Saturday, April 23, 2022

Fox News Sign of the "great deception" Plus Hezekiah's TIMEly Sign

Last Thursday, Aaron and I were discussing the ongoing ET/UFO disclosure and the probability of the Great Deception/Hoax that we expect to attend the revealing of the lawless one. Shortly after our Zoom conversation, he saw this clip that we play, recorded from the TV. Coincidence? We also get into some of the details involving the biblical text that features King Hezekiah, and the sign he received.

Fox News Sign of the "great deception" Plus Hezekiah's TIMEly Sign (full HD version for streaming or download)
Fox News Sign of the "great deception" Plus Hezekiah's TIMEly Sign
Fox News Sign of the "great deception" Plus Hezekiah's TIMEly Sign

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  1. Hello Bob and Aaron,

    I was re-reading Bob's post regarding the Euchre miracle. I read it many years ago but something jumped out today in light of what I recently posted.

    That was the image of a rabbit riding a Penny-farthing bicycle.

    You wrote about the bicycle being symbolic of a time travel device. Pennies and farthings are units of currency (British money) and we know that time is money. The bicycle is given it's name because of the difference in front and rear wheel sizes and how they were similar to the different coin sizes (penny and farthing) at the time.

    What caught my eye this time is realizing that the ratio in wheel sizes on a Penny-farthing bicycle are the same as the size ratio of the earth and moon as well as the LHC ring and inner SPS ring at CERN, something I just posted about.



    1. Those are really great observations, Mark! Thanks for sharing them here.

  2. It's all about CERN now. It looks like they fired it up on April 22nd (Earth Day) for initial testing.

    Right on time in my opinion.

  3. 9 Then I looked, and behold, four wheels beside the cherubim, one wheel beside each cherub; and the appearance of the wheels was like the gleam of a Tarshish stone. 10 As for their appearance, all four of them had the same likeness, as if one wheel were within another wheel. ~ Ezekiel 10:9-10

    The wheel within a wheel...