Sunday, March 31, 2019

The OA - spills the beans on The TIME RESET

The OA, on Netflix. This is another media vehicle of mass mind control programming and reality-altering magic, and there's a VERY TELLING segment that has to do with the pending reset of time. We'll cover that in this installment, and perhaps follow this up with another video so we can address the mind-bending and reality bridging ending of the show.

The OA - spills the beans on The TIME RESET (Part 1)

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The Pending Reset of Time - making sense of how we know its coming - and when (Part 1)


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM


    (Sorry about the length of this contact, which I have had to break into two parts.)

    I thought this might be of interest to you. Here is a video interview of the creators of 'The OA.' I went looking for this intentionally and found it almost instantly; that being a commentary on the 'source' of the story line. I subscribe to the belief that almost none of the writers/producers for these productions have much (if any) real idea of what they're weaving into their work. I believe the 'principalities' and 'powers' Paul spoke of are the real driving forces behind the elements you routinely comment on in your work.

    This is a one hour interview, but if you cut in at about the ten minute mark, the interviewer shortly addresses the 'source' of the story line. The answers from the director (Zal Batmanglij) and the actress (Brit Marling) are very telling and I do not detect any deception coming from either of them as they very candidly address the question, even commenting directly on the notion of 'divining' (which Batmanglij denies but Marling seems to believe in). Here is the video:

    Here's another video you've probably seen, on a similar note. This short video treats of the phenomenon of the events of 9/11 being 'encoded' into the 'Back to the Future' movies. (I may have even learned of this video from reading your work, but I read so much of this sort of thing it's difficult to recall where I first encountered which information.) This phenomenon cannot be denied, but again I maintain that the director (in this case Robert Zemeckis) had no idea what he was doing back in the mid-to-late 1980's and had no private foreknowledge of the events of 9/11. The video:


  2. Anonymous12:04 PM


    Finally, if you're interested I have followed through on the pin Marty McFly wears on his denim jacket in part 1 of the trilogy; that being a reference to an art exhibit catalog (Art in Revolution) from 1971, the subject of the exhibit being revolution in Soviet art from 1917 (the date of the October Revolution) to 1971. While this might seem like a dry well, upon closer examination the catalog divulges a tremendous amount of information as it pertains to 'revolution' and indeed the goals of the revolution, with a special section on film in revolution and how movie film is considered by many leaders of the revolution (including Lenin) to be the most potent weapon in their arsenal. The catalog is 111 pages and I have distilled it down to a 21 page word document, including many photographs from the catalog and from the ‘Back to the Future’ movies as I lay out how much emphasis was placed on the graphic art symbol in the pin (which mirrors the clock from the clock tower) and how much energy was expended in an effort to point viewers in this direction, suggesting that we 'buy' this catalog and avail ourselves of the very important information within it. Again, if you're interested I will forward you a copy of my word doc, which includes all of the most important excerpts from the catalog and a 'map' of how hard this production tried to push us in this direction.

    The article in 'Playgirl' magazine Jack Nicholson was reading in the Overlook Hotel lobby in 'The Shining' is another example of this hidden Easter Egg game the producers (guys like Spielberg and Kubrick) enjoy(ed) playing. I bought a copy of the magazine, as it was clear in the movie that Nicholson was reading an article (not looking at pictures) generally toward the front cover (well away from the center-fold area). There is only one article it could have been; an article entitled 'Spielberg's Science Speculation' having to do with the production of ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind.’ (The magazine was the January of 1978 edition.) The article has to do with, among other things, the very subtle hand of social engineering behind production of these movies. This article was right of the fold. Lower the article is an image of Spielberg looking across the fold at another article entitled 'Backward into the Future.' Again, this magazine was published in 1978. I'll forward you the articles if you're interested, which I have transcribed from beginning to end as these publications are not on the internet.

    I can be reached at

    Thanks, Bob.