Monday, May 11, 2015

Observations and Notes

Although I haven't published any posts recently, the Lord has been continuing to work with us on several fronts. There just hasn't been much to report.

CERN's LHC has begun low energy collisions, according to official reports.

Low-energy collisions tune LHC experiments

Because the unique nature of this season raises so many questions, and because of the Lord's faithfulness to leading in the familiar ways, we're anticipating some breakthroughs to be forthcoming. When, we don't know, but we see the signs of progress being made. We noted that Walpurgisnacht / Beltane did not pass without incident, and that the high ritual season appears to have had an enduring impact.

You may find some of these to be of interest, which relate to control over time. No endorsement of anyone or their view is implied.

12 min. Clip of Freeman Interviewing Tracy Twyman (author of Clock Shavings)

Alex Jones and Clockwork Elves (Thanks Valentina)

Of interest: web search
clockwork elves mckenna
machine elves Joe Rogan

It's worth noting that localized time distortion phenomena have long been associated with UFO activity and alien abduction scenarios. Have you considered pilot Pastor Gary Stearman's public testimony?

First time testimony blows lid off famous Bentwaters UFO incident. Concerning the
Rendlesham Forest/ Bentwaters UFO incident in December 1980: “About 40 personnel from the base's 81st police squadron witnessed the UFO that night, but Penniston and Burroughs were the only two people to get close enough to touch the craft. Burroughs testified that both their watches were 45 minutes off when they returned to base.”


  1. There is no file with the link of the Tracy interview.

    1. Sorry about the oversight. It's available now. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

  2. Atom etymology, #1 says it's the smallest unit of time. Greeks said it was indivisible. Atom is one. Ref quantum computing, making chips out of single atom. A/I, God computer ,

  3. This Egyptian idol has a similar name and interesting job. He's the "finisher". Returns the world to watery abis. ,