Wednesday, March 05, 2014

A Spell Cast When Obama is Made to Look like a Fool

Obama is looking to the world like a fool, a joke. The Obamacare fiasco brought that perception to one level. His present dealings in international politics bring it to new level.

One of the profound insights I received while studying the viral video “I pet goat II” involved this public perception of Obama. What they illustrate is that when Obama is made to look like a fool, a spell will be cast that has been raised through the ages and will result in the revealing of the lawless one - during his term in office.

This blossoming lotus flower will represent the knowledge of good and evil projected out from the Garden of Eden into our day. It will represent the incarnation of Horus (through the Silver Gate) into another who is associated to the Presidency.

The producer Heliofant has demonstrated sufficient knowledge of what's really going on to give cause for their presentation to be taken seriously. This fits with Bible prophecy as I have come to understand these matters, and many kinds of signs and the holy spirit in me bears witness.


  1. Are you aware of the Illuminati Card named 'Backlash'? It pictures a politician who looks very much like Obama.
    Also there is one entitled 'Adepts of Hermes' which you may find interesting.
    Both cards can be found here: