Monday, November 30, 2020

12/21 and the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Solstice - Spiritual Warfare and Saturnalia

A conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will take place on December 21. Look to the southwest just after sunset for this rare planetary alignment. The planets will conjoin on same day as the solstice, in the constellation Capricorn. While this great conjunction occurs every 20 years, this one is special because the planets will appear closer together than they have since 1623, almost four hundred years ago.

What we know for sure is that the numbers 12/21 (the date) are interesting to us, having been featured in many time signs Aaron and I have received in recent years. That date is also interesting because of the attention given to it back in 2012, with respect to the Mayan Calendar, as it was being interpreted by some. The date is of special interest because of what it will mean to Pagans and Occultists as they perform rituals to exploit the increased energy available to them. That will be a season of increased ritual sacrifice - and of intense spiritual warfare. That date is historically significant because of the celebration of Saturnalia, and that is still being celebrated under the guise of Christmas. We note that there is some interest in the event relative to the potential for initiating the release of the fallen angels who have been imprisoned.

12/21 and the Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on the Solstice - Spiritual Warfare and Saturnalia

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