Saturday, October 14, 2023

What You Should REALLY Know About the Day of Jihad!

There's a hidden history behind the Day of Jihad, October 13, 2023. That it was a Friday the 13th is significant, because of what happened with the Knights Templar in 1307. Yet, it's what else has happened on October 13th through the years that makes this special day of the year so notable! This historical thread is VERY REVEALING!

In this video, we present some rare insight into the recent Day of Jihad with a clip from a video we published in 2022, "A History of the Portentous Thirteenth Day," which represents a body of research I did over many years of inquiry. We also discuss a few items relative to the current situation. Was the Hamas invasion really an Israeli Intelligence failure, as reported? If the proclamation of the Day of Jihad was indeed squelched by mass media - WHY? Henry Gruver prophesied that, "When ground troops enter Gaza the Middle East war will begin." We're watching to see how this develops. Today, a sign that the Rabbi's interpret as a bad omen for idolaters crosses the US - a rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse. Finally, we close with, Scriptures with Aaron.

To Watch: "What You Should REALLY Know About the Day of Jihad!"

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  1. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Friday the 13th of the 1st month was the day of the Great Deluge (flood)