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2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony Highlights Monarch 'Over the Rainbow' Programming with Vatican Connections

The mind control technique associated with military programming was pretty obvious in Yoplait's Umbrella commercial. (See Yoplait Umbrella Commercial and the Flash Mob Black Awakening) The flash mob style is the perfect complement to the umbrella Delta assassin and “over the rainbow” programming subject. It's a cryptic but explicit announcement of the coming black awakening. Really, how else can you interpret all that? The flash mob's performance in Seattle of the Emmy winning Glee show's Umbrella+Singin' in the Rain mashup makes it obvious that this whole deal is well embedded in our culture. The black awakening is coming, and chosen ones have been boasting about it for years. This should be sobering and a wake up call to some of you reading here, who still need some cold water in the face.

Even if you've learned and been able to accept what I've presented on this blog for the last couple years and are now familiar with what I presented in that Yoplait flash mob post, you might still be shocked at how the very same Illuminati programming was done during the 2012 Paralympics Opening Ceremony in London. I already wrote some about that ceremony in Part 41 - 2012 London Paralympics - Occult Opening Ceremony. If you're not familiar with that, I recommend getting caught up on it as a supplement. I'm going to revisit that global scale Occult ritual again from mostly other perspectives. There's Vatican connections in this, to Vatican City and also Pope Francis.

As a necessary caveat, if you're a victim of ritual abuse who is still being delivered or you're easily offended by mature subjects and descriptive language, please don't continue here. If you've got a green light on this, here's a video of part of the mass programming ritual.

London 2012 Paralympic Opening Ceremony

There's several levels to be addressed, first up, the in-your-face Monarch “go over the rainbow” programming. If the Yoplait Umbrella post is fresh in mind there's not much commentary needed to interpret this big budget ritual and demonstration. Reread the programmer's script if you require. When umbrellas descend from the sky or ascend or hover it pictures how a Monarch slave is being taken into a deep trance state and that delta programming is going to occur. When the many colored umbrellas float in the sky it represents the rainbow the slave is told to stay on, having been brought to that state where a programmer will install the program. There's plenty of that going on in the Olympic stadium, as you can see from these photos. Those capped pyramid lighting structures ringing the stadium are so very appropriate!

One of the features of this programming is a black pearl. That big black “umbrella” in the middle of the stadium represents the Monarch black pearl! Here's the role it has as the programmer hypnotically guides the slave into the deep trance, descending down on clouds that are the colors of the rainbow. “Land very gently ... very softly ... in the center of a round, black pearl. See it glowing, softly, gently.” When the slave is about to be brought out of trance, it's referenced again. “In the pearl, prepare to awaken.” As the programming session finishes and the slave is going to be sent back into a front alter, the memory of the program will remain "in the black pearl" while the slave is isolated from it for security. “Leaving the memory in the black pearl and closing and sealing the black pearl. You will remember only those details that I tell you to remember.” When the labeled wheels-in-wheels sphere is dropped into the black sphere during the ceremony under the pretext of the presumed Big Bang of creation, what's really pictured is the installation of the black awakening program most or all of the slaves have received. That's the big bang they really mean.

Or, you can just accept whatever they tell you it means and go on your merry way, oblivious to the grand conspiracy.

There's more. See the peculiar structure with the elevated Lunar orb? It's the inside of an umbrella, inverted for obfuscation and partly buried with no fabric cover. It's got a Moon handle. See the brilliant liar Stephen Hawking as the programmer inside, accessing the slave's Delta alter.

“U. Umbrella. This is associated with military programming. An umbrella protects something, such as the Delta assassination alters. An umbrella must be taken down from the inside and so must this protective shield of the Umbrella program.” (The Illuminati Formula to Create An Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler)

There it is. Hidden in plain sight. The Illuminati programmers do their dirty work and put the evidence of it right out in the most public arena. Many of the Paralympics performers and audience have been traumatized physically and emotionally due to life changing injuries. In this venue and context the Illuminati creeps prey upon the vulnerable, because that's their way. They seize upon every perceived opportunity to wield more control.

The programming session in view is mass ritual that influences all of us directly or indirectly. I believe the ceremony supports the programming of those who have black awakening programs installed in a special way, and also the entire network of programmers and handlers. There's a supernaturalism involving the worship of their god. In his Zeus alias, receiving worship is what the entire event is about, with the honoring of all the ancient gods of Olympia and those who serve them.

From one news report, “Professor Stephen Hawking, who enjoyed a starring role in tonight's Opening Ceremony, said the Paralympic Games is about transforming our perception of the world. "We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being but we share the same human spirit," he said.” Truth and lies. We don't share the same human spirit. There are tares sown into the Lord's harvest field. Some undergo a transformation that accompanies salvation that makes them a new creation in Christ, some don't. I don't doubt that Hawking is right about the purpose of the games. Our perception of the world changes as we are reprogrammed, which was clearly happening during the ceremony, or better still, our perception of the world changes as we're set free from that Luciferian programming, to see the world as the sovereign Creator sees it.

In this mass ritual, a storm begins with lightning and thunder, the discharged weaponry of Zeus that may also be taken in a reproductive sense. Notice how the special stadium seating has lighting effects that simulate rain falling. By design, and this may be the main reason for the lighting, where the audience sits, that's where the rain is falling. Do you see purple rain? Remember these posts?

The last line of Prince's song Purple Rain was this: “I only want to see you, only want to see you in the purple rain.” Remember how 666 was embedded in the song? There's a signature, Lucifer's autograph. This immersion of the spectators in purple rain while playing a remix of Rihanna's Umbrella should really speak to you about the layering of symbols and building of energy in this ritual magick.

Here's another scene from the Paralympics. Rainbow, clouds, black pearl. Check, check, check. All sorts of squares and circles going on there. I see sun wheels, anja chakras, Neptune... Programming alchemy.

As I've described in many posts, an SRA programmer would typically sodomize the slave to access the programming. Clever signaling of this essential activity and gateway to supernaturalism is not lacking in the scene. That's what Rihanna's Umbrella is all about, and the rain.

What the Illumined Luciferians call the Key of David aka Rothschild sodomy causes illumination that is perceived as flashes of light by the slave, and that's what the “big bang” pyrotechnics pictured. When the symbolic sphere dropped into the top of the giant black umbrella butt it was as a seed was planted, the sperm of a god. The big bang is the ultimate creative act in their minds, and this is what the Key of David is to them every time there is such a ritual enactment. This is why the Nazi religion of the elite SS considered the north tower with the black sun in the floor at Wewelsburg Castle as the center of the world.

The eye and the black sun anus are equivalent symbols, and we see this dramatized for us in the stadium when the light rayed black umbrella is framed as the pupil of an eye, the all seeing eye of Horus.

Over against the black sun is a moon, which is a typical Occult feature like you see in esoteric art and Masonic lodges and tracing boards. It's a counterfeited version of the Bridegroom and the Bride. If you know what mooning is, you'll understand the meaning of the moon with a giant phallic tower stuck in its bottom.

Four men with orange hats performed a roller skating routine under that moon with sodomite phallic symbols, white umbrellas held in their collapsed state.

In the screenshot you see here, they line up behind each other to model for us the Vitruvian Man, a sodomite classic.

As for the signaling of the illumination that is their goal, we see it on levels that include the most obvious. According to an ITV report, “Empowerment and challenging perceptions are some of the themes of the show, called Enlightenment, which also stars Sir Ian McKellen and references Shakespeare's The Tempest.” (London Paralympics Opening Ceremony) During the ceremony, McKellen played the sorcerer Prospero, who is perhaps most well known for his role as Gandalf the wizard. Celebrating witchcraft and enlightenment openly, well, there's that. But on the occult subliminal level, where the powerful supernaturalism of the symbols operates, the more subtle imagery should be identified, like how the moon is illuminated as the symbol of the head and at the same time of that butt being sodomized.

We should note how the black umbrella was celebrated with lots of associated lighting. Those who carried the illuminated umbrellas wore illuminated headgear that gave them a halo and third eye effect. These represent the kingdom of the Beast, worshipers of the sodomite god whom they serve and who services them. This is a display of what love looks like in their dark sodomite kingdom.

They are as a rainbow encamped around their god. They are a sea of people in the purple rain that exist as a kind of moat around a medieval castle, a security perimeter, the guard. They are the Delta and umbrella programmed soldiers who are active now but also await the triggering of the black awakening. Beyond the figure, of course, this may well describe the reality. There are plenty of chosen ones in the UK, and who knows what the real selection criteria was for the volunteer force.

At this point, I'd like to point out the Vatican connections I perceive in the scene, which does itself have a renowned but secretive illuminated supersoldier global security guard, the Jesuit and orders of the Knights.

I see a modeling of the Vatican City in the Paralympic stadium. Compare the obelisk to the moon-topped tower, each with a circular base and set in a keyhole. Compare the basilica to the dome of the umbrella.

When this common pattern become apparent that begs a question, and I believe the best answer speaks to how it is the same demonic agencies behind them both driving similar objectives. I believe they are celestially aligned as fit for those objectives in those locations. I believe this explains similar constructions in such diverse settings as Washington DC, in the Epcot Center at Walt Disney World in Florida and in Victor, NY at East View Mall.

I believe there is a transformative magick involved in binding the celestial and terrestrial. This matter is what's signified in Papal heraldry, and most particularly in that of the latest Pope, the Jesuit Francis (Xavier). I believe this relates to the keyhole I mentioned and to what may be identified as the Vatican City star key itself, which appears on the map when you consider the St. Peter's end as the key handle and the pentagram star shaped end (Parco Adriano and Castel Sant Angelo) as what is inserted into the lock.

I think the celestial-terrestrial binding and loosing magick of the Paralympic Ceremony is not particularly well hidden when the scripts of those who spoke during the ceremony are considered. Star seed and the return of the ancient celestial parents is a familiar underlying theme. The Vatican's Occult magick is not at all dissimilar. Their focus on astronomy and interest in diligently watching for the coming ET gods is one expression of their hope. What the Vatican is all about can really be considered alchemy, science magick. The Jesuits operating the VATT in Arizona and spokesmen for the Vatican have made official disclosure of alien contact seem imminent. The language of their announcements falls short of announcing a coming savior, but that's not far off. Y'shua's replacement is on the way.

Here's pictures of the facilities on Mount Graham. The Jesuits have access to these, and the Vatican owns and operates the VATT. The LUCIFER instrument has gotten press recently, which is associated with the nearby LBT. There's also a radio telescope, like the kind SETI uses to search for the ETs.

Take another look at the structure under the moon. Isn't that a radio telescope, like on Mount Graham, hoping for contact? “The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope and the Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope began operations in 1993. The Large Binocular Telescope, one of the world's largest and most powerful telescopes, began operations using lenses independently in 2004, with joint operations between the two lenses beginning in 2008.” (Wikipedia)

It is the contact that is the arrival of the false messiah that the Vatican and the Zeus worshiping Olympic sponsors await. To tie this all together, the black awakening that is programmed in with Monarch umbrella Delta Assassin programming is an essential part of that plan. These agents of chaos are the slave army of Apollo, or Horus, the beast. It is the Pope who will anoint him. Doubt it? Watch the Paralympics opening ceremony. That's what you're seeing! If you can't see it yet, you're still under the cover spell of delusion. That's not a good thing.

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