Friday, October 21, 2011

National 9-11 Judgment

I'm moving from California to Pennsylvania next week. Having lived in CA since August of 1983, this is a significant event.

My friend Aaron helped me find and secure my new apartment, in Pittsburgh. When I learned what the address would be, I considered the interpretation based upon the symbolism present. It means National 9-11 Judgment. This is brought forth by considering all three numbers, which is underscored by the street name.

The first of the three numbers is 100. One way to look at numbers with zeros is that the number of zeros indicates the scope of the reference. The biblical feeding of the 5000 is a global scale prophecy. Just a single digit, one, suggests personal. Ten, local. One hundred, national. One thousand, global. The second number is the apartment unit, which sums to 9. The third number is the zip code, which sums to 11. National 9-11.

What comes to mind is what has been drilled into our heads for over ten years, the WTC/Pentagon event from 9-11 in 2001. The number is also the US emergency number, for this nation.

The street name where my apartment is located suggests a mountain, which in biblical type means kingdom. The street is a court. Kingdom Court, a place where cases are tried and legal judgments made.

I receive this as a testimony that, as I am moving to this location, America is moving into the season where the judgment prophesied will be manifest. What we have already experienced will pale in comparison. According to what the Lord revealed to me about Daniel 8, America will engage Iran after the manner of Iraq. Following the military "victory" and subsequent boasting, America's status as a superpower will quickly pass away. America is as a ship that is being scuttled, with all her precious cargo being rapidly and now nearly completely offloaded.

Take a look around you next time you leave the house. Count the surveillance cameras you can spot, on the road and in the store or business. How far can you get from your house without your presence at that place and time being recorded?

Like a net being made one knot at a time, a snare is being laid that will eventually enclose every one of us. This will enable those responsible for the net full control over everyone caught in it. Under the pretext of peace and safety, the "knots are tied" in plain sight. Mind control is practiced to reduce opposition to a minimum, even creating snitches who are eager to help their captors. Hitler would be LOL and ROFL at seeing his dreams fulfilled.

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