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Part 25 - Rango - Wednesday Noon is a Coded Signal

As I begin to wrap up the series exploring the hidden testimony of Rango there remains a few more items to be addressed, including a zombie apocalypse scene and illustrations of the role acoustic wave energy plays in DNA transformation and dimensional portals. If you've been reading this blog for a while you've noted how Rango touches on many themes. The messages being broadcast through Satan's devices about his plans are for most folk quite impossible to accept. They are pretty fantastic, yet, the redundancy and level of detail makes it hard to deny for those of us who are willing to challenge what we had long accepted as true.

This kind of challenge is a very difficult thing because misplaced trust is exposed, revealing any personal idols. If your security is upset, take it to the Lord until assurance is given of His faithful love and provision. Upsetting our sense of security that is based upon anything but the Lord is a good and necessary work, and what provokes such upset should be considered a gift of great value!

Let's consider why it is that the animated feature Rango's water dance ritual begins as the clock strikes Noon on Wednesday. This is important, and the large number of scenes where clocks are displayed suggests that we give this time element special consideration. When I say “important,” I must point you to 1 Thessalonians 5 to underscore just how consequential this matter of knowing the time really is. Superficial knowledge of dates is of itself not so important but the big deal is rather the whole it's packaged with. If you don't yet know it, you'll discover this involves personal character. Wednesday is the fourth day of the week, the fourth unit in sequence. If you haven't been paying much attention to the references on this blog to a "three things and then four" signaling this probably won't mean much to you, but Wednesday is a coded reference to the fourth “thing,” the fourth unit of time following the signal Yom Teruah in 1991!

In brief, with reference to what's documented in Beyond the Veil, the anchor point on the Lord's calendar that was marked by the celestial sign cryptically described in Genesis 49:10 is not my invention. The Lord's return in judgment is marked from that date, and those of us who understand what that means count the passing of the Shemittah or Sabbatical cycles from then. This kind of counting is how the Lord sets certain events on His schedule of appointments. For example, the accounting of a week involves a count of seven days. The Omer is the count of seven sevens of days from Pesach to Shavuot. Each Yobel or Jubilee involves a count of seven sevens (which are Shemittah sets) of years. We have, as of this past Yom Teruah, entered into the seventh year or Shabbat of the third Shemittah in the count from 1991. This present Shemittah can be thought of as a “Tuesday”, the third in sequence. In the fall of 2012, the third will pass and the fourth will begin, the one appointed to see the fulfillment of many things! I began to learn and have confidence in this as the Lord revealed it to me first from John 13, near the close of a season of dramatic watching on the Bride sign watch day in 2008. This revelation has been confirmed several times over the 2 ½ years since. This “Wednesday” week will include the events pictured in Rango's DNA-transformation-modeling water dance and ritual! Like Beans told Rango as he entered the tinkling heavenly chariot wagon, “Today's Wednesday, and Wednesday's when we all get to it!” Like the “high priest” Mayor John (the Baptist) says during the ritual, “It is the time of HYDRATION!” The 4th unit in the series is one that is eagerly anticipated! The implementation of the mark of the beast that is cryptically referenced as hydration is a very big deal!

Another Wednesday Noon (Pacific time) signal came within the last couple weeks when FEMA shut down communications networks for a few minutes on 11/9/11.

Update - 11/30/2011: See Ash Wednesday - A "Fourth Day" Ritual Prefiguring the Mark of the Beast for another Wednesday signal, one that's been around longer than Rango and that has been very influential.

So, why does the DNA hydration dance ritual begin at Noon? The reason is because Noon marks the middle of the day, so the events illustrated are presented as happening in the middle of the “Wednesday” Shemittah week.

According to the popular 27th verse of Daniel chapter 9, we see the hybrid beast as “the one who makes desolate” and his activity describing what I believe pertains to the mark of the beast. Consider when this action takes place.

And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.
Daniel 9:27 -- NASB

If you immediately flashed to some version of a "midpoint of the trib dividing it into two equal halves" consideration, you might want to pause that. I'll explain why, shortly.

As declared in Revelation 13, a second beast, the one John saw rising out of the earth, will make an image of the first beast and causes all to be given a mark. The Beast is revealed at the 2 ½ year point, and some time later, in the midst of the week, the mark is instituted. A DNA transformation is an integral feature of the mark of the Beast. The implementation of the mark will necessarily follow some time after the Beast is revealed. Is this the water dance ritual and hydration ceremony at “Noon on Wednesday”?

By the way, the DNA transformation signaling line dance was performed to the cowboy song titled Cool Water. This song provides an appropriate backdrop for the scene. Superficially, it fits the theme of how important water is to the parched townsfolk. This ritual dance is part of a religious ritual that leads to the hydration ceremony, so consider the lyrics in that light.

"He's a devil, not a man, and he spreads the burning sand with water"

This applies to Mayor John who quite literally was responsible for “dumping water in the desert,” if we go with the interpretation Beans offered of the drainage she had observed. Because the antichrist beast and false prophet second beast appear as played by Rango and Mayor John, the description of those critters that act like men is apt. The beasts are devils, not really men.

"The nights are cool and I'm a fool, each star's a pool of water"

A pool of water is the thirsty singer's object of desire. A star is a metaphor meaning angel. Get it? In Revelation 13 John saw the beast rise out of the sea. Right.

After the trance dance ends, the Dirtonians march out of town past the cemetary to the site of the holy spigot. The hydration ceremony takes a while, like a church service. I consider that the folk would still be in the process of receiving hydration at that time. One hour after Noon is 13:00 hours on the 24 hour clock. The number thirteen is a signal for the rebel lord Beast. As this involves a time, this even links to the time of his revealing, on the thirteenth day of the first month. I have to think the implied hydration at 13:00 hours is part of the reason why the dance starts at Noon, but not the main reason.

Let's take another look at Daniel 9:27. The YLT renders the verse as follows.

And he hath strengthened a covenant with many -- one week, and [in] the midst of the week he causeth sacrifice and present to cease, and by the wing of abominations he is making desolate, even till the consummation, and that which is determined is poured on the desolate one.'
Daniel 9:27 -- Youngs Literal Translation

Most still interpret the timing of this passage as I had formerly been trained to do, dividing the seven year week into two equal halves and relating passages of prophetic scripture that involve spans of 3 ½ years, 1260 days or 42 months as either first or second half scenarios. The word translated “middle” or “midst” suggests but does not demand interpretation as an exact midpoint. When a student at the Lord's feet comes to realize how patterns revealed are consistent, exhibiting fractals, if you will, of templates that scale, he learns something about how great truths are communicated, concealed and revealed. No templates of this week divide at the exact midpoint, at the equivalent of the stroke of Noon on Wednesday. I'm aware of no historical event that might compare and match to what is prophesied in verse 27 occurring in the middle of millennial day four, around 3,500 years from Adam. The millennial week does however divide very significantly in the midst near to the transition between day four and five, attested to by even the Gregorian (Grigori - Watcher) calendar, as we pivot the epochs AD and BC. As we consider how the “first advent” coming of the Lord divided the millennial week and compare what is declared in the scriptures about the target Shemittah week there may come prophetic insight.

The Lord Y'shua's coming in the flesh as the son of Man and the son of God will be mimicked and counterfeited in the coming of the "lord Beast." The implementation of the mark (Rev. 13:16-18) transitions into a season where man is joined with the gods through the agency of the god-man, comparing to the new birth associated with the "Christian" church (New Testament saints) with the abiding of the holy spirit that Jesus had to depart to bring. (John 14, 17:21-23) The first beast has to depart before the second beast may institute the mark. I perceive a pattern match, how about you?

I'm convinced that the pattern of the millennial week is the pattern of the fourth Shemittah from 1991. The significant transitional events marking off biblical history are prophetic indicators. The sovereign Lord will reveal all things in advance, and we have every reason to expect that, as we approach key events, those who need to know will know what is necessary with full assurance.

I won't presume that the week of Daniel 9's firm or strengthened covenant is precisely concurrent with the Shemittah spanning from bookending Yom Teruahs. I suspect a fit, but, as for the exact relation, I cannot say with confidence at present. I'm not even going to suggest a calendar date for when the mark will begin to be caused to be received, but the season should be plain enough by now. My point here is fundamentally to identify the Wednesday Noon signaled in Rango with the biblical and historical timing of the mark. When Wednesday Noon is presented in connection with the beginning of the transformation activity, it fits the model. The folks responsible for Rango know things, as you may have noticed.

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