Saturday, November 16, 2019

The supernatural design of John 13, the IV sign, and the reset of time resonating in our world

In this video we feature insights into the scriptures and resonant indicators of the pending reset of time, including:

  • John 13 - Interactive: The expanded linkings
  • Bob's recent surgery and the IV Sign
  • Mandela Effect - clock faces: no more IV
  • Seen while on watch - news of interest

The supernatural design of John 13, the IV sign, and the reset of time resonating in our world

Curious about the pending reset of time? See The Pending Reset of Time

Regarding the interactive presentations of the Bible's thematic structure:
"When these additional structural relationships appear that reveal the expanded linking of elements across the context, this is beneficial. It is most fundamentally a witness that the proposed design is legitimate and therefore worthy of our study. By comparing the additional pairings we find that more light is shining upon the text. This may yield surprising and even profound insights."

Surgery - The IV Sign

The first 3 nurses failed. The 4th to try was the doctor, the anesthesiologist. He made two attempts and his last try met with success.

The Keystone pattern:
3 nurses failed, and the 4th, a Dr (similar but different) succeeded.

The pattern of the shemitah:
Six in a series followed by a seventh that was characterized by rest - the anesthesia was immediately administered, and I was rehydrated with a saline solution.

The pattern of the repetition/reset:
The doctor's first effort failed. His second, with the right arm instead of the left, met with success.

The difficulty was caused by dehydration - water-as-time - because too much TIME had passed during which I was denied WATER.

These patterns were due in part to the law limiting each person attempting to insert an IV to 2 attempts. That it was a legal thing suggests how events on the Lord's schedule of appointments are governed. There are rules.

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