Monday, May 27, 2013

Decoding the Bank of America Logo

According to Bank of America Logo - FamousLogos.US, “The Bank of America logo is an obvious visualization of the American flag. It also typifies an American farm field. Designed over a very short span of time, around three months, by the London-based global brand design agency “The Brand Union” in 1999, its “flagscape” boasts of security and trust, wrapping the customers in the fabric of America.” Sure. But what does it really mean?

Those who have been following this blog know I've addressed three primary themes in Occult imagery, the Eye of Horus, triple helix DNA and ritual sodomy. The BofA logo has it all!

(BTW, the American flag is an occult symbol. See Is Your God American?)

The three fields or sets of lines are colored appropriately for signaling the recipe for the mark of the beast genetic transformation. There are six lines because 6 is the number of man of the 666 of Revelation 13:18. There are two parts Adam-kind DNA (red - Adam) to one part heavenly (blue) beast, resulting in an expression of divinity (white). Three parts or strands of DNA in total.

The appearance of the registered trademark symbol clues us in to how what is opposite is a cryptic Eye of Horus, because of the familiar logo encryption of Harmerty. I get it. It's a blue eye, or at least the pupil is blue. It's rather bloodshot, and I suppose that's understandable, given the late hour and how everyone is drunk on the wine of Mystery Babylon the Great.

The three sets of parallel lines are each the number eleven. Add them to get 33, the signature number of Freemasonry. Shocked that a major bank would cryptically identify itself with Freemasonry? Me either. This is also the number signaling Rothschild sodomy, or the ritual sodomy illumination by means of which men and women are captivated and hijacked. If that meaning of the number 33 is news to you, check out the sodomite gateway series. Another layer of sodomy appears because they made a squared circle, suggesting the square patch of ground on the circle of the earth. Also, the square dot over the "i" in "America" (which calls it out as an "i" of Horus) is yet another squaring of the circle.

All the logo's equal signs were just begging us to do the math. Seeing these as equal signs makes a couple other interesting connections. Here's a close kin, the logo for the Human Rights Campaign, a promotion for sodomites both superficially and esoterically. It decodes to 33! Shocked? Good! Me either. We're catching on to way of predators.

A rather peculiar equal sign appears as EQ in some esoteric art at the Bank of America Corporate Center lobby in Charlotte, NC. Because it appears touching the butt of a man, bent over, the meaning is the same, sodomy. Equal sign? “Ye shall be as gods knowing good and evil.” As equal to god. See Caves and their Secret as Attested to by the Bank of America - Part One and Two for more about this and about what it has to do with the raising of Nephilim.

Does your friendly neighborhood teller know what their logo means? Would they like to?


  1. That logo's decoding can also be applied directly to the LGBT 'human rights campaign' logo displayed in my area on about every hundred or so automobiles in county.

    A slightly more obscured 33 is embedded is 'the thin blue line' and over 90% of the national flags.

    crosses, three lines horizontal, three line vertical, union jacks each included one 33 or even a pair of 33's and likely more that haven't been shown to me yet.

  2. Each 11 on the BofA field plot depicts a white E3 or 33 combination thus a total of 4 33's.

  3. Unfortunately, I see a deconstructed swastika. When the two longer lines are placed, one over the other, perpendicularly (making a cross or plus sign), and the four short lines are placed at right angles at the ends of the longer lines, there is a swastika. I wasn't looking for this and don't associate it with BofA. I just happened to see that.

    1. Thanks Ken.

      Like with the Columbia Sportswear, Sun Microsystems and Windows OS logos, you can definitely draw a swastika around the B of A logo. Given the history of secret support for Nazi ideology in finance, and the popularity of embedding 1488 codes in the kinds of media that depend on financial backing, I don't doubt that the swastika really is intended and is a potent element of their image mojo.