Saturday, February 09, 2013

Beyoncé - Skin, Pigskin and Reptile Skins

Some complained about too much skin being shown during the Super Bowl halftime show in comments made on some sites about the skimpy clothing worn by the performers. What should be more alarming is Beyoncé's being clothed with reptilian skin. Groups like PETA fuss over animal rights when the evidence of the ritual abuse of humans is right before us.

Beyoncé Dogged by PETA for Showing Too Much (snake) Skin at the Super Bowl

The pigskin of the football is an interesting symbol. Pigs are an unclean animal. To make the pigskin bladder the focal object of the game makes a statement. For this year's Super Bowl, the game was punctuated at halftime with a controversial reptilian skinned performer. I don't know what other beasts might have contributed to the variety of materials, but python and iguana strips accented her leather bodysuit. Snakes and lizards are reptiles. Given the halftime theme of Illuminati chosen one programming, her reptilian clothing seems to suggests her heritage, pointing back to the father of Cain.

Some claimed Beyoncé's outfit looked like the Baphomet on her midriff. I agree. She wore some symbolic apparel in 2011, as I addressed here: Beyoncé rides the Horus Bandwagon with "Run The World (Girls)" and the VC covers Gaga's Judas video She modeled a Paradise light body being - a Nachash, the serpent of the Garden of Eden scene! Is there a theme here? Yes there is! For the BMA performance she wore an outfit with a sun wheel solar cross over her solar plexus.

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