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Part 10 - What does the Olympic Rings logo really mean?

In this post, I'll once again be presenting imagery connecting "Apollo Obama" and "Apollo Hitler." These are two of the identities of the unseen sixth ring of the logo pyramid. The connections between Obama, Hitler and the temples of Zeus should be recognized so we can interpret what is being signaled. Then we really understand what the Olympic logo means: The Beast and the mark of the Beast are coming - and soon!

The rally facility where Obama accepted the party's nomination for presidency compares to the rally facility used by the Nazi party. Both are temples of Zeus where this ancient god and his son Apollo receive honor and worship. The altar of Zeus in Pergamon that was declared in Revelation 2:13 to be the seat of Satan was moved to Berlin, Germany. That altar was openly claimed to be the model for the version built for Nazi rallies in Nuremberg. The version built for the DNC rally in August 2008 was modeled after both. Symbolic imagery in use by Obama and his brand consultants continues to promote the Apollo brand. As Hitler did, so Obama does.

I've already presented imagery connecting Obama's stage set with the Nuremberg Zeppelintribüne. I've also presented the "health reform" homage to the Lichtdom (cathedral of light) in Nuremberg. The Obama temple has another point of connection directly to the altar of Zeus. A horse named Thunder.

I had been thinking about the DNC temple and the temple of Zeus it modeled. I was thinking, too, about the Olympischer Fackellauf poster, and had begun to feel something seemed missing from Denver's scene. It struck me (Thanks Lord!) that the horses were missing, and just then it came to me that, no, they weren't! The facility is home to the Denver Broncos football franchise, whose mascot is a horse! Sports facilities always feature their branding, with their stylized mascot images appearing on the fields themselves in the end zones and sometimes in center field. Denver's does, and in a photo I came upon while searching the Web I discovered something almost shockingly obvious!

The facility features the prancing horse of the Bronco franchise perched atop the entrance gate. With the addition of the horse to the other elements associating the rally facility with the Zeppelin-tribüne and altar of Zeus from Pergamon, can a denial of such connections still be considered plausible?

By the way, the live mascot is named Thunder. The original gray Arabian stallion died in April 2009. The Arabian gelding that replaced Thunder is called Thunder II, but the gelding's real name is Winter Solstice, a fitting Pagan appellation. Why is this significant? The thunderbolt is the symbol of Zeus! As his weaponry, it represents his strength, as a horse traditionally represents the strength of an army. Such observations would be labeled synchronicity by some, but the better explanation attributes them to orchestration by the the unseen agents of design and influence that have been at work for a very long time!

Here's more. The rally facility in Denver was officially named "Invesco Field at Mile High," honoring both its corporate sponsor and the facility it replaced, "Mile High Stadium." The rally facility in Nuremberg honored Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin for his contributions in the naming of Zeppelinfeld and Zeppelintribüne, which name brings to most minds the imagery of a large airship. Dot 1: Mile High. Dot 2: A large airship. Connect the dots. By the way, what is usually only seen in the context of flying "a mile high" over stadium facilities? DOT! BIG DOT!

I have noted (Olympic Ceremony Signs series) how crowning Obama as the victor who won the party nomination by defeating his opponent, Hillary Clinton, compares to the crowning of a victor in the Olympic games. Dot 1: The victor crowned in a stadium at "Mile High." Dot 2: The victor crowned in a stadium at the high elevation of Mount Olympus to honor the resident gods. Connect the dots. Obama and the DNC, like Hitler and the Nazi party before them, are about the honoring and worship of Zeus and his son Apollo.

Remember these dots? Dot one: The rally facility in Denver was the work of Britney Spears' set designer. Dot 2: The rally facility in Nuremberg was designed by Albert Speer.

I had made the initial connection between the Olympics and the DNC rally due to revelation insight I had received (Olympic Ceremony Symbolism - Part Four) about the viaduct construct bridging heaven and earth (called the mecillah in Hebrew). Dot 1: The unique blue staircase, from the top of which Obama gave oratory acknowledging his victory. Dot 2: The unique stairway to heaven modeled by the Londoners, by which the recipient of the prized dragon seed ascended into the heavenly throne.

The "stairway to heaven" modeled during the closing ceremonies of the Olympic games in Beijing was used as a segue into the featured performance of a song that kind of brings us full circle in the dot connecting here. Just like how the Obama rally branding specialists leveraged the Pop culture familiarity with Britney Spears in their effort to saturate the event with appropriate signals, the Olympics branding specialists leveraged the Pop culture familiarity with Jimmy Page (famous practitioner of Crowley's black magick). The song "Whole Lotta Love" that was given the obscure but highly dramatic "Stairway to Heaven" intro was made famous by the band "Led Zeppelin." For many of us, we still remember the album cover art for the song "Whole Lotta Love." It featured the most popular Zeppelin imagery ever, that of 1937's fiery crash of the Hindenburg.

What I see are two Zeppelin connections made through the "Mile High" stadium set. One links back to the Zeppelinfeld and Zeppelintribüne, the other links back to the band Led Zeppelin and the Zeppelin Hindenburg referenced during the London ceremonies. These are both very easily identified as facilities that honor Zeus.

By the way, if someone were to compare the two famous "crash and burn" scenarios in view it wouldn't really seem like too much of a stretch. Like I pointed out in the series about the London Ceremony, this does signify the promised end for the Beast, the False Prophet and those who take the cursed mark.

One wonders just how deep and wide this signaling really goes. Sometimes it seems really quite over the top! Why does the Lord continue to reveal more and more and then even more? Could it really be so important for us to be able to read and understand the signals? Yes. It's not for our entertainment or the tickling of our ears that the many layers of symbolic imagery we see in the likes of the Obama rally and the Olympischer Fackellauf poster are being exposed. See Obama not as some evil politician but as the antichrist Apollo agent appointed for this season's work, ordained and anointed. See him as the one who prepares diligently at an incredibly fast pace for the next incarnation of Apollo. See Olympism as the vehicle appointed to support this movement. Mystery Babylon is in our midst.

Still more to come, Lord willing!

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  1. 7 years later Obama was in Berlin again on the 1st day of the Hebrew New Year Aviv 1 which also happened to be a Hillel II compromised sabbath.