Sunday, May 16, 2021

WW84 - Our Timely Rainbow Sign and the "Temple at the Center of Time" (#10 in series)

We've been on a lengthy detour in recent months, but we have not forgotten about what happened while producing this series on WW84. We mentioned a sign and we're finally able to share about it!

This presentation comes as the tenth installment in the series so we're going to be drawing upon what came before. If you're not familiar with where we've already been, this presentation probably won't make much sense. So, we invite you to catch up, as the Lord may so lead.

In the YouTube video, you'll find fully-scripted Closed-Captioning.

We already made an exhibit of how the film dances all over the reset of time and the revealing of the lawless one, and we highlighted the evident ritualization of some 2022 to 2012 connections. We have shown how these magic rituals are powered up, being charged by means including the symbolism of ritual sodomy and mind control programming. We made an exhibit of a series of powerful transit of Venus rituals. Now, with what was learned by way of the sign we received, we're going to address the matter of how the ritual power is multiplied even further, through the ritual exploitation of the rainbow. The featuring of rainbow imagery in highly energetic scenes establishes a profound linking to the temple in Jerusalem. Their time-space ritual opens a conduit to a place in space that is a center of time. While that may sound completely absurd, it's entirely legitimate. Aaron and I already knew about the temple as a center of time, as did many of you. And the sign we received can and should be seen as further validation of that, and more! This has to do with the pending reset of time!

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WW84 - Our Timely Rainbow Sign and the "Temple at the Center of Time" (#10 in series)

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