Thursday, June 10, 2010

BP and the anointing of death

I perceive a parable in the oil spill. Joseph Herrin had written a while back (October 2002) about black oil anointing, contrasting the black crude oil with clear olive oil. I believe he presented some valuable insight about an important spiritual allegory. Relative to such, the recent tragedy in the Gulf of Mexico brings to my mind the symbolism of the death brought by the flood of black oil, the oil of anointing the worldly lust after. What this oil anoints, dies. This black oil represents a counterfeit of the pure clear olive oil. There is in any counterfeit the covering of a genuine. By this I perceive that, as there is now an anointing for death pouring out in what will have global consequences, conversely, an outpouring of living holy spirit anointing to fill our lamps and vessels is arriving!

Here's a link to a video you should find interesting. URGENT!! BP SPILL - MEDIA BLACKOUT AND POSSIBLE MARTIAL LAW 1/2

The pure olive oil is the supply of grace for service, as holy spirit, flowing through a saint who walks in humble submission to their Lord. Olive oil has been used to anoint people, representing as a symbol the favor of the Most High God coming upon an individual, singling them out, sanctifying them and bestowing upon them supernatural authority. The anointing involves the appointment of a commission, where an office or role defines the service for which this authority has been given. This oil relates to the life of God. The olive root, in Romans 11 is Y'shua. The branches are natural and unnatural as relating to Jew and Gentile, and the olives are the fruit, the individuals. The olive must be crushed beyond recognition for oil to be produced, an allegory, you see, for the life of the flesh that must be sacrificed as on the cross for the life of the spirit to be brought forth. This is fuel for the lamp of virgins, of the holy saints, burned or consumed as it gives the light that is the purpose of a lamp.

Since BP, British Petroleum is at the center of this controversial tragedy and their logo is being presented in the news media, I'd like to consider what their occult logos are signaling.

Their current logo is recognized as a Helios symbol, Helios being a Greek god that essentially equates to Apollo. This sun god symbol is thus a "sonnenrad" related to the Nazi swastika and Obama's seal. As such it shines as the sun-lit Olympic torch and cauldron the light of Zeus, which is a dark and counterfeit light to the light of the Most High God. BP's logo is of a class of religious circle star wheels referred to as mandala. I'd like to introduce their prior logo and make some observations, then return to their newer logo.

The BP shield logo was used from 1979 to 2000, but may still actually be seen in use today. Shield shapes generally equate to downward pointing deltas (like with PositiveID and the rotated letter D) and signify the daughters of men. The negative space is very important in this logo, with a numeral 3 formed between the B and P, and three "D" shapes formed, two inside the B and one inside the P. Three is the number of strands in the transformed DNA of the hybrid offspring of the sons of god and the daughters of men. A third triple is presented in the number of points on the top of the shield shape. This is related to what I've been observing recently in the signaling of "three things and then four," which highlights the fourth of a set of four seasons during which the Beast will arise and rule. (2012-2019) The three things in view are the points on top of the shield, and the fourth of the set is related to them as a shield point but distinct from them, appearing by itself on the bottom. As for the colors, the golden yellow is the color of the sun (Zeus/Apollo) and green, the color of the skin of Osiris, the Egyptian Zeus identity, each an alias for Lucifer or Satan.

The shield logo was a powerful set of occult symbols but the newer version is an upgrade in power, drawing from the deeper well of more basic "archetypal" resources. The Greek sun god logo bears the same colors as the older version. The letters have been removed to a position outside the mandala so its influence will not be disrupted. The b and p are now lower case, looking like a pair of eyes. (They are "69" like but do not nest.) These two letters together with the mandala sum to three distinct elements in the brand's total. The number three signaling three strand DNA is evident in the three rings of color radiating outward from the divine white core. This is the upgrade version's "three things and then four", when moving from the outside in, three colors then white. The colors are seen blended, and certainly is the blending of two that is intended for our future. This mandala resembles a very dynamic glowing illuminated eye, a "lamp" eye (Luke 11) similar to the eye of Osiris/Horus/Ra on the great seal on the ubiquitous pyramid's capstone. There are eighteen points on each concentric star. Eighteen signals 6+6+6, referencing the Beast and his mark. (Revelation 13) If you were to draw in the two opposing deltas most star shapes hide, you have them, plus there are points enough left over for another two sets, if you rotate them, which seems to be suggested by locating the letters bp at what is easily understood to be the one O'clock position. That makes three of the double delta hexagrams, if you're counting.

The corporate slogan matches the B and P of British Petroleum, "Beyond Petroleum." This slogan does relate to the corporate activity in the energy market extending beyond petroleum to solar power, yet there is something implied that relates to their symbolic logo. Now, here's an interesting situation! Consider an earlier "BP" slogan "Best Possible" and the imagery of this ad from 1922. Let's just say it. SPIRIT. If you've been reading the blog, you know I just addressed the Union Jack flag as an eight pointed star, an enhanced double delta signaling the UNION of the sons of god with the daughters of men. It's the "United Kingdom" under the Beast. When I look at the ad with an understanding of how procreation is the essential imagery I see the man as in a state of arousal, holding and admiring the "best possible" product. It's the spirit that is the key, though, knowing that the goal is the union of the divine with the earthly, and this is the key to what is beyond petroleum.

I began the blog discussing the allegory of black oil and the contrasting olive oil anointings. BP appears to be all about the "petroleum" (petra(rock) + oleum(oil)) in the superficial, but their spiritual aspirations extend beyond this black rock oil to a greater rock oil, a higher level of counterfeiting the true anointing olive oil of the Rock of Ages. When the Beast is anointed as the counterfeit rock, his counterfeit anointing oil will be the mark of the beast. It will be an anointing of death. When you hear on the news about BP and the tragic oil mess anointing the shoreline and sea life, remember the scheme pictured in the symbolic logos that conceal and reveal the truth. They aim to light the lamp of Zeus in you and I as one, with a black oil anointing of death.

Lord, let it not be so with those who love you and accept the loving work of your olive press. Help us to focus on you and your provision for today.


  1. Could the black oil annointing be bad news for the U.S.?

  2. As a sign, it is surely bad news for everyone who rejects the "pure clear oil" and the crushing in the "Gethsemane" oil press that produces it.

  3. dear,Mr.Bob Schlenker:I wanted to alert you to Maurice Sklar ministries;The Restrainer.Wery interesting subject.Mike Hoggard says the same on the subject of bp & explaining the logo s, & the 3 strands of dna & you are right,logo s in general are deceptive:good to have folks revealing this so we all could be aware of th deception s: