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Secrets of The Crossing (ABC Network)

While we've been receiving insight about the pending time reset, some of the TV media we've been watching dances all over the now familiar themes in ways that are just not very subtle. A recent show on the ABC network called The Crossing is one that came to us as a very timely and unmistakable sign! If you've been tracking with what we've been sharing about the pending time reset you'll see why.

Some of the popular issues of the day are central to the plot and these may be where certain propa-gendas are advanced, manipulating perceptions of and opinions on transhumanism and disease control, on how governments deal with refugee populations, surveillance, government cover-up conspiracy and cross-agency cooperation. Woven into this sci-fi drama are subtle layers of mind control programming and trauma-sodomy based Illuminati programming themes.

Our primary interest has to do with how the show spills the beans about The Crossing of Israel over the Jordan River into the promised land. We understand that miraculous crossing as more than just a historical account. The Devil does too, and he has to blab about it, and there's a benefit for those of us who are paying attention! Not unlike how it is with the refugees of the show, our very survival depends on THE Crossing over into our past.

The Crossing debuted on April 2 and aired its final episode on June 9. The show was canceled after the first season even though the ratings weren't terrible. We think the show was intended for a single season and tied off with its agenda complete. Over the years, insiders have blown the whistle on how the CIA dictates the content for the entertainment industry. If this isn't one of those vehicles, well, it's probably dictated from higher up the supernatural chain.

As the show begins, a crowd of 500 people suddenly appear underwater off the coast of Port Canaan, Oregon. Most drown in the water but there are 47 survivors. This is discovered as they wash ashore. They are helped by the local authorities and camp on the beach until the Feds get involved and they are subsequently interned, sequestered. Time travel is part of the plot because the refugees are from the future. They fled from a genocidal war where they were being exterminated by a transhuman-superhuman population they called, APEX. They crossed over as a last ditch effort to survive. It is discovered that they weren't the first travelers from their time. The first wave had secretly traveled back to a point in time a few years earlier, on a mission to "save the future" by stopping the threat before it starts. Their desire to block the development of the transhuman APEX is a variant of the "go back in time to kill Hitler" trope. There are some big plot holes but none of that kind of analysis is directly relevant to our interest here.

The network promoted the TV series by associating it with another esoteric themed show, Lost, but most folks will never see them as being all that similar. When they promoted the show on the side of a train, the promoters signaled their understanding of the value of dynamic esoteric symbolism. Trains are very commonly employed as dimension transiting vehicles, which we've shown on this blog.

One of the little things that should get your attention is the number of survivors, which is 47. Code 47 - which has to do with the production of Horus through the union of Osiris and Isis and also the path of the sun as it crosses over and under the equator (sun god worship). These themes are relevant, but the actual count of survivors is 48, because one APEX crossed over and survived without being accounted with the others. That's a time number, the number of hours in 2 days, and the story hinges on travel into the past, to save the future of mankind.

The biggest tip-off to deciphering the allegory is the name of the town where all the action happens, Port Canaan. For the refugees who sought a safe haven, this definition of, port, is easily applicable. "A place along a coast that gives ships and boats protection from storms and rough water; a harbor." Another definition of, port, is, "a gateway or portal, as to a town." This relates to our current series on the pending reset of time into the past! When Israel crossed over the flooded Jordan River (Joshua 3-4) across from Jericho they set up camp at Gilgal. This was their port of entry into the land of Canaan. Welcome to Port Canaan, Israel!

There are several clues that tell us The Crossing is an allegory about Israel's crossing over the Jordan into the promised land. One scene in particular informs us that this identification is important enough that it's concealed with symbolism that indicates a cover spell of sodomite sex magic. What secrets are they concealing and revealing in the customary way of the Occult? The war decisive kind, relative to the real war, the non-fiction one which continues to escalate in this increasingly strange season.

We'll point out some of the clues that identify the allegory and illustrate where it's covered up with the sodomite symbol magic. We'll also direct attention to the beans spilled on the importance of the stone circle construction in transdimensional crossings, which is a big deal.

The refugees washed up on Thorn Beach. This is esoteric code because a thorn is a metaphor for the kind of people who populated the promised land. (See Genesis 3:18 and Who is Cain's Father")

Joshua said, “By this you shall know that the living God is among you, and that He will assuredly dispossess from before you the Canaanite, the Hittite, the Hivite, the Perizzite, the Girgashite, the Amorite, and the Jebusite. ~ Joshua 3:10

The names of the characters are more than a little suggestive for the biblically literate. One of the recognized leaders of the refugees is named Caleb. Think - Joshua and Caleb, two of the twelve men who spied out the land of Canaan and the only ones who gave a favorable report of Israel's prospects. Other important characters are Leah (wife of Jacob-Israel), Rebecca (mother of Jacob-Israel) and Naomi (book of Ruth - Ruth's mother-in-law). The local Sheriff of Port Canaan is the show's lead character, played by Steve Zahn. His name is Jude Ellis. On the refugee angle, think - Ellis Island, New York City's famous port of entry. For over 60 years it was the gateway for over 12 million immigrants to the U.S. The Sheriff is usually just called, Jude. Think - Judah, the tribe from which came the Messiah, son of David, because he's an authority figure who plays the role of savior. Also, think, Jude, the little book that comes just before Revelation.

Although the allegory seems obvious when these elements are pointed out, it's a fair bet that it flew under the radar of the vast majority of viewers.

(Worth noting is the very significant casting resonance involving the role played by Georgina Haig. Those who followed the series, Fringe, will recognize her as Henrietta Bishop, the only child of Olivia Dunham and Peter Bishop. When you watch the finale, this will make a lot of sense.)

With the imagery of this scene from episode 2, "A Shadow Out of Time," the connection with Israel's crossing of the Jordan should now seem completely obvious to some church-going folk, but this is right where the cover spell appears!

The store in Port Canaan is called Canaan Surplus. "Great American Camping Store." If you have ever heard the once popular gospel song, Camping in Canaan's Happy Land, you get it. The refugees from the future were literally camping, first in tents on the beach, and then, in a very common kind of camp with cabins and bunks. Camping, like Israel, in Canaan's happy land. The connection is undeniable but who really noticed, or cared? Well, we did - and do! Notice that there are two flanking campfires. While Israel camped in the wilderness they were between two pillars of fire by night.

The sodomite imagery that we have been learning about and exposing for the past six years dominates the scene. The signs - are signs, if you can interpret the symbolism!

"CUSTOMER PARKING AT REAR OF STORE" - PARK, backward, is KRAP. Coprophagia. "CUSTOMER CRAPPING AT REAR OF STORE" Who does that? BUMS! (as butts) KRAP-ING AT REAR - obviously! REAR - as butt. The arrow is a phallic symbol. Phallus + Butt = Sodomy.

The other sign compares. It looks innocent enough, at first glance:

Canaan Surplus "Great American Camping Store"

The adjacent letters are exploited to produce three instances of the word, anus, and one of, anal. The butt slang, can, appears 3 times, including where the letter N is concealed in the letter, M, in, CAMPING. It's the CAN PLAN, a sodomite agenda.

The Canaanites and other "thorns" in the land were famously like those in Sodom and Gomorrah - sodomites. The name of the town, Port Canaan, can be taken as the Portal to the land of the sodomites, or, the Sodomite Gateway, as our long running series is titled.

More sodomite imagery complements what the signs declare, with the brick wall (signature MASONic brick and mortar model of men cemented together through the bond of ritual sodomy). The car is parked (krap-ed) on the wet (with rain-as-semen) ASSphalt with its trunk-butt near a wood post (phallus - which would be BUMped with the BUMper) under the anal CAN-PLAN sign. Each campfire features several sticks of wood-as-phallus. We note that the word, CAMP, is Code 33 (3+1+13+16=33), and this word is heard frequently throughout the show - and much of it is filmed at the camps. We see Reece, the APEX (the un-numbered 48th) who crossed over, leaving the store and crossing the street with her Canaan Surplus booty.

On the time-space theme, we note the publications in the newsstand signal, Code News. News, is an acronym for the cardinal directions: North, East, West, and South. This is in connection with the TIME arrow on the sign: "time flies like an arrow."

The pairing of sodomy and time and dimensional transiting has become very familiar. We produced a 10 part video series about this between 3/28/16 and 7/9/17, which we highly recommend. The Pairing of Time Travel with Sodomite Programming in Film and TV

We learned that sodomy imagery acts like a cloaking device, like a mask. This function is related to how ritual sodomy binds a slave to secrecy and how it is used for the compartmentalization of memories in the slaves alter system for protection. When we find the sodomy imagery cloaking this particular scene, it tells us there is something here that's valuable enough to hide. The Canaan Surplus sign is where we find the reference to the gospel song about camping in Canaan's happy land. This is what completely exposes the allegory of The Crossing - and this insight opens the way to the other secrets. Like the deeper meaning of their show's title graphic!

As we lead up to those deeper secrets, those of you who have been following The Open Scroll for a while know that, given the sodomy and time travel themes, the exaltation of the goddess has to be involved. The iconic image of The Crossing is a circle with "The Crossing" inside. Cross Circle - XO. In the animation, they add the circle of the network's logo to cross it with the larger one, crossing circles to add redundancy. You may have noticed the same motif in the radial spoke design of the campfires on the Canaan Surplus sign. The union of the X and O establishes the celestial throne of the goddess, but that's not all! The X implicit in "The Crossing" signals SPACE in connection with the circle that signals, TIME. It's a circle of water-as-time and with that is the sand of the beach, earth, space. It's a clever bit - because that's what the show with the time travel plot is about.

This alternate title graphic is another illustration of the opening of the wormhole portal from the future into the past. What's less obvious is that the well positioned "CROSS" in "The CROSSING" title emphasizes the cross-in-circle imagery of goddess exaltation. What might also be less obvious is how they also present an image of the one eye or hidden eye, the "eye of Horus" that is the sodomite gateway to illumination exploited to go down the rabbit hole or over the rainbow.

The regular icon seen in the animated gif above has sand (fecal) and water. If you're familiar with our video series on, Back to the Future, you will probably recognize this as a variant of the flux capacitor, fluxing.

In the iconic image from the show we see the beach formed into a circle. The circle is an expression of time in a geometric figure. Water is also a metaphor for time, and the water flows in and out as the waves crash on the beach. The beach repeats the theme with the sands of time (as passing through an hourglass). The water and sand in a circle with the endlessly cycling waves compares to the Ouroboros, the familiar symbol of the circular (or figure 8) snake that eats its own tail. This round beach is a stone circle, with a variety of sizes that includes those tiny little ones we call sand. This stone circle beach is a pulsing time portal, through which the refugees arrived in their past. This iconic image of The Crossing is a stargate, a portal through time. A port is, "A gateway or portal, as to a town." The refugees from the future found themselves in Port Canaan.

Remember the allegory? Get some coffee or tea, some fresh air. Take a deep breath. We really want you to get this.

This iconic image from the recent ABC Network show pictures THE CROSSING of the Jordan River as Israel made their dramatic entrance in the land of Canaan. This is intentional! As we develop this further it should become apparent, and also the reason why this show was broadcast when it was.

In Part 18 of the ongoing series about the pending reset of time we share a key insight about how sets of 12 stones were arranged in a circle. In the biblical account this construction is an undisclosed secret until it's revealed! A big deal is made of the 12 stones that were removed from where the priests stood in the middle of the Jordan as they held the Ark of the Covenant. They were taken to where they lodged, where they first Camped in Canaan's Happy Land, organized around the tabernacle and Ark (as they faced the tabernacle) in Gigal. The stone circle from around the Ark was relocated to a place given that name meaning (sacred) circle of stones! We understand the Ark that was encircled by the stones while it was held in place to function as a mobile "center of time," which is a strange seeming but yet very well documented reality, with reference to David Flynn's work and Sir Isaac Newton's before him.

Another set of 12 stones went back into the riverbed to ritually form another circle, and this is a really big deal. Here's a hint, the narrative says they are there to this day - in time.

9 Then Joshua set up twelve stones in the middle of the Jordan at the place where the feet of the priests who carried the ark of the covenant were standing, and they are there to this day. ~ Joshua 4:9

When the priests who carried the ark dipped their feet in the Jordan the waters were cut off. There was an interruption in the time continuum. After Israel had crossed over around the ritually crossing stone circles that were being swapped out in the riverbed, the priests carried the Ark over into the land of Canaan, and when they came up out of the riverbed the flow of water was restored but changed. When the waters of the Jordan began to flow again it was a kind of reboot of the time stream, with time flowing differently. Think about fluid dynamics, picturing the water flowing through the modified riverbed. Think about the water of the Jordan flowing at the intersection of Israel's crossing over past a different stone circle from the former one that had been moved to Gilgal. There is a perspective where the former stone circle was history, the past, and we have this testimony in how the narrative emphasizes that it became a memorial. The new stone circle came from the promised land where Israel was going, so this is as from the future - back in time. And this influenced the flow of the river of time.

Now, look at the iconic round beach picture of The Crossing and compare the flow of the Jordan river-of-time across the stone circle. The intersection is an oscillating portal through time. This is identified with the arrival of a people from the future into Port Canaan, on the Pacific coast.

Think about the crossing of the Jordan. This is what the iconic circle beach image of The Crossing is bearing witness to in connection with the show's major second wave teleportation event. When Israel crossed over, they went from a season where they were isolated as within a kind of pocket universe. They were fed manna, bread from heaven, and drank water that came from a rock. Nourished from the heavenly realm with DAILY bread and the water of time. Their clothes and sandals didn't wear out, which is to say that they were not subject to the effects of time. Many aspects of their lives were suspended during that trial period, like circumcision, like eating the produce of the land and consuming the livestock they brought from Egypt and herded into the promised land. But the season of their wandering was very evidently one that was identified with time. Everyone who was over the age of 20 when the report brought by Joshua and Caleb was rejected had to serve their death sentence. Have you ever considered that all those peculiar features might be concealing a prophecy that might someday be revealed? This has something to do with time-space dimensions, the Lord's protection, warfare, as they were being purged of those who could not bear it, and transits.

Have you ever considered this passage from Revelation?

13 And when the dragon saw that he was thrown down to the earth, he persecuted the woman who gave birth to the male child. 14 But the two wings of the great eagle were given to the woman, so that she could fly into the wilderness to her place, where she was nourished for a time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent. 15 And the serpent poured water like a river out of his mouth after the woman, so that he might cause her to be swept away with the flood. 16 But the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and drank up the river which the dragon poured out of his mouth. 17 So the dragon was enraged with the woman, and went off to make war with the rest of her children, who keep the commandments of God and hold to the testimony of Jesus. ~ Revelation 12:13-17

Let it speak to you about the biblical language of dimensional transiting. We have learned to recognize the expression, "a time and times and half a time" as technical language describing the fundamentals of space-time transiting physics. There is nothing new under the sun, indeed. The woman, a faction of Israel, follows a precedent set during the exodus and the reentry into the land of Canaan.

When those 500 people from the future who made The Crossing arrived in their past, they washed up with the tide on the beach. Israel made their entry into Canaan through the river, flowing around the ritual stone circle as it was overflowing all its banks (Joshua 3:14, 4:18), which is to say, at high tide, which is a phenomenon linked to the moon. Israel had crossed over against Jericho, which means, Moon City. They made their landing in their "Port Canaan," Gilgal, which means a (sacred) circle of stones. There is distinctive time-space portaling aspect involved, and this has something to reveal about us in our time as we anticipate the reset of time into the past.

Was it a coincidence that Israel's armies crossed over in battle array, in of groupings of fifties and hundreds, and that the number of people in the second wave of The Crossing numbered 500? We think not.

The crossing over of both waves is in the context of war, and it is strategic. The Adversary is still bent out of shape about the conquest of Jericho, about the decimation and humiliation as Israel went in and seized the land and largely routed his own offspring from had been so firmly entrenched. Like with Sodom and Gomorrah... like at the flood of Noah... He's bitter and is still bent on taking revenge. The war is on, people. You might see the war as an undercurrent that compares to the Cold War that remains the subject of spy thrillers. On other fronts, though, the battles are fierce and bloody - and this is escalating. If you're not seeing it, you're out of touch. So, The Crossing is strategic. It has to do with time travel and exploiting it as a strategic maneuver that is ultimately war-decisive.

There is a perspective in which we, you and I, are like the refugees who are fleeing into the past to avoid extermination because this is for the sake of salvation. The reset of time into the past is not simply a teleportation event. It's appointed for the restoration of the biblical timeline, when all things will be fulfilled at their appointed times in their appointed ways.

There's still one notable observation to be made about the allegory, and it involves something we haven't yet mentioned in the series about the schedule of the pending reset of time. It's important, so I'll introduce it here.

15 and when those who carried the ark came into the Jordan, and the feet of the priests carrying the ark were dipped in the edge of the water (for the Jordan overflows all its banks all the days of harvest), 16 the waters which were flowing down from above stood and rose up in one heap, a great distance away at Adam, the city that is beside Zarethan; and those which were flowing down toward the sea of the Arabah, the Salt Sea, were completely cut off. So the people crossed opposite Jericho. ~ Joshua 3:15-16

Downstream, the waters were merely cut off, but upstream, the waters rose up in one heap. That must have been pretty high. The place name, Jordan, means, their descent. The Jordan river is the river of time, and "their descent" is the aging influence of time in this age that brings all to descend into corruption and decay until time is no more. The Jordan River is also the river of life, which pictures the natural life as it flows from the time of conception and birth and follows the winding path of "their descent" into death. The Aribah is what is commonly known as the Dead Sea. The place where the waters rose up in one heap while Israel crossed over the Jordan is called Adam, yes, the name of the first man. We recognize the Jordan River as a picture of more than just the life of an individual but also of the whole of mankind. Adam was "a great distance away," according to the text, and even in Joshua's day that was a very long time ago. It was in their genetic heritage, as it was in time, that they were downstream by a great distance from Adam. Consider this. It was the fallen angel Watchers (sons of god) who were responsible for the corruption of the heritage of Adamic man that quickly necessitated the cleansing flood of Noah's day. Do you know that they made landfall at the same place where the Jordan River begins? Yes - Mt. Hermon! That's where "their descent" begins, a fact that bears witness to the esoteric interpretation offered here. The lineage of Adam, who was made in the image of God was reduced in number to a single man, Noah, and the lineage descended from him suffered even further corruption over time. By the time of Joshua's crossing, even God's chosen people Israel were "a great distance from Adam" both in time and genetic purity. The point at which man who was created in God's image was most pure was in Adam himself. When the water of the Jordan rose in one heap at Adam it represented the pinnacle of God's pure heritage, which is to say, the apex.

When those who were responsible for "The Crossing" chose to call their genetically enhanced superhumans by the name, APEX, they chose one that we see as being relative to their carefully kept secret allegory. The Jordan river of life and of time had an apex when it rose in one heap at Adam. Much could be written about how the Luciferian transhumanist "√úbermensch" movement has been striving for the apex of human potential that will be realized in the biblical Antichrist and replicated throughout humanity through the mark of the beast. What some call, Adam Kadmon, the primordial or supreme man, is the essence of this counterfeiting operation, and it seems triple helix DNA describes the physicality of the manifestation.

We find the timely broadcast of The Crossing encouraging as one in a long line of validating signs to us. We pray that this insight is helpful and inspiring. The Lord assures that we have everything we need, for hope, faith and love, and to know His steadfast presence and personal care is really not an option for us. We need His help continually. No exaggeration.


  1. Hi Bob. I was referred to your blog by a friend named Bob Space. You might have spoken with him recently, maybe even today. I am a 'new' reader of your work and just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the Pending Reset of Time and the Bride Theft. I still have a ways to go - about half done with each...and I have so many questions! Anyway, just wanted to send you Blessings and let you know how much I appreciate what I am reading. Jeff (Austin - Tx).

  2. I am obsessed, subconsciously with stargates. I’m an artist, and have been writing my own graphic novel for over a year. The plot hinges on repurposing an ancient star gate site for new transdimensional trade. Unfortunately for our protagonists and his crew, the planet the ancient gate is on is home to an elite group of sorcerers who live in a psudeo Las Vegas style retreat kingdom they made themselves. Mageocracy ran by corrupt sorcerers .

    The planet itself is stuck in a Neolithic era, that replays over and over, stuck in its evolution purposefully to be subservient slaves to feet the elite gods in their mountain top retreat. (Greeks reverence to Olympus) (the masses reverence for the elite) because underneath the ancient now defunct star gate site, there is a rip in space time. The heroes end up building their new gate and befriending the local tribes and have run ins with the elite sorcer class that portray themselves as gods from their mountain retreat on high. The gate and the rip are important to the titan prometheus (who became the first dragon) who wishes to destroy mt. Olympus with a Vedic God killer bomb. I can’t remember what the device is called but it is mentioned in the vedas. Krishna uses it to destroy babyaga. Prometheus wants revenge on Zeus for trapping him. My story is fantasy scifi and Prometheus was cast out of Olympus by Zeus for bringing fire to the original dragon tiamat. (Think dungeons and dragons meets star gate.) Prometheus wishes to use the gateway to get to Olympus or celestial and destroy the Greek pantheon .

    So an effort for transfimensional trade becomes a task of stopping elite sorcerers from opening their own gate to let Prometheus (a titan) out of the outer darkness into this realm so he can wage war on the mortals himself instead of manipulating men and elves via dreams , familiar spirits etc.

    Forgot to mention. Even my protagonist is a nephilim , he is half Elf and half angel .

    I can’t stop thinking about it. Hence why it’s become (becoming) a graphic novel.

    Stargate, dimensions, time, dragons, angels, wizards and warriors. Nephilim.

    Am I too being influenced in my own work? It would appear so. I wish it to not be evil like these shows but I fear it is subconsciously. Do you think God will condem me for it ? My protagonist also questions the legitimacy of those false gods for their pettiness and human like squabbles as he wonders , is there a force of good out there?
    Maranatha Lord Jesus!

    1. Brant, to quote you. "It would appear so." Your gut feeling is probably the holy spirit. While I don't doubt that most would argue to the contrary, I do not see any works of fiction ministering in a way that is holy and legitimate, even when "strictly" allegorical and produced with "good intent."

    2. I was afraid you might say that. I think Yah is pulling me away from needless things. Thanks for listening. Most people don’t understand when I speak about occult or myth or any of that jargon I posted about in my fiction writing. Thank you. I’m still coming to grips with the serpent seed and the time dilation observations. There is no one at my church even that I could talk about such things with. I do appreciate the videos you two produce.

      On a side note, do you think Trumps recent announcement of a space force could be related to impending planet 9?

  3. Bound By Nothing™ | JennAir

    1. Wow. That’s not subtle at all is it.

      Sounds like a declaration of war against all we know about Earth’s modern societal behaviors.

  4. Take a look to the movie "Warcraft"-2016 . They reveal some info on this subjet.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Julio

  5. Bob thank you so much for your hard work and dedication, many things that you say confirm that the Holy Spirit is with you, I see so many synchronicities relating to the Bride Church and to the land of Jordan being the point of "Reset" or the Zero point being that it is the lowest place on the Earth. I am a first hand witness to the Miraculous Power inherent in that land, and will soon share my Testimony with others relating to the Bride Church and meeting the Groom in the bride chambers. You definitely have tapped into one of the keys of David! Thanks again, I am inspired!

  6. It might not mean anything but have you heard of the movie OUTLANDER?? I was curious to watch it because it was done in Scotland, and we have roots there...Problem was the first season was ok but of course it ventured into sexual junk and had to fast forward and on some scenes not watch at all! Question is, the movie has to do with Claire touching Stones in a place i think was called Vaness, and she lands in Scotland in the 1800's before the time of the Jacobite rebellion. So with this being about Claire being taken back in time, wondered if this has anything of information that you could explain, or if it's just another back in time movie? Oh, also later in season 3 or 4 Claire and others end up back in America...Thank you