Friday, March 29, 2013

Decoding Rush Limbaugh's EIB Brand

Rush Limbaugh is an Illuminati operative, according to the esoteric interpretation of his brand imagery. Is he still operating with half his brain tied behind his back, like he used to boast so proudly?

His EIB (Excellence in Broadcasting) Network logo features an obfuscated 33 and 13, leveraging a simple mirroring. The Hermetic Maxim is being strongly leveraged, just rotated sideways. A pair of Mason's backsides?

If the “EIB” is taken as a 3 and a 13, it signals the standard Illuminati programming matrix of alters, 13x13x13, or 13 cubed. Remember the 3M brand? Part 86 - The Sodomite Gateway - Joyful Heart Foundation and the Rev. 13 MPower

On his website's header, he's also leveraging the “blinds” code for Occult obfuscation. His golden Apollo / sodomy orange version in the oval is an eye of Horus, a ritual illumination signal that appears right under the HO in SHOW, for calling more attention to HOrus.

I see in the “EIB” the obfuscated form of the caduceus, truncated. Typical of Hermes symbols, those appearing on the bright cube are elevated right up high. See Hermes puts America to Sleep with his Magick Wand

That bright cube is an object that frequently signals an extra-dimensional portal. See the Rango series, Parts 43-50... The EIB cube + caduceus is associated to a microphone, which is a transducer, of a capsule form; which speaks to me of the MOB microchip implant. Search this blog for “transducer.”

Excellence in Broadcasting, indeed. Rush is broadcasting the pharmakeia of Mystery Babylon as a Sophist, working the dynamic of dualism to support the programming of the masses - Conservative vs Liberal blah blah blah - ad nauseam. “The Sophists taught arete (Greek: quality, excellence) as the highest value, and the determinant of one's actions in life. The Sophists taught artistic quality in oratory (motivation via speech) as a manner of demonstrating one's arete. Oratory was taught as an art form, used to please and to influence other people via excellent speech; nonetheless, the Sophists taught the pupil to seek arete in all endeavours, not solely in oratory.” (Wikipedia)


  1. Hey buddy,

    I see the microphone as a golden phallus pointing towards the illuminated "w", which is of course a "23" signaling the extra 23 chromosomes of the triple-helix transformation and the counterfeit "gold" DNA glorified bodies promised by the beast. This symbolism plays with the microphone as a transducer as you pointed out.


  2. Hey Buddy,

    In the first comment I neglected to point out that the illuminated "w" is coming out of the royal arse/arch of the rotated "E" of the "EIB" logo.