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The Real Magic of the Wizard of Oz - Janus Ritual

In this video we decode the end of The Wizard of Oz. Mind-Control programming, Janus ritual... DANCING ALL OVER the reset of time!

This post is supplemental to a video. To get the most out of this presentation, we recommend keeping this blog post in view on one device or screen while watching the video on another.

The Real Magic of the Wizard of Oz - Janus Ritual (full HD version for streaming or download)
The Real Magic of the Wizard of Oz - Janus Ritual
The Real Magic of the Wizard of Oz - Janus Ritual

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The transcript notation can be interpreted according to this Key:

Gematria values are shown in the scripted dialog with a dash and number, sometimes multiples e.g. "love-54-54"
We sometimes indicate values that have relevant factoring, like 18 (6+6+6), 216 (6x6x6) and 252 (12x21), or have equivalence like 540 and 504 (Code 54).

Highlights from the featured dialog

Glinda has red-54 hair-216 and wears pink-22 and has a magic star-13 wand-21-252.
Dorothy has a basket-13 and a blue-13 bow-13 (BB22-88) in her red 54-18-18 hair-216, with red 54-18-18 lipstick-54, and shoes-21.
Lion-22 has a red-54 bow-13 in his hair-216.
The Tin Man - tin is Sn on the Periodic Table of Elements In gematria: SN-21-12. His special object is an axe-21, and he requires the regular use of his oil-18-18-216 can-18-18-108.
Scarecrow has a cone-222 hat on his head-18-18-18-108. So does the Tin Man.

hand rail-22
dress straps-93-21

Dorothy: "Oh, Can-18-18-108 you help-13 me-18-108? Will you help-13 me-18-108?
Glinda: "You don't need to be helped-22 ANY-13 LONGER. You've-88 ALWAYS had-13-13 the-12 power-22 to go-22-13 back to Kansas.
Dorothy: "I-54 have-18-18-216?
Scarecrow: "THEN, why didn't you tell-13 her-22 BEFORE?
Glinda: "Because she-13 wouldn't have-18-18-216 believed me-18-108. She-13 had-13-13 to learn it for-21 herself.
Tin Man: "What have-18-18-216 you learned, Dorothy?
Dorothy: "... if-21 I-54 EVER-22 go-22-13 looking for-21 my-18-108 heart's desire AGAIN, I-54 won't-18-18 look any-13 further than my-18-108 own back yard-21. Because if-12 it isn't there, I-54 NEVER really lost-12 it to BEGIN-222 with-21. That-13 right?
Scarecrow: "But that's so easy-22! I-54 should have-18-18-216 thought of-21-12 it for-21 you.
Glinda: "No, she-13 had-13-13 to find-21 it out for herself. NOW those-22 magic slippers will take-222 you home-13 in-13 two-13 SECONDS.
Dorothy: "Toto TOO-13?
Glinda: "Toto TOO-13.
Dorothy: "NOW?
Glinda: "WHENEVER you wish-22.
Dorothy: "Oh dear! That's too-13 wonderful to be true! Oh, it's-12 going to be so hard-22 to say goodbye. I-54 love(!) you all too-13.
Dorothy to the Tin Man, who wears the heart as a badge of his great love. "...dreadfully-54. Here-18-216. Here's your oil-18-18-216 can-18-18-108." (She gives him a kiss-13 on the cheek-22) "Goodbye."
Tin Man: "NOW I-54 know-18-18 I've-18-18-216 got-12-252 a heart, because it's breaking.
(Dorothy gives lion-22 a kiss-13 on the cheek-22) "Goodbye Lion-22." (Dorothy plays with his lion-22 hair-216) "I-54 know-18-18 it isn't right ... USED TO holler for-21 help-13, BEFORE you found-21 your courage.
Lion: "I-54 would NEVER have-18-18-216 found-21 it if-12 it hadn't-88 been for-21 you.
Dorothy to Scarecrow: "I-54 think I'll miss you most-13 of-21-12 all. (She gives him a hug-18-216 and a kiss-13 on the cheek-22)
Glinda: "Are-21 you ready NOW?
Dorothy: "Yes-13. Say goodbye Toto. (They wave-21) "Yes-13 I'm-22-13 ready NOW.
Glinda: "THEN close-54 your eyes-54-54-18-18 and tap-222 your heels-22 together-44 three TIMES-21 (tap tap tap) and think to yourself, "there's no place-222 like-222 home-13.

Dorothy's teeth-22
wave-21 wand-21-252 star-13 behind her head-18-18-18-108
feet 18-18-216
blue-13 socks-13
(three) TIMES-21

wind-22 storm-22 -- spin-22 -- house-22

cloth-22 damp with water-22 on her head-18-18-18-108
Auntie "M" 13th letter
"holding hands" is HH88 Celestial Code for dimension transiting
trees-22 anagram reset

Professor Marvel (The Wizard of Oz): "...she-13 seems alright NOW.

Dorothy: "It wasn't a dream, it was a place-222! ... this was a real-18-216 truly live-21 place-222

Music playing in the soundtrack: Somewhere-666 Over-21 the-12 Rainbow

Curious about the pending reset of time? Learn more here: The Pending Reset of Time

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