Saturday, October 31, 2009

Yes, marry - and wedding_branch04.png

Greetings and Shabbat Shalom!

I've been organizing some thoughts and notes on the prophetic time line recently and while in the midst of it I had an interesting experience. I'm in the process of reinstalling software on my pc again, for the third time. While I was installing my favorite video editor the dvd drive started stuttering loudly. The installation was nearly over but progress had stopped. After more than a minute, it was apparent that it wasn't going to continue successfully. The names of files had been displayed while they were being installed and I took note of the one it had gotten stuck on. The file was themes/event/outdoor wedding/wedding_branch04.png. I perceived the Lord's hand in this immediately. I never had a problem installing this program before (this was the fourth installation from the disk) and neither have I had any other problems with the DVD drive. The meaning of the path and file name corresponds to the core of what I have been working on! I will be taking that under consideration as I proceed with the study and prayer involved in the project.

I'm not ready to present much yet but you can probably tell this relates to the Bridegroom, His Bride and the upcoming wedding. This wedding was also, much to my surprise, the subject of what I heard from the spiritual realm as I worked on a recent video. This is really amazing - and very, very exciting!

The video I was making was about the speech reversal phenomenon of the expression "yes we can." To give some background on this, a video I made showing Obama saying this slogan during his presidential acceptance speech has gotten popular, going "viral." When he says, "yes we can" and, also when the crowd says it, played backwards, many will hear, "thank you Satan." Many assume from this that "yes we can" always produces that same result when reversed, which seems logical. However, sometimes it is something else. It doesn't take much experience with reverse speech to discover that what is heard in the "forwards" direction can produce a wide range of reversals. The differences from one instance to another can be attributed to factors like who is saying the expression and the context in which it is being said. If you're interested in my thoughts on contributing factors you'll probably find the recently presented series of videos fascinating. So, the video I was working on when I heard about the upcoming wedding was made to teach about this counter-intuitive phenomenon and demonstrate some differences by way of example. I posted the video to YouTube, titled When "Yes We Can" does not equal "Thank you Satan". If you watch it, you'll hear the example from my own voice, one that was recorded expressly to be used as an example.

To make the audio for the demo clip, I first wrote down what I wanted to say. I wanted three kinds of things in the example that might be considered as a positive, a negative and a neutral. Here's what I wrote and said: "Here I am saying "yes we can" in a few different contexts. Lord willing, can we do a thing? Yes we can. If we strive to do a thing of our own strength and initiative, can we do it? Yes we can."

What I heard when I reversed it is really profound!

When I said, "Here I am saying "yes we can" in a few different contexts." it reversed to, "Sky at nacht Nairf red. Due East Friend, and I (th)ank you, saying, yes, marry!"

When I said, "Lord willing, can we do a thing? Yes we can." it reversed to, "And I (th)ank, you'll say. And yeah, so we doing it in the olive grove."

When I said, "If we strive to do a thing of our own strength and initiative, can we do it? Yes we can." it reversed to, "And I (th)ank, you'll say. Error would you make. First, descend in it. Nairf S't'n know I robbing it. The witness to where it's you-feat."

If you think about it and get spiritual insight from the Heavenly Father, you'll see why I'm excited about this! It's all very profound. I may present a more in-depth analysis with some scriptural references sometime, but not now.

I do now want to make the point, however, that this is not an example of divination, or false divination as condemned in scripture. There are some who practice a reverse-speech-divination, like Peggy Kane and those who follow her, but my intent was not to seek after a word from heaven. I found a word from heaven, but I didn't go seeking it. Discerning matters of witchcraft and divination aren't for the spiritually immature or unlearned, and if you're at all uncomfortable with such things you best steer wide of it. The Lord Y'shua directs and protects those who humble themselves before Him and seek His good pleasure. I've written some on this topic here: Reverse Speech - Spilling the Beans

Blessings and Shalom Shalom! Peace to you in the name of Y'shua HaMashiach, the coming Bridegroom!

Bob Schlenker

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