Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Part 16 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

We expect to continue what we started in Part 15 soon, and until we do we want to encourage you to study and continue to reflect on that material.

In this installment we're compelled to share about some signs that have attended this recent effort.

This past Saturday, both Aaron and I were engaged in what we recognize as more time signs. These involve stones and water, and this was very much synchronized with what we were focused on in our studies and conversations.

Early in the morning, my landlord came over to replace a plumbing fixture that controls the flow between the shower head and the tub spout. He asked for a little help so he could see a pipe while he heated it with a torch to melt the solder. He finished the job and left.

It wasn't long before Aaron called. He wasn't feeling well at all and was very disappointed about having to tell his dad that he wasn't able to help him with his landscaping project. We prayed together, calling on the Lord's help. Then, I shared what I had been learning as the Lord was prospering the work on the structure of Joshua, about the keystone involving verse 4:9 and the fractal of keystones. We were rejoicing together at the fresh insight that the Lord was bringing forth. It was suddenly very obvious that he got a miracle of healing because he was suddenly looking about as robust as I've ever seen him! It's not rare at all that we pray together for the Lord's help and then receive it in short order, in fact this is the rule rather than the exception. But this was more dramatic than usual. (And he just called again while I'm writing this up, and we had another exchange with miraculous timing, so that we would know the Lord had us both praying for each other AND FOR those who pray for us - individually and together - specifically - at the same time!)

I continued my study. A few hours later I noticed a puddle of water on the bathroom floor. Water was dripping at a pretty good rate from the bottom of the toilet tank. Apparently, while the landlord was working on replacing the tub spout, which is very close to the toilet, he had put enough pressure on the tank to disturb the seal where a bolt attaches it to the bowl. I mopped up a little and, to deal with the leak, I shut off the water supply valve and drained the water from the tank. I finished mopping up the puddle and then texted him about the situation. I didn't hear back right away, and he lives way out of town, so, since I used to do this kind of thing when I was a floorcovering contractor, I took care of it myself. I didn't know how fresh the rubber gaskets were so I went to the store for a new kit, installed the parts, and after a few rounds of torquing and inspecting - job done! The landlord called me back and he was surprised to hear about the situation but very glad I was able to take care of it myself.

This activity, especially on the Shabbat, was starting to seem like it might be a time sign. Aaron and I spoke again and, it turns out that he had a similar story to tell! The project his dad wanted help with involved landscaping. Aaron's job was to move stones. Since the focus was on Joshua 4:9 and the moving of stones out from and into the Jordan river, that was a pretty obvious tie in. It wasn't his choice to do this on the Shabbat, or given the struggle he had been having with health, but the Lord's timely provision came for a reason and the Lord was working through Aaron's dad in such a way (as He often does) as to provide us with a sign. Just as the Lord was using my landlord. One might say that his dad and my landlord were acting as agents of the heavenly Father and Lord. After Aaron was done working he took a shower. So, stone moving, and then a shower - of water, of course. Noted. Aaron said his dad was building a place to put their sundial, an object which we've mentioned on the blog before. When Aaron's dad bought the house it was already in the yard. A sundial is used for telling TIME, of course. As you may recall, Aaron lives on the Ohio River ("of time") right across from a dam and lock, which controls the flow of water (as-time).

But that's not all - Aaron's dad is adding something else to that same space!

He bought a fountain online. Here's a picture. It's a stone fountain, fake stone, but still, that's the design. A stone fountain, through which water-as-time will be flowing. Like through the riverbed of the Jordan. Notice the design. The water flows through 3 bowls that have spouts into a 4th that has no spout. That's the Keystone Pattern! This was selected by Aaron's dad without any input from Aaron.

The way the directions say it has to be filled speaks to us about the way time will kind of flow around to cycle through the shemitah again, like the time loop reset from the end of this shemitah to the beginning of the next. You have to add water to the lowest or last bowl. With the pump turned on, keep adding water until the whole fountain is full. So, the water is pumped from the bottom of that last bowl up into the top or first bowl, which then fills and flows down to the next. For the sake of clarity (and I know this might confuse some more than it helps), if there were seven bowls in sequence it would be a better model of this cycling back through each year from 2012 to 2019, because this is the shemitah that repeats or recycles. There are actually 4 bowls - for the keystone pattern - and to be clear, we will not be cycling back to 1991 to repeat the entire keystone set of 4 shemitah.

We note that my toilet was not really very different from the Hermann's stone fountain. Ceramic material is like the fountain's look - stone-like. A water supply line feeds water into the upper "stone" chamber and flows from there into another. When the toilet is flushed it flows from the stone tank into the lower stone bowl. For a while, mine was having water flow without flushing, pouring out of the tank like a fountain onto the floor. I have a tile floor, which is ceramic, like stone. My temporary fountain didn't have the keystone design but the one Aaron's dad picked out does.

When the landlord was doing the plumbing he asked for my help, all I had to do was hold the flashlight and shine the light so he could see. In a figure, that's what I do in ministering, right? The plumbing effort had to do with restoring control of the proper flow of water - as-time! Joint Time mission. The leaking tank and subsequent fix is related to that. If you remember the film, FAQ About Time Travel, the plot revolved around a similar problem where a pub's mens' room had a plumbing leak. Water leaked from a fixture and puddled on the floor across the room, and this caused time displacement for whoever was in the mens' room.

Our focus of attention during the activities was on the keystone patterns evident in the crossing of the Jordan River at flood stage and in the moving of stones in and out of the riverbed. We were separately engaged in similar activity, which we had no role in choosing when or what we were doing. We've had time signs before, plenty of them, and what happened on June 2 was more of that! God is so good to us!

On the next day, Sunday the 3rd, Aaron got an email from Groupon. He's unsubscribed a few times but they just keep spamming him. The subject line is, "We Can ERASE Time!" This image is from the email.

The byline is, TIME TO ERASE TIME - Look younger with Anti-Aging Treatments >

We've been writing about the pending reset and how shemitah 861 will consume shemitah 860. These are the shemitah, devoured and devouring. You might say, TIME TO ERASE TIME, because the reality will probably compare to how the product being advertised works. The reset of time will be a kind of Anti-Aging Treatment. We will find ourselves being 7 years younger when we're returned to 2012, so we will definitely look younger.

In reflecting on these things, one of the things that stands out is that the time reset mission will be a joint effort, with teamwork involved. The word, Groupon, is a portmanteau, a combination of the two words, group and coupon. The coupons involve a group discount so the group is an essential factor. With regard to the signs involving Aaron and I, his dad and my landlord were essential partners in the work. Teamwork. Like with how Henry Gruver and the other 6 members of the strike force were engaged to secure the release of the apostolic anointing and bind the angels in the catacombs under the streets of Rome in 1988.

Again, what a remarkable coincidence in all these things, right? Well, no. These things are not matters of "coincidence." We need signs. It's God's well established way to communicate with His people through signs, affirming what He testifies through varieties of other means. Given the extraordinary nature of our situation, we need lots of affirmation!



    The title applied to this article as it was posted on The Drudge Report is:

    Stops time!

    The actual title on is also suggestive!

    "'Run, it's coming. Let's go!' Dramatic moment truck is swallowed by an ash cloud as villagers flee '1300 Fahrenheit pyroclastic flows' from Guatemala's Volcano of Fire which has killed at least 69"

    1300 is the number meaning the mastery of time, amplified. The flow - as the flow of time - the mastery of the flow of time ... swallowed up - like the shemitah devoured and devouring ...

  2. Hello, long time reader. I’ve never commented, for whatever reason. If and when the reset occurs, what do you think will be the fate of those who are younger than seven years of age? And do you think some of us will be aware of the time skip? I prayed to God that Jesus would come sooner but my Dad told
    Me that some of us won’t feel the sting of death...could gaining seven years back be apart of that? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Brant,

      Those born after, and likewise, those who died after, will be "not yet born" and "not yet dead," respectively. And their actual birth, or death, on that "timeline" of the restored prophetic schedule, that will depend upon new sets of circumstances because many things will be different after the reset. But, if we take this pre-reset season into account, the Lord will make a perfect accounting of every one and everything - forgetting and losing nothing. And, His judgment is perfect. Of course there is another perspective that He has already made a perfect accounting of both. Limiting our perspectives is where we find ourselves struggling with unanswerable questions. The Sovereign God is beyond time, and is the Lord of Time, and sovereign over all in every age.

      Will some be aware that time has been reset? We believe a very small number will, but most will not perceive it or believe it if told.

      Will the reset factor in to how some won't feel the sting of death? We believe that is a matter of being translated and receiving a resurrection body while still alive, when the time of the harvest event arrives for which one qualifies.

      Blessings in Y'shua!


  3. Terrifying! I don’t want to go back in time! I’ve grown so much in my study of the word these past years. I got married , I have a newborn. If we get reset, those will be gone. Truly Jesus would stop this?

    1. If you knew what He knows about it in the larger perspective, you would be thrilled and very grateful.

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    1. There's a version of the cereal box art with a "rocket" through the (word) "moon" - sodomy.

      Have you seen the classic Moon Pie?