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Part 10 - Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Misha and Conflagration Time

In the previous post, the activity surrounding the extinguishing of the flame at the climax of the closing ceremony was shown to be an elaborate dramatization of Revelation 13:1. The beast the Apostle John saw was like Sochi mascots. A familiar passage in 2 Thessalonians 2 provides insight into this same event with a focus on the supernaturalism involved, and this activity in the spiritual realm was also modeled to us.

The sentimental drama surrounding the giant animatronic bear that blew out the flame was strongly identified with the Olympics in Moscow, 1980. The language of the commentary linked this bear and his role with the bear mascot that closed those Olympics.

This is what we hear as the bear stands before the flaming ice Cauldron, with all attention focused upon him.

Well this is the way the Olympic Games came to end in 1980 and here we are again, 34 years later, with Misha the Bear. Waiting for the flame to be extinguished.

We see a brief video playing on the stadium screens of Misha the giant mascot from 1980, ascending with balloons. Having established that link to the past, we hear a subtle expression, “Waiting for the flame to be extinguished.” This is now exhibiting neuro-linguistic programming, the use of ritual and mind-control programming language.

In the commentary heard very early in the closing ceremony we find a notable point of comparison. After a brief video where the countdown was woven in with scenes of traveling from the recent past into the present, the live performance was introduced with these words, “The sky or the sea - The concept: Time travel through Russian music, literature and art.” The theme of time travel and the bridging of time had just been dramatized in the video with a more literal than figurative interpretation being implied (which I may give more attention to shortly, Lord willing.) Symmetry is very important in magickal workings and it has not been neglected in this carefully crafted mega-ritual ceremony. It ended as it began on the theme of time travel, establishing a kind of bridging with the past that goes far beyond reminders of the history of the Games and of that locale.

And there it was, in Moscow in 1980 with the bear, the hare and the leopard, those are the mascots of the Sochi Games, and the music is the music that was played at the end of the 1980 Games in Moscow, again, reminding people of that past. And the bear really didn't want to blow out the flames but he got a little prodding there from the leopard.

We see the frosty breath of the animated bear appear to blow on the flame and it is extinguished. We are shown the flame of the torch outside going down, illustrating a synchronization, a Hermetic principle, “As Here, So There,” a kind of quantum entanglement. It's a demonstration of the operative principle of imitative or homeopathic or sympathetic magick.

imitative magic: magic that attempts to control the universe through the mimicking of a desired event, as by stabbing an image of an enemy in an effort to destroy him or her or by performing a ritual dance imitative of the growth of food in an effort to secure an abundant supply; a branch of sympathetic magic based on the belief that similar actions produce similar results.

The matter of extinguishing both flames at the same time was most likely the coordinated operation of valve technology but it is a sly modeling of the kind of magick that is actually being performed in the stadium!

We're shown an emotion evoking closeup of Misha's face.

Hmmm. And there's the tear, that same tear that the old Misha dropped now flowing down this Misha's cheek.

Are they really just reminiscing? It should be obvious to anyone paying close attention that the official commentary attending Olympic ceremonies provides very unsatisfactory explanations for what really happens on stage. Should we expect those who are assigned the job of coaching us through it to be truthful about anything important? Why would they lie about what's happening on stage, even about technical glitches like the failure of a mechanical ring to open? Because, that's what they do, it's who they are. They fabricate events and lies, and mind-controlled people love being lied to. It's how the routine works. Hey, these folks worship Zeus! In Revelation 2:9 he's identified as Satan, who is the father of lies. You can't divorce what happens in that stadium from it's context and root.

I note that the 34 years of the span referenced in the transcript above presents the numbers that speak of the union of Osiris and Isis in the production of Horus. NLP. I also note the importance of the infamous T-34 Tank in Russia's WWII era history in the XXII Olympic Winter Games because there is an undercurrent of geopolitical ambition in play.

This evocation of sentimental feelings for Russia's professed love for Misha the bear mascot raises energy for the magickal ritual. What that energy was harnessed for is concealed and revealed in the Occult symbolism of the mass ritual's elements. The link established with 1980 was a literal bridging with the past, beyond the realm of natural sentimentality, and what is suggested by it was that multiple purposes were served in this binding together of the past, that present time, and the future. Playing the same music formed a very distinct bridge. “Hmmm. And there's the tear, that same tear that the old Misha dropped now flowing down this Misha's cheek.” Wow! Really? The very same literal tear? Hmmmmmm. Time bridge!

Such time bridging was brought to my attention many times during the season of the 2012 London Olympics, which I explored in some depth in several posts to the series, 2012 London Olympics Parts 4-9 may be of particular interest. If you're not familiar with how the well documented principles of David Flynn's Temple at the Center of Time reveals why the Olympic Park is where it is (which is to bind it with the state of Israel's foundation in advancing their Zion agenda), you may want to explore that series as foundational to this post, because that binding and those established with previous Olympic Games in London (1948) and Berlin (1936) are germane.

I assume you've been paying attention to the news. Since the closing of the Olympics on 2/23, the violent rebellion in the Ukraine that was in the headlines during the Games has escalated, and Russia is beating the war drums hard, like a bear robbed of it's cubs. Today the headline news suggests Russia has an ally in China. Take a look back at the controversy that the 1980 Olympics is remembered for. That was the Soviet era, during the Cold War. Those games were attended by only a portion of a divided world, with 65 nations boycotting the Games because of Soviet's warring action in Afghanistan. It was led by the US under President Jimmy Carter. The Soviet's then led a similar boycott of the 1984 Games in Los Angeles. All the attention given to Moscow 1980 in Sochi 2014's closer should be given some consideration in this light. Have you seen references to the Cold War in the news, linking now with then? I don't doubt that something supernatural was triggered during the ceremonial binding.

It's worth noting that the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi is officially called the XXII Olympic Winter Games. The 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow are officially called the Games of the XXII Olympiad. The same numbering of XXII is shared by both Games. The number 22 is 2*11 and it has the meaning of the division or cutting of the frail flesh. Is that not what's appointed for this season?

We heard this comment made just before Misha blew out the flame. “And the bear really didn't want to blow out the flames but he got a little prodding there from the leopard.” Michael Boldea just published a post to his Homeward Bound blog titled Poking Bears, and he wasn't referencing the leopard prodding Misha to blow out the Olympic flame. He was referring to Russia as the bear, and making it angry. Putin is acting to quench another conflagration - as Misha modeled to the world. There's some “22” action! The attention given to Misha's tear - is there something being implied about a cause for weeping in that NLP laden script?

Some of these observations suggest that there was a bridging of time to resume the Cold War but I believe an even more consequential time bridging was created that links the past and future to involve the incarnation of Apollo (34 years - the 3.4.5 Pythagorean triple producing 5-Horus). He was featured in the ritual revealing of the leopard and bear beast (Part 9). He will rule with an iron hand and fist. His coming will involve the celestial Silver Gate, which I've been addressing on the blog for many months. The stargate opening and transit of Horus involves the manipulation of time, thus the necessary focus in the ritual on the time bridge.

To be continued, Lord willing.

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  1. Arthur comments: "However, what stood out to me more than anything else was the "Matrix" business going on in the background. It was more than obvious. Do you have any thoughts on that?"

    About the overhead light rods, that's a subject intended for Part 12.