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Part 43 - 2012 London Paralympics - SRA Carousel Programming With Rihanna - We Found Love

When Rihanna joined Coldplay in London at the close of the 2012 Paralympics (9/9/12), she performed “We Found Love,” the only song that was not a Coldplay song. It was claimed that this honor was accorded her for singing “Princess Of China” with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, who had shared the #4 hit with their duet. With the focus on the umbrella and SRA programming, I don't see how they could neglect featuring today's undisputed queen of the sodomite umbrella symbol.

“We Found Love” is all about mind-control programming too, the lyrics, the song's official music video and the symbolic performance during the Paralympics that was another of the Devil's evil genius mind-control productions in the Olympic Ceremony tradition. If you can interpret the symbolism in this you'll recognize more signs of the “go over the rainbow” programming I've been blogging about, plus the kind called carousel programming, with ritual abuse and sodomy signaling. I think allusion was also made to the film, Mary Poppins, another sodomite Disney children's classic. As you may recall, an assault team of Mary Poppins clones were featured as they umbrella-parachuting in during the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, waging a witchcraft battle with the giant wizard Voldemort.

BTW, when that much hyped ceremony began, a Skyfall segment found the Queen appearing to parachute in with James Bond. If you put her and Mary Poppins in the same category (witch) and connect the Monarch programming umbrella=parachute and “go over the rainbow” dots, you'll have insight into why this otherwise bizarre stunt was done.

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please don't continue here.

Here's a video of the ceremonies that contains Rihanna's 3 minute performance of “We Found Love,” spanning 1:24-1:27.

Closing Ceremony - Paralympic Games - London 2012

Most people who compare the visual elements of her performance with the official music video would find little in common. Those who understand a little about Illuminati programming and can interpret the Occult symbols will find it makes plenty of sense. On the surface, the music video looks to be all about drug abuse ruining two people's lives and their relationship. You'll find that video here, but be forewarned that it's crude and rude, your standard fare dance club video.

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

Those who frequent dance clubs where that video has been played would generally see it superficially, as described, and relate to it on that level. The Paralympics closer has been labeled a Coldplay concert that was occasionally interrupted by Olympic closing stuff. Rihanna's “We Found Love” was placed neatly in that context as a set that had a little carnival flavor to it but was mostly like a dance club. While the swing Rihanna sat in was raised in the air, the stadium became a dance club. The video producers made sure viewers see how the men danced romantically with men and women with women while rainbows of colors flashed in the special spectator seating lights. This was more than just a sly celebration of LGBT: It was a celebration of SRA trauma-based programming!

I'll present some of the Illuminati SRA imagery that links the Paralympics performance to the official video, and to Mary Poppins.

Two of the most common symbols I have addressed in this blog are the orange costume and high heels she wears, signals of ritual sodomy. Another is the giant sun-anus mandala eye on the back of the seat, “behind” her. Swinging in the air, she's presented enjoying sodomy with the sun god. Her boyish hair is a masculine or male feature which makes her “butch,” or gender merged. Rihanna ends her time in the seat by caressing herself and calling attention to the microphone as a phallus. (@ 1:26:49)

The following collection is an exhibit of symbolism concealed in the decorative scrollwork of the bench swing.

The seat's scrollwork is cleverly designed so each side presents three sixes that are correctly rotated, 666. Each side also presents a pair of threes, an instance of Freemason-like sodomy 33, plus a 33 signaling pair of mirrored letters “C” (3rd letter). The overall shape is that of an inverted heart, buttocks. Let's not miss the obvious, the butt sits on a seat bottom, as hers is sitting on that seat bottom. That's the picture they made for us, OK?

In this picture taken from a different angle, you can see the ornamental scrollwork framing her head within two 3s, as another 33. She is being illuminated.

What links this performance to the themes of the song's music video is the ritual abuse, primarily. Ritual abuse? In Rihanna's swing performance? Yup. See Rihanna as a slave in a steel cage, bound with a manacle and with a belt around her waist. The swing is a common element in programming settings, as I note fairly regularly on this blog. Physical abuse is implicit in all the sodomy signaling, of course, because one goes with the other in the Monarch slave's programming. Folks who are ignorant of such matters will deny these elements mean anything because she has to be strapped in for safety reasons. Well, of course, but for that it doesn't have to be made so obvious.

This screenshot from the music video is a Rosetta Stone of sodomite gateway imagery. Its an orange and seat (hers) link between the music video and the Paralympic visuals. Rihanna is striking the same pose as the lamp - bent over with the butt out back and an illuminated head. The concentric rings are the sun god's anus. The Oriental characters break down into occult sodomy signaling elements, with the plus sign in the squared circle orange near to the eye of the anus being most evident.

If this isn't about Illuminati programming and getting psi powers, why does she wear a shirt that declares, we have ESP (extrasensory perception) while throwing darts at a dart board and closing one eye? Butt darts is slang for sodomy. Dart board = sun-anus

At this point, I'd like to decode the song lyrics. Again, if you're not free of being triggered by such explicit programming code, make sure the Lord Y'shua gives you the green light on this.

Rihanna - We Found Love - lyrics

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive
[Yellow = star angel light. Diamond = many facets, faces, alters in a gem-chosen one. Two side by side, slave and handler working together. Shadows or dark spirits of the two cross during abuse and sodomy. What's going on here is as the “on switch” to come alive. ]

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go
[Let it go - dissociate]

We found love in a hopeless place (4x)
[Love is what the sodomy abuse is called. The abused slave is without hope.]

Shine a light through an open door
Love a life I will divide
Turn away 'cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind
[Shining a light through an open door is the ritual sodomy illumination. “Love,” the sodomy abuse, the life divided is dissociated and mirrored creating alter pairs. “Need you more” because this creates a bond. The heartbeat is such a focal element in trauma-based programming, and it is a mind-control anchor. ]

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place (4x)

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine

We found love in a hopeless place (4x)
We found love in a hopeless place (4x)

If you watched the performance from the Paralympics you would have seen several carousel animal riding performers floated around the stadium. This puts the show in a carnival setting, and the bench swing becomes an innocent carnival swing ride. However, the elements of ritual abuse and sodomy reveal that there's more going on here. The carousel was historically used to train knights for battle. It remains as just such a training tool!

"The Carousel in real life is used as a device to teach dissociation, and how the alters are to go up and down in trance. Sometimes you will see parents who seem to be so loving having their children ride for long periods on a carousel. They might actually be programming them in dissociation. An internal carousel is built into an internal system. Mirrors and shadows are placed around and perhaps in it. The carousel spins and moves up and down repeatedly. In the center of the carousel, the Programmers often place something or someone important." (The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler)

I mentioned earlier how I thought allusion was made to the film, Mary Poppins. There's a scene that featured a some pretty special effects for the day, combining live action with animation in the same scenes. Disney used this to pack in lots of sexual imagery.

Mary Poppins is the nanny. She's a witch. She's on an outing with her friend Burt, the chimney sweep and street artist and entertainer, and the two children she's responsible to care for. They go to an amusement park and ride the carousel. Straight away, this signal element should alert us to the potential for programming. Mary's magick puts them into a fantasy world where what they interact with is animated, where the carousel horses they ride break free from the carousel and carry them off on an adventure. They have dissociated, no longer perceiving the real world. Mary leads, as she is their handler.

There are many symbols of sodomy in this sequence, and the one I connect visually to Rihanna's Paralympic performance appears after she rides up behind a jockey during a race. We notice his butt is sticking up and is distinctly outlined to call it to our attention. Mary slows alongside him on her purple pony, checking out his butt and reaching over to whack him on his bottom with her umbrella or parasol.

In the screenshot where he's standing up, Mary is pictured with the umbrella as a phallus positioned just so as she rides sidesaddle. The other rider is pictured right behind her, wearing orange, as her own abdomen is orange, her sodomizer. The jockey whose butt she whacked has a hat with a bow (tie that binds) that looks like it might be a butterfly, hinting at, Monarch programming. Her own hat has a bow.

If the Paralympic scene with the umbrella queen wasn't intending to give a nod to this London classic, they seem to have accomplished it just the same.

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