Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Daniel 8: The Transgression - Intrusion into Another's Domain

Daniel chapters 9, 11 and 12 were identified in a recent post (Following the Trail Through Daniel: "Time Continuity to Turn Aside") as having hidden keys to understanding our unique time. Daniel 8 must certainly be included among them. Because the Author reveals the context through the inherent symmetry of the themes, I've undertaken to analyze the structure of Daniel 7-12. I've posted an interactive version online.

Daniel 7-12 - Interactive

Tech tips: As you explore this remarkable structure, you'll notice that when the mouse cursor changes from an arrow to the hand, you can mouse click to bring up a commentary window. If that window is not positioned well when it pops up, you can drag it to another position. If it looks broken, your web browser is probably using a cached version of a helper file. Try holding the control button and hitting F5 to force your brower to reload a new version. That should fix it. Generally, the bigger the monitor is that you see this on, the better it will be. The sizing of the text can be adjusted to make the page fit the way you want. Try keyboard shortcuts: ctrl-+ and ctrl- and remember to refresh the page after changing text size, so the long vertical bars will be able to adjust to your new view.

Note that “transgression” isn't a moral or legal issue. It has to do with a dimensional boundary breach and unauthorized intrusion into another time-space domain.

I had a revelation insight about Daniel 8 several years ago, back before the Iraq War began in 2003. (America: Rushing Across the Threshold of Daniel Eight: Part I | Part II) In these last days, the Shaggy Goat is America. The two horns of the ram represent the rulers of Iraq and Iran. Given the sequence of events presented in Daniel 8, it is evident that both Iraq and Iran must fall after engaging with the USA, and that the power of the USA will then be broken. Four kingdoms will arise from out of the broken USA, and the little horn king will arise from one of those four. Then, the really interesting things happen, which are the subjects of the companion elements highlighted in the image of the thematic structure above. When time is reset, how far back into the past will it be? I don't yet know, but it appears as though it will have to be far enough into the past for those events to unfold as prophesied - unless a US-Iran war that seems to be impending will somehow factor into the loop back.

When the revelation insight was given to me about the identification of those agents involved in the conflicts, I had no insight into how it was specifically related to anything else so I could pin it to the calendar. However, now that we're aware of the time war and how this present calendar season is going to replay with different events, the options are a little more plain.

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  1. I would recommend this podcast. There are some interesting insights here. There are two more in this series but I haven't had a chance to listen to them yet.