Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Esoteric Link Between Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven and Spirit's Taurus

There's a new controversy involving what is often ranked as the greatest song of all time, Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. This matter could probably be settled in short order if esoteric meanings were taken into account.

“A lawsuit was just commenced by the band Spirit against Led Zeppelin claiming the iconic guitar arpeggio opening of “Stairway to Heaven” infringes Spirit’s 1968 instrumental track “Taurus.”” (Spirit v. Led Zeppelin: Analysis Of The "Stairway To Heaven" Infringement Lawsuit )

There are several factors involved that make it seem very likely that Led Zeppelin drew heavily from Spirit's song titled Taurus when they wrote their epic Rock anthem. Spirit's Taurus is an instrumental, so there are no lyrics, but the song title alone is enough to establish a definitive link.

This link has to do with understanding the ancient celestial stargates, which are also known as stairways to heaven. The celestial stargates appear where the apparent path of the sun intersects the Milky Way, where one is situated opposite the other in the great circle of the Zodiac. See the Celestial Stargates series for more detail.

The ancients referred to two celestial stargates, a Golden Gate and a Silver Gate, the latter of which is also known as the Ninth Gate. The constellation Taurus is the 9th in the order of the Zodiac, according to an ancient reckoning to which the Sphinx bears witness. Taurus, the 9th sign, is referred to by Luciferian Occultists as the Ninth Gate. This means that Taurus is understood to be a literal stairway to heaven. There's a very obvious link between the songs with those titles that exists even beyond the musical composition!

Could Led Zeppelin have known that Taurus was a stairway to heaven when they incorporated the music of Spirit's instrumental into their own song of comparable naming? The lead guitarist, Jimmy Page, was obsessed with the occult. In 1976 he opened up an occult bookstore, “The Equinox Booksellers and Publishers" on Kensington High Street, London. It was open for about ten years, and during that time Page printed several of infamous warlock Aliester Crowley’s books. Page was well known to have been practicing Crowley's magick during the 60s. Search The Open Scroll for Led Zeppelin or Stairway to Heaven for much more info.

Spirit - Taurus

Is Led Zeppelin guilty of ripping off Spirit's song? Oh, don't be silly. Satanists don't steal and they certainly wouldn't lie about it. Okay, well, yeah, that's what they do, according to the ways of the Father of lies, who comes to steal kill and destroy.

Have you heard Stairway to Heaven played in reverse? Those lyrics produce some epic speech reversals.

The timing on this controversy is very interesting, when Spirit is nearly coming through the Taurus, descending down the stairway from heaven like a Led Zeppelin.


  1. Hi Bob,

    It's interesting that you post about Led Zeppelin, who can not be separated from the iconic image of the Hindenburg crash, the day after I related the star Algol to the ALGOL's (algorithmic logarithms) that have pretty much taken over financial markets these days.

    The term Hindenburg Omen is a technical situation that often forewarns of a financial crash. It basically reflects a fractured market that can easily get kicked over.

    The Flash Crash of May 6, 2010 was the result of the ALGOL's all hitting the sell program at the same time. It was completely lost on the News Media at the time, but the Flash Crash happened to occur on the anniversary of the Hindenburg crash (1937), making it a Hindenburg Omen in it's own right.

    Perhaps you're trying to tell us something?

    Also, on a different but slightly related note, In a few weeks, the sun will pass through the horns of Taurus and arrive over the torch of Orion, around June 18th, where it happens to be accompanied this year by Mercury. Think back to the Sochi Olympic ceremonies and the ring that didn't open. The rings that did open formed an '88'. The enemy may have hinted at this date/alignment as Mercury has an orbital period of 88 days.

    If the '88' was intended to represent Mercury, and the unopened ring the sun, while shown against the backdrop of the Olympic Torch, then they basically gave us a coded alignment in the opening ceremony that will occur on this date.

    June 18, 2014 is separated by September 11, 2001 by exactly 666 weeks and is esoterically referred to as Phi Day (Phi = 1.618 and its inverse .618). This mathematical ratio is pentagramic as the lengths of the sides of a pentagram are all proportions of Phi. If anything eventful happens this day, consider the pentagram as a fingerprint of the one responsible.

    This date also one month from your flood target date last month. Think about it. Flood target date of May 18, 2014 + (1 month + 0.618 (June 18) = 1.618 (Phi))

    Maybe a Whole-Lotta-Nothing, but we'll see... (Zeppelinesque reference intended)



    1. Mark, thanks for the effort that went into this comment. Blessings in Y'shua as you watch and bear witness.


  2. Bob,
    Expanding a bit on Mark's very interesting comment above, the 18th June is also day #169 or 13x13. Remaining days in the year are 196 or 14x14.
    Also worth considering is that including both 11th Sep 2001 and June 16th, 2014 in the count it is 666 weeks. June 16th is the day the YT video claims there will be a bombing of the World Cup event in Brazil. So both week counts are valid. We naturally pray that it will not happen.
    Also, a well known financial commentator has said that a big crash will happen before the end of June. Celente: Collapse By June 30, 2014!
    As Mark says, we will have to wait and see.

  3. Bob,

    And this copied from Merovee Blog posted by FAITH -

    "On the popes twitter page, he states that the month of May is dedicated to Mary….( May Queen…..
    Queen of Heaven )

    And now I,m thinking about the alleged ……’vision of mary’ ….which Catholics believe happened at a place called Garabandal in the 60′s.
    On June 18th 1965……CONCHITA Gonzales was said to have been given a warning message, that people all over the world would see something in the sky, ( from God ) which would fill them with fear and dread.
    On the 18th June 2014… will be 49 years since the alleged incident ……49 = 13"
    - end quote.

    Me - Also 49 = 7x7 of course.