Thursday, March 28, 2019

7 years younger! Turn Back the Clock!

A friend sent this picture to me today.

Here's what they wrote.

"About a month ago I randomly picked up a women's magazine from several that we had in a basket in the living room. We had run out of newspapers and I needed to start a fire in the woodstove. The first page I flipped open to begin ripping was an ad for a book called "7 Years Younger"! The description reads, "Turn Back the Clock". There is a link listed in the ad which I checked out. The anti-aging process is endorsed by "Dr. Oz" and you are actually supposed to sign a pledge in the first few pages of the diet plan committing to the deal, (binding tie?). I thought this was suspicious considering your posts and wanted to bring it to your attention."

I note that this was saved from the fire. Dr. Oz. Oz, the land down under, the underworld.

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