Monday, January 12, 2015

In Paris and around the globe, the Goddess is at work, creating chaos and uniting the world, seducing.

Millions unite against terrorism in historic French demos

Update: U.S. military social media accounts apparently hacked by Islamic State sympathizers

Isis - The controversial name of Prince Charles' product line

J'Adore Dior TV Spot, 'The Future is Gold' Featuring Charlize Theron

Love Potion - pharmakeia - sorcery of Mystery Babylon. The actress, wearing a shimmering gold scaled "Nachash garment," ascends through the dome like George Washington's apotheosis, or the Assumption of Mary. She climbs a silken sash, like a third strand of DNA. It's a birth from the womb of Isis. It's the transit of a time-space portal to a golden heavenly city where the future is gold. It's the version of Zion sought by those who seek to enthrone Lucifer's agent. Apotheosis - ascending to godhood, ascension into the heavenly city - through a stargate. Mark of the Beast transformation.

J'Adore Dior TV Spot, 'Discover' Featuring Charlize Theron

Roses - Rose Goddess.
Born in the sun Gun God ... invoking the Guardians/Elements - magical ritual.
Eiffel Tower ~ Phallus of Osiris
Arched Bridge ~ The Kindom Viaduct - "mecilah"

Dior *IO* IO ~ Helio ~ Helios ~ Horus
“It discovers you.”


  1. Hey Guys, check this out.

  2. Found this you tube on health. He says we live off electrons. At cern they strip electrons off the hydrogen particles.

    1. Sorry for rushing this. Gen 1:30 is one of refs for last comment. We're supposed to be eating an alkaline diet, and building healthy blood (our life is in the blood). Satanists drink blood. I'll get back soon, but that video and knowledge can help lots of people. We must use the Word of the Living God to be healthy. Our thoughts play a part too.

  3. Bbc/223/322/666 ran an article about cancer being bad luck. When we pollute our blood with acidic foods, our blood off loads it into our connective tissue then the fat cells. We get clogged up. We're not expelling it in sweat, urine, or our bowels. We live in a dung heap so to speak. When we eat what the Bible says (greens, mostly) we get cleaned out. This acidic food turns to yeast etc. we need to get the levin out. We were told we would be made to eat grains after the Garden. There are some healthy grains though. Most of our diseases are because we are constipated.