Monday, June 14, 2010

Man transformed into a hybrid serpent being - the crop sign of June 12, 2010

WOW! Another crop sign has appeared at Walbury Hill, near Combe, Berkshire, UK that is yet another clever signaling of the approach of the Beast and the mark of the Beast! The frequency of the appearance of such signs and the variety of forms in which they are being delivered is just remarkable! There will simply be no excuse for not having recognized the warnings as the Lord continues to expose the meaning of these signals. In this post you'll see a variety of related symbols, some of which I've presented in previous posts.

The Walbury Hill crop sign resembles a question mark "?" as the expression of an enigma. This is, after all, presenting one of the great secrets of the ages. The form resembles an ouroboros, a circular serpent representing the "endless" serpent life of Satan and his seed, more specifically in the infinity symbol version. The circles on one level represent eggs and the portion external to what appears as a single large egg, as serpent-headed sperm.

Within the sign appears the yin yang and the 69, the fusion of the opposites and union of the heavenly male and earthly female. The yin yang is further repeated within the central circle, patterned by the lay of the crop. The central three circles represent the triple helix DNA of the transformation.

There are a total of 23 circles, signaling the 23 chromosomes provided by each contributor in the sexual union pictured. (23+23+23=69) The sequence begins with the small circle, winding toward the serpent's head, signaling man becoming a hybrid serpent being (like a Scarlet snake). That the distinctive set of final circles numbers six speaks to me of this entity still being man, though yet integrated with the serpent.

The eighteenth circle in the sequence pictures three concentric rings, which presents 18 as the sum of 6+6+6, the number identified in Revelation 13 with the Beast. This circle has a dot in the middle, which, as the male bindu within female circles, speaks of the procreative union of the sons of god with the daughters of men. Each of the circles that follow the eighteenth suggest the cell division that follows a conception. These each resemble "alien" faces.

The site of this "man transforming to serpent" sign is a field near the highest point in South East England, Walbury Hill (974 ft). The location may speak of this sign's high and exalted purpose. The farmer in whose field this sign appeared has denied visiters to the site permission to enter, which is relatively rare. This may speak of the Lord (Y'shua, of the harvest field) generally denying access to the secret meaning.

I looked around the Crop Circle Connector site at this crop sign's pages and found some of the community observations to be of interest. Someone overlaid the crop sign image over one of the Sun from June 13 and saw a resemblance, commenting that it looked like cell division and multiplication. Indeed! Another overlaid the crop sign over the geography of New Orleans and the Mississippi River delta (in the current news due to the BP oil flow disaster) and saw a resemblance. Another compared it to a sign from July 28, 2002 and presented evidence to support his observation that "seems to show Quetzalcoatl the “Feathered Serpent” returning to Earth." Given that the revelation of the lawless one that is the appearance of the serpent-man Beast will be recognized by some as Quetzalcoatl's return, such an interpretation seems quite appropriate.

This author of the article on the articles page notes that the 18th circle showing the triple set of concentric rings "have been associated in the past with “spacetime wormholes”." This too is perfectly fitting with what I perceive about the transformation scenario, where the demonic antichrist spiritual entities will be released from captivity back into our realm through an open dimensional portal for subsequent hosting in newly prepared bodies.

Take the hint. Don't be one of those hosts. Your hope is in the true Messiah alone.

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  1. Anonymous1:46 AM

    These circles are mystifying but - I truly believe - extremely important. Much like Comet Mcnaught is delivering a powerful warning, so too are the crop circles. What is utterly baffling is how the governments of the world don't even bother to investigate these baffling phenomena. They just ignore it. Bizarre in the extreme. Our Lord Jesus IS coming soon. Bible prophecy is unfolding before our very eyes. All the major players for the end times are nearly in place. Jesus told us to look for signs of the end times in the sun, moon and stars as well as noting the nations getting ready to attack the Holy Land - Israel. The financial collapse, oil spill, earthquakes, volcano's, tornado' have to be blind not to be alarmed. Get your relationship right with Jesus - poste haste. The Rapture is imminent for believers.