Sunday, May 11, 2014

While on Watch - Signs of a Counter-Flood

Operation Flood Congress (OFC)

“Beginning May 16, OAS patriots boots hit the ground in D.C. to call for accountability from lawless leadership. Operation Flood Congress(OFC) must also be the beginning, and continuing, as OAS on the ground will continue. What is Operation Flood Congress? Beginning May 15th, every patriot in America that stands behind OAS, loves freedom, liberty, holds our Constitution as the law of the land, begins calling/faxing Congress, tell them OAS is coming, and demanding action on OAS Declaration of Revision(Demands/Grievances) and Articles of Impeachment each member of Congress has received.”

OAS is Operation American Spring, a 3 phase Patriot action planned and /or promoted by Harry Riley COL, USA, Ret. Phase one involves meeting in Washington DC on May 16. See also Dave Hodges (Common Sense Show) - Operation American Spring Is Doomed to Fail

Dream of great flooding - by Charles

“I just had a dream seeming to confirm the vision Dr O has had and the recent weather reports. The dream was seeing great flooding and waters rushing past the windows of my house on a hill but my house was there. I put on my life vest and watched in awe. Upon awaking I realized that I was being shown something I had to warn about.”

History will look back at today as the moment professional sports changed forever (Time Magazine) (May 10)
Another Dolphin in Twitter trouble - tweeted "OMG" and "Horrible" in response to St. Louis Rams drafting first openly homosexual player in NFL, Michael Sam.