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Part 4 - About the Schedule of the Pending Reset of Time

One of the many signs of this season involved a video of Sid Roth interviewing Henry Gruver on the first of April. (watch on You Tube) In the context of everything going on, this really puts some huge emphasis on a couple things!

My friend, John Rothacker, had sent me a link to this interview on April 4th. I began watching it that evening and was still listening while I was in the kitchen making dinner. Henry told a story that's personal to me, about when he and the rest of his 7 member strike team were translated to Rome on October 22, 1988 to command the release of the apostolic anointing that had been bound there since the death of the Apostle Paul. After that awesome testimony, Sid asked Henry to tell the story about the Rabbi and the gold dust, which was about what happened when Henry "prayer-walked" the city of Jerusalem in 1989. I had never heard this one before. I was still making dinner so I was not listening as intently as I could have been, but I was enjoying this like the others he had been telling. As Henry was getting near the end of his story, the emotion suddenly welled up inside me very powerfully and I began to weep, and this was so overwhelming that I dropped to my knees. This didn't last more than a couple minutes before the intense emotional weeping began to subside, and I was led to go directly over to my desk to observe the time on the video player's counter. I did so and also paused the video and began to reflect on what was happening because this was not natural. Sid Roth's show is called, It's Supernatural, and most definitely, what had just happened to me was supernatural! The weeping was not for sadness or grief but the kind I know in connection with the Lord's pouring out of love in glory. My dinner was ready so I took my plate of food over to eat at my desk so I could review that part of the video and learn more about why the Lord had engaged me so dramatically. As I watched Henry relate his testimony, the emotion suddenly welled up as before and I wept just as intensely for another brief season! WOW! When I was able to compose myself, I reflected on the experience and began to understand more about what this meant. I sent Aaron an email to share this news with him and then we talked and celebrated what the Lord was doing with us!

This was one experience in a series over the past few weeks where the Lord has demonstrated His nearness, as the separating veil between us is thin indeed. The slightest motion in His direction with praise and we are welcomed straightaway with an expression of His love and glory in His presence! Aaron and I know this corresponds with April of 2015 when we were so awesomely engaged in that season of watching for the sign to the Bride and the Bride Theft! The Lord knows how to get our attention and how to communicate things to us with emphasis, and we are not unfamiliar with His ways.

The sign of Henry's Rabbi and gold dust story only makes sense in the context, which you may have some sense of if you've been following The Open Scroll closely enough. There's so much going on I hardly know where to start explaining.

The sign has to do with affirming our efforts to understand and convey the evidence of the schedule of the reset of time and the reason for the delay in the prophetic schedule. It has to do with our ultimate goal of bringing forth the Bride to be joined with her Bridegroom, as you may have learned from Part 3.

A week ago, Hag haMatzot ended (otherwise known as the Feast of Unleavened Bread), marking the anniversary of the event we know as the Bride Theft. This is the holy day that prophesies of when the Bridegroom Thief comes to steal away His beloved Bride to be joined with her in the union of marriage. This would have been fulfilled in 2015, and so it will be on the next pass through this shemitah. Shortly before the Bridegroom comes for her, a special sign will be given to announce and confirm to the Bride the approach of her Bridegroom. This involves the revealing of the lawless one. The time appointed for this sign for the Bride is the 13th day of the 1st month. This is where Henry's story about the Rabbi and the gold dust factors in! The sign of the emotional connection I experienced on April 4th is such a poignant and compelling witness! The Bridegroom is excited about all this - and so are we!

So, relative to the video interview, beginning @49 minutes in, Henry tells a story about prayer-walking Jerusalem in 1989, for 13 days and nights. After concluding that business that he had gone to Israel to conduct, Henry was resting on a park bench when he was joined by an Orthodox Rabbi. In a conversation that was surprisingly prompted by the Rabbi, Henry shared with him about having just prayer-walked the streets of the old city and the new city, praying for the peace of Jerusalem. This conversation led to Henry telling him about how gold is falling from heaven in some churches while the Christians are worshiping Jesus. The Rabbi was clearly shaken by this report as he stammered and stuttered his request for Henry to repeat that remarkable testimony for clarification. On receiving it, the Rabbi repeated over and over, "Gold is falling on the Gentiles." He informed Henry what that meant. Here's the dialog as the conversation with the Rabbi was concluded. "In the ancient Hebrew, before the Bridegroom comes to take his bride, he always sends her a gift of gold by midnight. It means the Messiah is coming! The Messiah is coming! Daughter! Daughter! Come! Come! Come! Come!" "What is it Papa?" "I must get back to Nazareth! I must let my people know! Gold is falling on the Gentiles! The Messiah is coming!" And with that, the Rabbi departed with his family, sincerely thanking Henry on the way.

At the Rabbi's excitement about the sign of the coming of the Messiah and rushing back to share the good news, that's where the emotion welled up in me so abruptly and intensely. I was not simply responding from a natural emotional engagement with the story but rather was being spiritually impressed upon with glory in the Bridegroom's excitement about being joined with His Bride - and about the trigger for their union, Israel's acceptance of Him. How awesome is that, right! Oh - the passion! The Lord had my attention now! The Song of Solomon features expressions of it, and this can be compared to Joseph(Bridegroom)'s emotional response when Benjamin(Bride-type) and his other brothers had been assembled together and he was about to reveal himself to them as their brother.

The Apostle Paul was led to record this revelation insight for our benefit.

14 if somehow I might move to jealousy my fellow countrymen and save some of them. 15 For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead? ~ Romans 11:14-15

Paul (otherwise known as Saul of Tarsus) was an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin. His fellow countrymen are the natural branches of the olive tree. The sons of Israel numbering 144,000 are going to be the particular faction whose corporate acceptance of their Messiah triggers the life-from-the-dead event we know as the Bride Theft.

I was watching the video interview and being supernaturally engaged with this awesome sign right in the midst of Hag haMatzot. The subject that was so dramatically highlighted to me while watching the video is appointed to be fulfilled during that same Feast. The sign for the Bride will manifest 2 days prior to the 7 day Feast and the 144k will accept Y'shua as their Messiah and trigger the theft of the Bride on the last day of the Feast.

I mentioned earlier how the Lord had led me to observe the time on the video player counter. It was in the 54th minute that the emotions were so suddenly raised and my weeping began. That was the first thing I noticed, which spoke to me of love because Code 54 is the love code. We regularly demonstrate how this is a code used in Occult messaging, but in this instance the Bridegroom Himself was communicating to me with this number in a profound expression of His love. This I know, that the Lord is able to effectively communicate! He's the one who put us on to the Love Code 54 in the first place! The elapsed time on the counter read 53:54 when I paused the video during the second instance of weeping, while I was eating dinner at my desk. That's a doubled love code because minute 54 begins at 53:00 (because minute 2 begins at 01:00, of course). The love is that passionate love shared between the Bridegroom and His Bride, and His beloved people Israel!

There are several more very significant points to be made about this sign, and these make it even more compelling and memorable!

The other number on the video counter is the length, shown as 1:13:51. We note that it's the 1st month and 13th day that is appointed for the Sign for the Bride that bears the welcome tidings of her beloved Bridegroom's approach! And, and this is a big deal - it's this 13th day that had just received such special attention only a few days earlier! We already mentioned that in an earlier post but we're going to give it some more attention, but first there's a point to be made about the other thirteens in Henry's story, because this number is really very significant.

When Henry told the Rabbi about the gold dust falling on the Christians he had just sat down to rest after completing his mission, 13 days and 13 nights of prayer-walking the streets of Jerusalem. With the number 13 signifying the mastery of time, this is certainly relevant. About 52 minutes in, just before he mentions the gold dust, the Rabbi asks Henry if he has any family.

"He says, do you have any family - and I told him how many children. He says, what are you doing here? I said, I told you, praying for the peace of Jerusalem. And he says - you know, how many children you got, you know what that means in the ancient Hebrew? I says, no. I says, well, it means that I got a baker's dozen. I got 13. I got a bakers dozen and, uh, my quiver's full. He says, You know what that means in the ancient Hebrew? I said, no, I'm interested. Now he's talking to me! He says, in the ancient Hebrew, you have 12 arrows in the quiver. You have 1 in your bow. You're ready for war, young man. I said yeah - I'll take it, you know!"

It may be seen that Henry was demonstrating the mastery of time in Jerusalem, of all places, even Mount Zion where the temple was built that held the ark of the covenant and the foundation stone - the very location of which we recognize as the center of time (acknowledging the work of David Flynn and Sir Isaac Newton - David Flynn - Gone on Ahead (UTAH Beach - Direct Hit!) / Part 5 - 2012 London Olympics - State of Israel maps to Zion Olympic Park). Brother Gruver had just completed 13 days and 13 nights of prayer-walking. That kind of language is used in the Bible to identify a complete set with a number. Days and nights are periods of time, of course, and the number 13 signals the mastery of time, especially in connection with a set of 12, a primary time number. When Henry provided more detail about his activity he used time language in specifying that he had walked the streets of the OLD city and the NEW city. Henry used the expression, baker's dozen, twice in describing the number which emphasizes that potent symbol of the 12+1 with repetition. The Rabbi added even more emphasis with his separation of the 13 into 12-in-the-quiver and 1-in-the-bow. It is often said that time flies like an arrow and, for this reason, with the arrow as a metaphor for time, the expression of 12 children-as-arrows-in-the-quiver and the 1 child-as-arrow-in-the-bow adds even more emphasis to the signaling of time and its mastery!

There's a related element here that shouldn't be overlooked. The Rabbi had told Henry, "You're ready for war, young man!" Henry had been engaging in spiritual warfare while prayer-walking. His response to the Rabbi's remark was to exclaim, "Yeah! I'll take it!" The metaphor of children-as-arrows is one of weapons of warfare. In combination, the time war theme is familiar, right? The 13 days and 13 nights of prayer walking Jerusalem can be compared to the victorious assault on Jericho that is recorded in Joshua 6. The city walls fell flat at the conclusion of 13 full circuits, 1 each day for 6 days followed by 7 circuits on the 7th. There was some special space-time physics involved in that miraculous battle. What Henry, time warrior father of 13, did in Rome in 1988 and in Jerusalem in 1989 is part of the Lord's battle plan to bring this age to an end.

Henry's conversation with the Rabbi about his children emphasizes the mastery of time, and it's at that point in his story that Henry was inspired to tell him about the gold dust falling on the Christians. And while I was listening to Henry bearing testimony about the Rabbi's recognition of this sign of his Messiah's coming, it was then that the Lord engaged me so dramatically. The next thing The Lord did was to have me check the time on the video counter. Pause. Check what? The TIME. The display of TIME on the counter that counted off the seconds, minutes and hours. This was, of course, how I received the coded signal of love (53:54) and then also perceived the connection (1:13) with the special day appointed for the Sign for the Bride. The connection was in the dating, as 1:13, and in the common subject of the Bride receiving a sign of her Bridegroom's soon coming. The Lord was certainly demonstrating the mastery of time by orchestrating this sign, with the production of all the right numbers in all the right ways. He was also conveying love and confirming His soon coming in accordance with the holy day schedule that has been proclaimed through The Open Scroll. He was bringing all this in the midst of other related signs woven in with the outpouring of special insight about the times!

I didn't learn about this interview until I opened the email I received from brother John on April 4. It was from Sid Roth's show on the April 1. I'm going to repeat part of the post I published to the blog on that same day, April 1 (no foolin'), for the sake of illustrating the context.

"Yesterday was the 13th day of the 1st month, which is a day the Bible identifies as a very special day. On that day, in the appointed year, the lawless one (antichrist beast) will be revealed, and this will be a sign that the Bride will recognize as a confirmation that the Bridegroom will shortly receive His beloved unto Himself, on the last day of the Feast, the 21st day. Earlier in the week I was having a chat with Aaron and was led to announce that this coming 13th day was going to be a watch day, even though we know very well that this is off cycle and not the appointed year for the revealing of the lawless one. There was not even a sense of expectation about there being a shadow of it, which is why this wasn't announced publicly on the blog, but the Lord was marking it out to us as a watch day.

On the 12th day of the month, Aaron and I didn't communicate with each other until late in the afternoon. He had been witnessing so many signs that he recognized as time signs that he was really very excited. We discovered that, while he was busy resetting clocks, I was resetting the clock in my car while waiting at a traffic light, as I was returning from the grocery store with a jug of pure water. Water as time. There's a lot more that gave this further emphasis (like the fact that I really didn't need the water yet and had to make extra effort to empty the jug so it could be refilled) but suffice to say that we knew what it meant because we have become familiar with the drill. In comparing notes, Aaron and I recognized it as the familiar "heads up" signal. It meant, Pay attention! INCOMING! The signs themselves had to do with clock-time resetting, so we noted that element in the immediate context, but there nothing special additional to that, so we knew this was intended to put us on alert for what would shortly follow. It came as the Shabbat arrived, as the 12th turned to the 13th day, the day that had already been indicated to us as a watch day! "

I didn't do it then but now I'm nearly ready to share the insight that came as the 12th turned to the 13th day and the weekly Shabbat began. Before I share that I must point out what is probably already obvious, that the "heads up" for the 13th day sign watching includes the sign witnessed on April 4th while watching the video about Henry Gruver and the Rabbi. "Gold is falling on the Gentiles! I must go tell my people. The Messiah is Coming!"

The insight I received began with the simple prompt to recall the numbering of the 4th and 5th shemitah in the count from the celestial sign of 1991. I found my chart graphic to make sure I got it right. The numbering was somehow important. Many months ago I had done some research on the number 860 to learn whatever might be learned and didn't find anything that spoke to me. But that was then.

One of the things going on in the background involves my collecting of some of the observations Aaron and I have been making in this new season of expanding insight into a brief that helps me organize my thoughts. These are mostly scripture references together with a few verses. Of all those listed it was the 3rd chapter of Daniel that I had been compelled to visit a few times each day to puzzle over it and expand a little on my notes. Daniel 3 is on our list because of the presence of the keystone pattern. We didn't include this among the 15 examples featured in The Keystone Pattern - Three Things Then the Fourth, but it's there.

24 Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astounded and stood up in haste; he said to his high officials, “Was it not three men we cast bound into the midst of the fire?” They replied to the king, “Certainly, O king.” 25 He said, “Look! I see four men loosed and walking about in the midst of the fire without harm, and the appearance of the fourth is like a son of the gods!” ~ Daniel 3:24-25

There is also Nebuchadnezzar's command, "to heat the furnace seven times more than it was usually heated." I don't think more really has to be said about that here. Lord willing, more will be written about it, but it's the numbering of 860 and 861 that I want to focus our attention on.

There are many kinds of numbered sequences and patterns in the Bible that wouldn't mean anything in another context. Unless someone is communicating secrets using steganography. According to "Steganography uses techniques to communicate information in a way that is hidden. Steganography hides the existence of a message by transmitting information through various carriers. Its goal is to prevent the detection of a secret message." The Author of the Bible communicates on many levels and some of them involve counts and ordered sequences. The Strong's Concordance lists the words used in the Bible in the alphabetical order, of Hebrew and Greek. Sometimes there seems to be no meaning involved with that ordered sequence, but sometimes there does. When I was inspired in a familiar way to check the numbering of the two shemitah of interest I was then inspired to recheck what I had checked many months or perhaps even years earlier, the Strong's word H860 - and additionally now the Strong's H861.

Strong's H860: אָתוֹן Phonetic Spelling: (aw-thone') Occ. 34x
athon: a female donkey, she-ass

Strong's H861: אַתּוּן Phonetic Spelling: (at-toon') Occ. 10x
attun: a furnace

Here's what got my attention.

The word numbered 861 is the word translated, furnace. This Hebrew word is used in Daniel 3. Notably, it occurs ten times in that chapter and nowhere else in the entire Bible! This feature would mean nothing to me if weren't for the context - but what a remarkable context! For a few days already I had been increasingly aware that I was being compelled to visit and revisit one particular account, the 3rd chapter of Daniel. For many years I have understood the furnace that those 3 men had been thrown into for refusing to worship the golden image as a prophecy about the season when men will be compelled to worship the image of the beast, according to Revelation 13, and how the Lord Y'shua would lend special help to some of those who will refuse. The furnace being heated 7 times hotter speaks of the shemitah appointed for fulfillment, a season that I had formerly identified as shemitah 860 but now am identifying as the one that swallows it, shemitah 861 - the FURNACE numbered shemitah! Aaron and I had just finished discussing a set of time signs that we could hardly deny was intended to put us on high alert for something big to follow! That was on the 12th day of the 1st month. When I came to understand about the heads up I was immediately led to announce to Aaron that the 13th would be a watch day for us, even though we saw no reason to expect to see any foreshadowing of the revealing of the lawless one on this particular anniversary of the sign for the Bride. As the sun was setting to begin the weekly shabbat and the 13th day of the 1st month, the Lord prompted me to investigate the shemitah numberings of the special 2 that are the consecutive 7s I've begun to refer to as the shemitah, devoured and devouring.

In this context, we recognize the timely insight into the FURNACE numbered shemitah as a reason why we were given a heads up, and as a validation of our expanded understanding of Daniel 3. Beyond that, we cannot help but see the heads up in connection with what happened a few days later, with the emotional engagement with Henry Gruver's video and the story about the Rabbi's excitement about the gold falling on the Bride that he took as a sign of his Messiah's coming!

We're still buzzing about all the favor the Lord is continuing to pour out, who is excited about His beloved people! There's a lot more to all this story, with more scriptures and signs to be discussed. Lord willing, we'll continue this series.



  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    Quick question (but probably not quick answer): How or in what way do the return of the Nephilim factor into all of this time resetting? Been researching that subject quite a bit and seems to be backed by many scriptures, but it is so far unclear as to all of the details. Thoughts?

    1. The release of those who were bound at the time of the flood of Noah's day are appointed to be released after 70 generations - as prophesied. Securing their release is part of the reason for the Devil's hacking of time, because he's going to score an early release for those who are secured with a "locking mechanism" with a timer. Their release comes post-reset, as we understand the sequence.

  3. "Sid asked Henry to tell the story about the Rabbi and the gold dust, which was about what happened when Henry "prayer-walked" the city of Jerusalem.... As Henry was getting near the end of his story, the emotion suddenly welled up inside me very powerfully and I began to weep..." Bob, I had THE EXACT SAME REACTION TO THIS PART OF THIS SID ROTH EPISODE, as I too watched it that week!

    Forward in time to February 25, 2019 when you and Aaron posted the spiritual resources, and our prayer life really kicked up a notch. I listened to the Henry Gruver tapes and my spirit was lifted. That was something I could do even in my current circumstances. I prayed for my city and area. I prayed for you and Aaron and for the persecuted church. Then that Summer we prayed as a family for a whole season.
    Suddenly, in September 2019 I got to witness a Toronto style miracle just like Henry referenced! start watching around min. 2:24 Here's what a Toronto tooth miracle blessing looks like minus the dental stuff. No drilling, no holding your mouth open, no billing!! Cavity and synthetic composit filling gone. Beautiful restored cusps, grooves and lobes of the teeth. Beautiful materials of unknown origin, like gold, silver, pearl, zircon... Top of the line feldspar, ceramic/porcelain veneer type restoration. Such opulent beauty and refined detail. So amazing and so hilarious for someone of my current social standing - a complete outcast.

    As I looked up the value this would be in earthly standards I found what God especially wanted me to know... time 1:22-2:00 The dentist says...and finally: Lab processed (Processed under special conditions) "for VIPs... or SOMEONE WHO IS GOING TO BE IN A WEDDING." They are delivered "in time for the special event."

    Blessings in Christ Jesus, Bob and Aaron!
    I hope we are seated very near each other at the banquet table,
    Tiffany (and family)

    1. That's an awesome blessing! Thanks for sharing this testimony, Tiffany. Being seated together would be most excellent. Being able to get to know our precious brothers and sisters and to serve them and serve together with them - how awesome that will be!

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