Friday, July 27, 2018

The Ominous 'Blood Moon' Eclipse and Extra-close Mars

It was an announcement that was not very unlike this one that, way back in May of 1991, led me fairly directly into the discovery of a celestial sign and subsequently into learning the chronology of the end times.

How to Watch the Longest 'Blood Moon' Eclipse of the Century "The record-setting lunar eclipse paired with an extra-close Mars will soon have sky-watchers seeing red."

Here's my story.

"One night, while I was working at a client's house, their T.V. was on and during the dinner hour news I overheard that there was an interesting celestial display in progress. The weatherman said there would be three bright planets doing an inversion of order just after dark in the western sky. I had just bought my first computer and had installed an astronomy program. With it, I was able to view the heavens as they were at any given time in history and as they are expected to be in the future, if they continue consistently. When I got home from work, I used the animation function to set the planets in motion and observed their positions relative to each other and against the backdrop of the stars. By means of this simulation, I previewed on my computer the events I would see in the heavens over the coming months. It was just as the weatherman had said. Three planets were lined up. The slowest one was in the lead and the fastest moving one was behind the slower two. Eventually, in mid June, the three planets came really close together, bunching up in the constellation Cancer. Then the fastest one passed the other two and moved out front, while the slowest one dropped into the last position. They were inverted. This was fascinating to me and I watched the animation several times. As I let the animation run on through the summer months to see if anything else interesting was going to happen I came to a startling realization! On my monitor there appeared a familiar configuration, a massing of the planets Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in the Zodiacal constellation Leo!" -- Read more here: Jacob's Dying Words Prophesy the Celestial Sign of the Lord's Return in Judgement

What does this blood moon and brightening of Mars mean? War is coming - according to the traditional conventions of interpretation. The spiritual war has been ramping up, and we're entering into a season that, if it were not for time being skewed, would be cause enough for many to be terrified. On the earth, it may be said that war drums have been beating. But time itself has been skewed, and we have no insight to offer about what this celestial event may portend, since no revelation has been received about it.

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