Thursday, April 09, 2015

Watching on the 20th day!

While there's not much new to report, as in different, we've been blessed with more of the same kinds of encouragements to hold fast and await His coming.

The model of Peter passing through the iron gate in Acts 12 was speaking to us, as Peter was a model of the sleeping church when the Bride was taken out. In verses 11 and 12, we see him as the Bride, only then grasping what had just happened.

Today, we were impressed upon how that these flesh bodies and minds remain subject to the law of sin and death, right up until we are unclothed with mortality and clothed upon with immortality

We have seen many vivid signs of the darkness having fallen, of this being the evil day.

Increasing numbers of saints look ahead to this fall for the fulfillment of their hope. Are you aware that fall feast "rapture" theory simply isn't viable? Would grapes be harvested first?

We are so excited to be so near to the goal! We hope, against hope, as it seems to some, but we are truly eager to be with the Bridegroom, and His saints. Faith that doesn't fail isn't something that can be manufactured. It's developed over time through trials of patience and endurance, and there's great benefit in that. Hold fast to what you've received.

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