Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Buzz about Hillary

In the last post, did you notice how the featured photo presents Hillary in the AWA identity, as the dancing bee Queen of Heaven?

Bent elbows, flanked by a pair of letters, A.

The, okay, hand sign they captured in the shot is symbolic of the womb of the goddess. It's another anatomical symbol for supplementing and enhancing the sex magick.

As the stylish Queen of Heaven, Hillary puts the CHIC in Chicago. She is fit to be Superman's girlfriend.

The ANAL ANAL subliminals smack of Lana Lang. Capturing the teleprompter in the scene just adds that little bit of flair. It's a pane of glASS.

Mind Control Programming. It's an elevated art form for the Illumined Occult.

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  1. hi bob here is a very interesting video Two photos that shouldn't exist together - Mandela Effect