Saturday, June 04, 2011

Updates and News

There's lots going on in this season. While I've been rather tightly focused on blogging the Eye of Horus theme there's been a continuing undercurrent of Jezebel vs Sarah activity, which will probably result in picking up where I left off with that series before long. There's another TV series expose in the works, plus the appearance of another set of crop signs in the UK is of particular interest. I've also been struggling with health/stamina challenges and juggling the demands of work, once again nearing the end of a project and associated contract term. I've also been called for jury duty, and I don't yet know what impact that might have. I do expect the Lord has also kept you furnished with challenges fit for the season in continued preparation for the next. I praise the Lord and thank Him for His amazing provision and the generous outpouring of grace as judgment goes forth in the church and in the world in keeping with His promises!

Here's a few links of interest.

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CERN traps antimatter atoms for 16 minutes (Wired - 5/4/2011)

32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid (Before It's News - 5/25/2011

Google Unveils Google Wallet, Google Offers: What's New (Huffington Post - 5/26/2011)

Liquid Medicine - Controversial call to add lithium to drinking water for mental health (The Daily - 5/22/2011)

[update: 6/5] Gigantic Noah’s Ark Replica Aims for London Olympics