Saturday, April 04, 2015

Watching on the 15th Day (Israel time)

As I write, it's the 15th day of the 1st month in Israel. We've just received a series of signs, and some of you may have too!

I was up early this morning, tired, but with the familiar fire burning that led me to my laptop for some blogging. I wrote and published the first post of the day titled, “Watching on the 14th Day.” The addition of Luke 22 came a few minutes after the initial publishing, a reminder prompted as a "seal on the deal." After it was published, I went downstairs and Aaron had just gotten up but had already read through the entire post. We read through it again together, marveling at what the Lord has been doing, having a sense of just how important this post is. At one point, I felt the Lord prompt me to pray, so we shut down the screen and settled in. I prayed for a while and stopped when I knew I was done. Aaron immediately prayed, and when he was done, he shared about how, when I had prayed about the Lord's Ephesians 6 provision of armor and weaponry for this day of evil, it had already been put in his mind just as I was praying about that, that “this is the evil day.” Right as he was sharing that with me, I suddenly had a vivid perception of a dark canopy appearing over the room, and I looked up toward the ceiling. There was a dark canopy overspreading, kind of over the ceiling, like a vision, and I declared, “Night has fallen.” Aaron and I then both found ourselves with our gaze fixed on the cable box digital clock. When it came into focus, I saw: 12:21. In unison, we blurted out, “How about that!” Aaron said that the peace and glory he had felt during our prayer season had suddenly turned, with a catch in his spirit, the moment after he had said, “This is the evil day,” and that was right as I looked up at the ceiling. At 12:21, that's the exact same time we received the most memorable sign of the previous day, about the intricate masking of the Antichrist model.

I knew I had to publish this right away, so I went back upstairs. Before I could really get started, Aaron came upstairs with some pieces of mail. When I had started upstairs, he saw the mail sitting on the kitchen table. He was going to toss the junk mail, but the Spirit of the Lord prompted him to take a closer look. WOW! One piece could not have had a more fitting set of images identifying the evil day. The other piece had a special invitation.


Saturday, April 11th 9am-9pm

Many other details about it affirmed what it was. By itself, like most signs, it means nothing. In the context, we can't help but to see it as something that is very, very special! There's a guaranteed gift for stopping by. A three tiered ceramic serving plate. Think about it.

The special invitation was addressed to “Aaron Hermann or current resident” - that's us. It said, "Invite your friends!" That's you! Are you joining us? Not for the symbolic event, but the real deal!


  1. Google obamas signature then go to images. X in O

  2. I woke up at a weird hour and couldn't sleep Saturday morning so I turned on the television. I watched an episode of The Rifleman called "The Most Amazing Man." I see the title as a reference to the Antichrist who will rise to power by deceiving the world. Here is a link to the full episode on YouTube. I recommend you watch it.

    The plot involves a so called gun fighter, Wade Randall, portrayed as a hero when in reality he is nothing but a fraud and a liar. The plot caught my attention when Lucas McCain, the rifleman, was the one doing the miracle shooting in the place of Wade. I see in the episode how Lucas McCain is a kind of representation of the False Prophet doing scripted miracles only to glorify the Antichrist who is portrayed by Wade Randall. Wade played by Sammy Davis Junior was wearing a white hat and white gloves while his enemy Lovett was wearing a black hat. I see the yin yang and the white gloves of freemasonry leveraged in this, the conflict of opposites to bring the one. Order out of chaos.

    At the end of the episode Wade drives away his opposition by performing miracles with his trick shooting which Lucas McCain (The False Prophet) was responsible for. Wade was shooting blanks. Wade uses Biblical language to put fear into his opponent while pretending to be the shooter. Lucas' shooting includes creating fire, ringing the bell to summon the fire brigade, putting out the fire with water, and establishing the jubilee. At the end he even donates his weapons to the North Fork museum to be idolized as a disarmament symbol. The people of North Fork continue to believe the lie that Wade is a hero and celebrate him.

    With your recent breakdown of CERN's Symmetry trailer with the African male walking around the circle of salt and Wade Randall being played by an African male can we count Barrack Obama out as a candidate for being the Antichrist? His campaign logo fulfills the long awaited missing ring of the Olympics logo as Bob has revealed. I've watched some pretty convincing videos on YouTube that he is indeed the Lawless One and with his recent betrayal of Israel with the Iranian nuclear deal who else comes to mind? I just think he is someone that we should continue to watch as his policies just might bring about world war 3 and the destruction of America! If he succeeds I'm sure the world will bow down, kiss his feet, and declare him as the Islamic Mahdi aka Antichrist.

    1. Thanks Chris. Your analysis of The Rifleman seems pretty astute. I put that episode in the "watch later" queue, and, Lord willing, I'll watch it.

      BO might be the one, I can't say I know yet. This was the first season I wasn't given to see Bill Clinton doing the modeling on the 13th day.

  3. CERN Tweets that it is restarting today. April 5, 2015.