Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Decoding the Target Brand - Video

The Target logo is being used as a dimensional portal, a stargate, and the way the design is promoted reveals nothing good. It spills the beans on the current version of an ancient plan, which is to storm the highest Heaven and sieze the assets of the Most High God. It pivots on the introduction of the beast of Revelation 13, an incarnation of the sun god.

Decoding Target Brand: Stargates

Their mascot is a pit bull named Bullseye. In a commercial called, Whoosh, Bullseye jumps through the logo as Anubis, the dog headed psychopomp who transits in and out of the underworld duat.

Target calls their logo the bullseye design. The name of the design and the pit bull breed redundantly reference the celestial Bull imagery of the constellation Taurus. The mascot's red eye points us to the famous reddish Eye of the Bull that is the Alpha or brightest star in The Bull, Aldebaran. This constellation is sometimes called the 9th Gate. With Gemini, it's associated with the celestial stargate called the Silver Gate. That's the stargate that Illumined Occultists expect their sun god Horus to return through very shortly. (Series Links: Celestial Stargates)

If you have caught on to the kind of Occult ritual exposed in the T-Mobile video series we produced recently, you'll find the crossing through circles in the “Whoosh” commercial familiar: mark of the beast!

When you see Occult renderings like Masonic tracing boards you almost always see the sun on your left and the moon on your right. Harmerty. The Target brand leverages that same imagery in how their branding sometimes appears.

Given the stargate, and even supercollider focus of the branding, and the fact that CERN's LHC is being powering up to soon exceed record levels, here's some links of related interest:

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