pulled out his collection, which is just a single American flag stamp, a "forever" version that has fireworks pictured on it. We immediately noted the Keystone pattern again! And, this is the stamp he was going to use to mail the Keystone signaling tax voucher forms! But then I remembered that I had another postage stamp left in the drawer. This one was similar but different. I had 3 stamps that were the same and unused. The 4th was different and was only used in having been stuck to an envelope that had been addressed but never mailed. You can see from the picture I took that I had torn it from the envelope. So, the Keystone pattern is obvious! Aaron's is a 5th postage stamp added to the 4 that completes the collection. All 5 are American flag postage stamps. The first 3 are the same. The 4th and 5th are most similar because they are both "Forever" stamps, but the 5th is special because it pictures a fireworks celebration, and this is the one that was used to get the results we were after. We see the unused stamp in my drawer as shemitah 860 and Aaron's stamp as shemitah 861. But that's not yet the end of the sign!

Aaron mailed the envelope that same day. It was probably April 7th that the hardcopies of the tax vouchers finally arrived. Pony Express would be faster than our local USPS, but these things are, of course, all in the Lord's hands. After taking care of the tax voucher payment that was coming due, I took a moment to examine the envelope. I noticed that the stamp wasn't canceled. I don't think I've ever seen that happen before. You can see a comparison in the picture. The envelope on top has the usual cancellation and date and location info. I included it for the sake of comparison. The tax voucher envelope is under it, and the standard USPS processing marks are on the envelope but there's no cancellation! The "Forever" stamp was uncanceled! The stamp used to get the job done is uncanceled. "Forever" uncanceled! Shemitah 861 will get the job done and the results will endure thereafter!

Assuring that we'd see the emphasis in the redundancy, the envelope contained the Keystone signaling tax vouchers. Think, time is money - and these were for making quarterly payments - for transmitting money-as-time according to the prescribed schedule. The way these were arranged, with the 4th being first (or foremost or preeminent) and the other 3 being framed by "blank" pages to specially identify them together - this speaks loudly to us.

After receiving the envelope and as this insight began to unfold, I contacted Aaron and we enjoyed another epic video chat, marveling over what was happening and rejoicing at what it meant! God is so good to us!

Adding to this, consider how the USPS cancellation marks are wavy lines. This design is the ancient symbol called the wave glyph. It's a picture of water, the waves of water, but think of the metaphor of water as time. Stamps are canceled, like with time because their useful season is ended. The Forever stamp used to send the tax vouchers was uncanceled. The work of the 5 shemitah of the extended Keystone pattern will endure!

While these kinds of things we've noted aren't miraculous, insofar as any element in particular being impossible, what makes them notable is the timeliness and consistency with everything else going on - and the building redundancy.

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