Saturday, August 15, 2015

Mirrored by The Mirror - Moving the Center of Time

These are strange times. While I was writing about the moving of the center of time, The Mirror published an article about the moving of the center of time, mirroring my efforts. (Thanks John)

After 131 years it turns out the Greenwich Meridian Line is in the WRONG place

I was writing about the mobile ark of the covenant, which, in the account of the crossing of the Jordan River, factors into a modeling of a reset of time. The Mirror informed us about a redrawing of the Greenwich Meridian Line 102 meters to the East of its traditional location. The line of light and shadow delineating sunrise and sunset sweep westward across the planet as it revolves around the sun. Given this direction of motion, the repositioning of the reference standard represents a time reset, into the past. That's a familiar theme, right? Trending! As a result of moving the famous line of zero (and 360) longitude, there is a sense in which every place on earth is then also shifted relative to the repositioned Meridian. Global reset.

AND in more news...

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