Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Horus Eye m-Commerce Activity with Visa, Fundamo and Monitise

Yet another leap forward towards the implementation of the mark of the Beast is in the news. VISA ACCELERATES NEXT-GEN PAYMENTS SOLUTIONS FOR MOBILE CONSUMER (Visa Blog - 6/9/2011) excerpt: "Today, Visa announced the acquisition of Fundamo and a new agreement with Monitise. Both companies play important roles in extending electronic payments and services via mobile devices. Taken together, they accelerate Visa’s ability to bring financial services to banked and unbanked consumers worldwide. This means that consumers – across the full spectrum of uses, geographies and mobile environments – can access basic financial services on a simple handset or more advanced services on a smart phone."

No one will be able to buy or sell unless they have the mark. If you search my blog for "wallet" you'll find some coverage given Visa already with their acquisition of Square. They should not be singled out as being somehow unique because ALL the competing players in this and every sector are actually advancing the same agenda.

Visa's brand exhibits Hermes/Aphrodite symbolism. They have been establishing relationships with Horus brands, generating the same powerful "synergy" as the ObamaCare brand imagery.

I already presented Square as a Horus Eye brand, which Visa is involved with as a partner in a "strategic adviser" role.

The logo of their acquisition Fundamo presents a golden Eye of Horus. The eye has a trident in its trace that signals the triple helix DNA regeneration of the mark of the Beast, as well as being the Neptune/Poseidon implement, the devil's pitchfork and equivalent of Zeus' lightning bolt. The eye marks off "dam" from "fun" to signal "damn." There will be no fun when the accursed mark of the Beast damns the recipients to the lake of fire. The letter "m" that gets the focus is the 13th letter of the alphabet, the number of the rebel lord beast - aka Horus.

Monitise and their "Mobile Money" logo is another eye of Horus, a golden swirl eye. The M is 13, again, and as a rounded version presents as a sideways 3. There is also the negative space daughters of men delta in the center flanked by a pair of sons of god deltas. It can also be seen as a truncated pyramid, representing the kingdom of the Beast with the Beast's presence signaled by the golden eye. You may also perceive how the Masonic square and compass may be superimposed over it.

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