Thursday, April 02, 2015

Reporting on Day Twelve - Signs

As I write, it's the 12th day of the 1st month, and there is tension in the air. I was relieved to be able to finally publish the really pressing content of the previous post. That was huge.

Aaron and I haven't been given any special dreams or visions in the last few days, and there have been no angelic visitations, but we haven't been led to expect them either. What we have received hasn't been unexpected. Further revelation insight, and adversity. We're not insensitive, and the Lord doesn't entirely shield us from spiritual assaults, but He allows us to take hits. We respond by seeking Him for help. He has given us assurrance us that He will help, and that's just what He does! He is faithful! This morning we were praying as led and the Lord's presence was evident from the start as I began with an immediate and unmistakable feeling of elation. He gave us both a touch of glory as I prayed and it was just what we needed to sustain us. Aaron prayed and the Lord's presence was tangible. He has been constant with provision, with timely miracles of healing to maintain health when crises loom, and to sustain us in every other area of need. We remain confident that the Lord is watching over His Bride and the 144k sons of Israel very attentively, nurturing and guiding until the moment comes for big things to happen. What we expect within the next couple days seems crazy to some but we'd really have to be insane to declare anything else, given what the Lord has done and is doing.

Here's a timely sign. This is the Drudge Report headline last night, early on this 12th day of the 1st month. Water wars = Time wars. Crops are at stake. We've been reading about flooding in the Chilean desert and the Nile and Euphrates drying out.

Here's another sign. A reader is expecting his first child. He's in the hospital right now with his wife, and the baby is overdue. She is 41 weeks pregnant, and she was admitted on 4/1 into room 411. They are expecting a girl and they plan to name her, Holland.

Holland, or, the Netherlands, is generally known for windmills and tulips. According to Wikipedia, “Continuous drainage is necessary to keep Holland from flooding. In earlier centuries windmills were used for this task. The landscape was (and in places still is) dotted with windmills, which have become a symbol of Holland.” The classic windmill is a water pump, in metaphor, a time machine. Powered by the wind, or spirit. With dikes, (water-time barriers), they provide for the cultivation of fields of tulips. The tulip is used as a metaphor for a female, because of the two lips - two sets of lips - labia of the genitalia. We see this symbol leveraged in the TV series, Fringe. For one example, Water Bishop believed God gave him the white tulip when he prayed for a sign. The white tulip is a symbol of the virgin goddess. For another example, Olivia Dunham once fled to a field of white tulips as a place of refuge when she was a little girl. She was found there by Peter Bishop, a name you can easily identify as symbolic of the male genitalia.

At last report, the mother is expected to go into labor at any moment. 1 Thessalonians 5 should come to mind. The process of birthing usually begins with labor pains and the water breaking. “It's time!” That's what is usually said in response. Who's in charge of when labor comes and the water breaks? It's kind of a Dutch windmill scenario, a Spirit driven time machine, bringing a new life to birth. The numbers 41, 4/1 and 411. Matt's Mom's Pastor's atomic projection clock was stopped at 4:11 for a sign. Information! “It's later than you think.” Now, it's 4/2, Tuesday.

Sure, people generally tend to read to much into things, but yet, signs are real and are given to confirm what things are declared in other ways. Believers don't just follow signs, but signs do follow believers. The projection clock and room number don't prove anything, or disprove anything, and the headline news about water wars doesn't either, but this is what we're seeing as we keep watch, and signs should certainly be expected. This is how God works, and historians like Josephus provide plenty of documentation that this is not a new thing.

The water wars headline came online as I finished a session of recording notes about Rango, the movie, which revolves around the theme of water-as-time. Wouldn't you know, it features water wars as time wars. In this late hour, I may just add another post to the Rango series. Lord willing. We've had several other rather detailed signs lately, none of them published to the blog. We continue to be encouraged and to press in to get and give all there is to be gotten and given in this season, according to the Lord's good pleasure.

It is those who endure to the end who will receive the reward.

The steadfast of mind You will keep in perfect peace, Because he trusts in You. ~ Isaiah 26:3

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