Friday, October 30, 2020

Faith, Wishcraft and Figures of Speech - "Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear" - Part 3

Discernment is undervalued among the saints because we think we already have it in adequate measure. If ever I could bust out the spiritual "smelling salts," now would be the time! You, yourself, may have a high degree of confidence in your ability to discern the truth, but let me refresh your memory on this critical matter. Those who are gaining a hearing ear and those who are losing it both think they have it.

In this writing and video we give our attention to the nature of faith and its subtleties and how we might know what to believe without being deceived. There are some apparent contradictions that must be resolved, and rightly! We're going to consider what faith is and what it's not. From the title of this study you can tell that something I call, wishcraft, is going to be addressed, which is very widely practiced in the world and in the church. That's something to be avoided! Figures of speech are addressed because, like parables, these appear in the Bible for the concealing and revealing of valuable truths. I'm also going to share about how I came to learn these things to give this work some important context.

The study being read: Faith, Wishcraft and Figures of Speech - Part 3 of "Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear"

The reason why this installment is being read by me (Bob) instead of Aaron will become obvious. It's only fitting that you hear it in my own voice, given the deeply personal nature of this study.

Faith, Wishcraft and Figures of Speech - "Keys to Developing a Hearing Ear" - Part 3

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