Friday, April 10, 2015

Watching on the 21st day!

Well, this is the day we have been waiting for. The bonus season has been for sifting, with much mercy, for a final cleansing of robes. Those who truly love the truth and truly know what time it is are about to be well rewarded for their endurance. What comes next, few would believe. What has been masked is going to be unmasked.

After the 12:21 clock signs of the 14th and 15th days (the 15th, marking the declarations of, “This is the evil day” and “Night has fallen”) another came a couple days ago that was a little different. Today, another like the first two but with more drama came amidst other signal events and in a confirming context. Some of the email we're receiving is confirming what we expect, which is based upon further insight received in the past 24 hours or so. Scriptures have been illuminated and more light has been shed on key dreams and models we've mentioned. I'm not going to elaborate because it's just not necessary. The Lord is dealing with His Bride directly. If you've received what seems like a warning of exclusion, see it for what it is, a conditional promise of inclusion.

Here's one of the passages we understand better. Insight came after I completed a thematic study last night and Aaron and I reviewed it together. I published it online last night.

Thematic Structure - Interactive : Revelation 14

Here's one key layer to unlocking a sequencing. Verse 8 contains the familiar expression, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great.” Once the Barley has been harvested, MB is fallen. When the Wheat has been harvested, MB is fallen, again.

We're rejoicing to see this hour. We love you and do so appreciate your prayers on our behalf!

Bob and Aaron

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  1. I have shared a dream with two people, who are also lunar Sabbatarian believers in Yahushua, on the 20th day of Feasts.

    The second one shared this very powerful moving promise of blessing to those who are Israel and those who He sees fit to be grafted in from Ezekiel.

    I chose this translation because His names, YAHUA, ELSAHDAI, ELOHIM are the Fathers real names and He is so much more magnificent than simply Lord.